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Friendship Force of Los Angeles
Exchange to Brazil & Argentina
September 9-October 2, 2015
Photos by Edward W. Lollis
Part 1 of 2 Parts

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(1) Here are 15 places we visited (ordered by population, with web links):

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City Name State Population  What We Did Remarks
   São Paulo São Paulo 11,895,893  Changed flights 1x #1 city. Saw only highrises from air
   Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro 6,453,682  4 nights in 2 hotels #2 city. As beautiful as expected.
   Salvador Bahia 2,902,927  7-night FF homestay  #3 city. Very impressive.
   Brasília Federal District 2,556,149  Changed flights 2x #4 city. Saw only suburbs from air
   São José do Rio Preto  São Paulo 408,258  7-night FF homestay   #52 city. Regional inland center
   Foz do Iguaçu Paraná 263,508  1 night in hotel Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls
   Puerto Iguazu Misiones (Argentina) 82,227  2 nights in hotel Argentine side of Iguazu Falls
   Santo Amaro Bahia 61,407  Drove through En route to/from Cachoeira
   Mirassol São Paulo 53,792  Half day visit Cachacaria Dom Tapparo
   Olimpia São Paulo 50,024  Whole day visit Thermas dos Laranjais
   Cachoeira Bahia 31,966  Half day visit "Heroic City"
   Ilha de Itaparica Bahia 22,329  Whole day visit Boat ride to & from island
   São Félix Bahia 15,004  Half day visit Adjacent to Cachoeira
   Praia do Forte Bahia 1,800  Whole day visit Resort & Projeto Tamar
   Barra de Jacuipe Bahia Population?  Rest stop Beautiful river mouth resort

(2) Here are 116 photos of our exchange (in chronological order, with captions & web links):

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Before Arrival in Brazil

Photo 003.
Near Knoxville, Tennessee. View from McCloud Restaurant on Cumberland Mountain.

Photo 014.
Delta Airlines flight 61 from Atlanta to Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

Photo 016.
Rio de Janeiro
My first view of Copacabana
Beach (with Sugar Loaf in distance).
Photo 018.
Rio de Janeiro. Telescopic portion of Photo 016.

Photo 023.
Rio de Janeiro. Tourists crowding the small terrace in front of Christo Redentor (with Sugar Loaf in distance).
Photo 029.
Rio de Janeiro. City from Corcovado. Downtown to left. Beaches to right. Sugar Loaf in distance.

Photo 028. Rio de Janeiro. Christo Redentor from immediately below. Photo is dark because it was exposed for the overcast sky.
Photo 032.
Rio de Janeiro. Bus pick-up point atop Corcovado Mountain. Christo Redentor from his backside. Also shown is elevator which helps tourists climb up to the statue.

Photo 022.
Rio de Janeiro. Teenyboppers posing for photos in front of Christo Redentor. Note arms of a white-shirted man mimicing the statue.
Photo 035.
Rio de Janeiro. Our guide Carlos Sa tells our group how carnival floats are made at the Cidade do Samba. This appeared to be a series of large warehouse spaces, and we didn't see very much.

Photo 037.
Rio de Janeiro. Cais do Valongo / Valongo Wharf. Recently uncovred by archaeologists. Actually part of the Cais da Imperetriz / Empress's Wharf believed to have been built on top of the notorious slave port in the 1840's. This is the oldest peace monument in Brazil of which I am aware.

Photo 040.
Rio de Janeiro. World famous Maracana football stadium. My father would have wanted to go inside and see the playing field, but all we did was stand around outside & admire this statue while a sad little man wanted to sell us water.

Photo 041.
Rio de Janeiro. This terrace overlooks the cactus collection at the Jardim Botanico. The young men in the photo came to my assistance when I fell climbing the rough walkway beside the cascata / waterfall.
Photo 046.
Rio de Janeiro. An old house just outside the Jardim Botanico. Photo taken as we walked back to our bus.

Photos 052, 050 & 049. Plataforma, "The Greatest Folklore Show." All of the guidebooks and on-line comments pan this as a tourist ripoff, but I think the show
was kinda cool, especially the drummers Capoeira &. Admission came as part of our tour package, so I don"t know how much it cost. We avoided the over-priced drinks.

Photo 052. Rio de Janeiro. Plataform. Star dancer.
Photo 050. Rio de Janeiro. Plataforma. Grand finale.
Photo 049. Rio de Janeiro. Plataforma. Carnival costume.

Photo 056.
Rio de Janeiro. View of Sugar Loaf mountain taken as we took off from Rio's domestic airport for Brasilia. We took the cable car to the summit of Sugar Loaf, but I didn't take any photos (& don't remember why I didn't).

Click here for more Rio photos by Ian Stewart of Wellington, New Zealand.

Federal District, Brazil

Photo 057. Brasilia. Our first flyover. Here is some of the city's sprawl. Note the bare red earth. We never did see any of the famous buildings at the city's center (at least not from my side of the plane).
Photo 060. Brasilia. Sign on the inside of a men's room stall telling the user (as did signs in our Rio hotel) to put used toilet paper in the waste basket, not in the toilet. Weak plumbing?

Bahia State, Brazil

Photo 062. Salvador. The heart of downtown. Part of the Campo Grande in lower left. Av. Araujo Pinho extends to right from the Campo Grande, along which is the 14-story apartment building of Paulo & Marcelina
Noronha do Santos.
Photo 063. Salvador. The Digue do Tororo (artificial lake) extends across the center of this photo. The eight statues of dancing Orisha (Yoruba) deities are clearly visible in the lake. The new stadium is just coming into view at the left edge.

Photo 064. Salvador. Estadio Arena Fonte Nova (stadium), where Ian Stewart went to a match on Saturday evening.
Photo 067. Salvador. Farther east toward the airport. Note the expressways & many housing projects. Very impressive.

Photo 070. Salvador. The "Litte Farm" of Paulo & Marcelina Noronha do Santos east of the airport. Photo taken at sunset. Car being loaded due to the unexpected arrival of two FF ambassadors from the USA & their decision to displace to their city apartment.
Photo 071. Salvador. Same scene at the "Little Farm," this time exposed to see the foreground at the expense of overexposing the sky.

Photo 073. Salvador. View from our bedroom on 13th floor of Condominio do Edificio Vale do Cauela. See Baie de de Todos-os-Santos in background. Compare this to photo 062.
Photo 087. Salvador. View looking down from our bedroom on 13th floor into Av. Araujo Pinho. Note street vendors on very narrow sidewalk.
Photo 121. Salvador. View from office of Paulo & Marcelina Noronha do Santos.

Photo 077.
En route east of Salvador. How our group looked during our first bus ride (of many to follow). Seated next to Ian Stewart, exchange director Jeanine Mauch is at extreme right. Arleen Titner is in foreground.
Photo 074.
Barra de Jacuipe. River mouth & pretty line of palm trees on the bar between the river & the Atlantic Ocean. We only stopped here for a coin-operated "biobreak." Restaurant & outdoor stands appeared to be closed (for the season?).

Photo 080. Praia do Forte. Cute school kids at Projecto Tamar (sea turtle rescue station surrounded by Disneyland excess). Note statue of a playful sea turtle.
Photo 079.
Praia do Forte. Reef at low tide immediately offshore Projecto Tamar (admission payment required).

Photo 082.
Praia do Forte. Marcelina Noronha do Santos helping Schera Chadwick (sitting in pedicab) back to the bus after lunch. Waves in background are breaking over the reef exposed in photo 079.
Photo 083.
Praia do Forte. Station of the Policia Militar da Bahia & of the Policia Rodoviaria / Highway Police at entrance to the resort town of Praia do Forte. We saw police roadblocks in & around Salvador but never at Sao Jose do Rio Preto.

Photo 089.
Salvador. Group photo (without Schera Chadwick) at the lighthouse / Farol da Barra where the city & bay meet the ocean (& the annual carnival takes place).
Photo 086.
Salvador. Favela. (Apparently not as many slums in Salvador as in Rio - but there were none at all in Sao Jose do Rio Preto.)

Photo 095.
Salvador. Fence covered with intersessional ribbons at Church / Ingreja de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim.
Photo 093.
Salvador. Room in Church / Ingreja de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim whose ceiling is covred with wax models of limbs (& other infirm body parts) for which family members seek a cure.

Photo 096.
Salvador. Peninsula de Itapgipe & Baie de de Todos-os-Santos. We walk around an old fort led by our guide. Note car ferry crossing the bay.
Photo 101.
Salvador. Apartment of Paulo & Marcelina Noronha do Santos. Ted Lollis & Schera Chadwick (on right) are joined by Helen Flach & her hostess Verena (on left).

Photo 102. Santo Amaro. Narrow street of inland city (population 61,407). Scarcely changed since 19th century (except for influx of cars & trucks). We had to drive though this poor but very interesting city en route to Cachoeira & Sao Felix (there being no by-pass route). Photo taken from moving vehicle (hence the relflection).
Photo 103. Santo Amaro. This is the only political sign I spotted in Brazil. It advertises the candidacy of Delma Rousseff in the 2010 presidential election. Photo taken from moving vehicle (hence shooting the sign off center).

Photo 104.
Cachoeira. Main square of the "Heroic City." Ordem Terceira do Carmo / Church of the Third Order of Carmel (1715). Chamber house (city hall) is to the left.
Photo 105.
Cachoeira. Semina, daughter of Paulo & Marcelina Noronha do Santos, who interpreted for our local guide. She was visiting on a brief holiday from the London School of Economics.

Photo 107.
Cachoeira. Old jail under the chamber house (city hall). Ian Stewart has his back to the camera.
Photo 110.
Cachoeira. Semina lectures to Larry Lavenberg & others about Cachoeira. Paraguacu River in the background (former port).
Photo 113.
São Félix. As seen across the Paraguacu River from Cachoeira.

Photo 115. São Félix. Casa dos Hansen-Bahia Museu e Ateliê. Helen Flach with print by painter & printmaker Hansen-Bahia.
Photo 114. São Félix. Hansen-Bahia's print roller.
São Félix. Huge spider web in canopy underneath which we were eating lunch. White globules (seemingly in mid-air) spotted by Schera Chadwick from many feet away. Photo by Jeanine Mauch.

Photo 117.
São Félix. Centro Dannemann - fabrica de charutos / cigar factory. Founded by German Geraldo Dannemann in 1872.
Photo 118.
Cachoeira. Nossa Senhora de Boa Morte / Sisterhood of the Good Death. This is a photo of a photo in the Sisterhood's little museum.

Photo 124. Salvador. Schera Chadwick (right) at Feira da Primavera / Spring Fair in the Campo Grande. She is holding a bamboo pole we found to prop up plants on the 13th floor balcony of Paulo & Marcelina Noronha do Santos.
Salvador. Blue & white platter depicting the arrival of the Marquis de Lafayette at Castle Garden, New York City, on August 16, 1824. Made in Staffordshire, England, c.1825-1830. Seen in Museu Carlos Costa Pinto. Photo courtesy of Dayton Art Institute.

Photo 130.
Salvador. Paulo & Marcelina Noronha do Santos. at home of writer Jorge Amado & Zelia Gattai.
Photo 128.
Salvador. Verena (hostess of Helen Flach) regards garden memorials to Jorge Amado & Zelia Gattai.
Photo 129.
Salvador. Pornographic figures in collection of Jorge Amado. Under glass (hence the reflections).

Photo 134. Salvador. Reef immediately below the Spanish Club (venue of our almoco de despedida / farewell lunch).
Photo 138. Salvador. Capoeira demonstration
at the Spanish Club.
Photo 144. Salvador. Pat Wright joins the rhythm - as does Helen Flach in the background.

Photo 136.
Salvador. Ted Lollis (right) presents copy of
his book "Monumental Beauty: Peace Monuments
& Museums Around the World"
to Paulo Noronha do Santos,
president of Friendship Force Salvador.
Photo 147.
Salvador. Schera Chadwick (right) says good-by
to her host Paulo Noronha do Santos.

Click here for more Salvador photos by Ian Stewart of Wellington, New Zealand.

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