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Peace Monuments
Dedicated in 1980

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March 21, 1980 - "Relief of Friendship," Peace Symbols Zone, Nagasaki Peace Park, Nagasaki (Japan). From Porto, Portugal (Nagasaki's sister city). Inscribed, "Homage of the City of Porto to the Atomic Victims of the Sister city of Nagasaki --November 1978."
August 26, 1980 - "Joy of Life," Peace Symbols Zone, Nagasaki Peace Park, Nagasaki (Japan). From the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Bronze statue 260 cm in height by Czech sculptor Jan Hána [1927-1994] showing a jubilant mother lifting up her baby in her arms. Made in 1975 but donated in 1980.
March 22, 1980 - Georgia Guidestones, Elbert County, Georgia (USA). Four giant granite stones engraved with ten "Guides" or commandments in eight different languages setting forth the basic principles of the establishment of the governance of a one world order with a unified world court of law where populations and reproduction are controlled, a unified "living new" language, whose philosophical foundation is built on "spirituality" and man’s environmental responsibility to live in harmony with nature.
1980 - Friedensmuseum Landau / Landau Peace Museum, Lindenhofwe 25, Lindau/Bodensee (Germany). Operated by Pax Christi, Diocese of Augsberg. On Lake Constance.

1980 - Friedensmuseum Brücke von Remagen / Bridge at Remagen Peace Museum, Ludendorff Bridge, Rheinpromenade, Remagen, Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany). Occupies bridge built for war in 1916-1918 and conquered in war on March 7, 1945. Click here for Wikipedia article.
1980 - Elightenment Stupa, "Northwest Tibetan Temple of America, Odiyan Buddhist Retreat Center, Cazadero (California). Odiyan is "a Tibetan Buddhist monastery built by and for American Buddhists from the Nyingma Center, dedicated to saving Tibetan Buddhism.. The structures of Odiyan are being built as the first large-scale 3-dimensional mandala... The Odiyan Stupa radiates positive energy that fosters harmony in nature, peace on earth, and happiness for all beings."

1980 - Statue of Jennette Rankin, Second Floor, State Capitol, Helena, Monana (USA). Original of statue by Terry Mimnaugh honoring Jennette Rankin [1880-1973] in Statuary Hall, US Capitol, Washington, DC (USA). Entry #576 in the "Peace Movement Directory" by James Richard Bennett (2001).
1985 - Statue of Jennette Rankin, Statuary Hall, US Capitol, Washington, DC (USA). Duplicate of statue by Terry Mimnaugh honoring Jennette Rankin [1880-1973] in state capitol, Helena, Montana (USA). Entry #1117 in the "Peace Movement Directory" by James Richard Bennett (2001).
1980 - "Peace Form One", Ralph Bunche Park, East 43rd Street & First Avenue, New York City, New York (USA). Stainless-steel obelisk 50 feet (15 meters) high, honoring Ralph Bunche [1903-1971] who received the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize. Adjacent to the Isaiah Wall. The sculptor, Daniel Larue Johnson, was a personal friend of Bunche & dedicated it to him. Entry #731 in the "Peace Movement Directory" by James Richard Bennett (2001).

1980 - Milton Keynes Peace Pagoda, Willen Lake, Milton Keynes (England). Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order. "This is the first Peace Pagoda in the western world." There is a Nipponzan Myohoji monastery nearby. Click here for many other Nipponzan Myohoji peace pagodas in all parts of the world.

1980 - Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand / Memorial to the German Resistance, Bendlerblock courtyard, Berlin (Germany). "A memorial & museum opened in 1980 in part of the Bendlerblock, a complex of offices in Stauffenbergstrasse (formerly Bendlerstrasse), south of the Tiergarten in Western Berlin. It was here that Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg [1907-1944] & other members of the failed July 20 plot that attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler were executed. Although the memorial is primarily intended to commemorate those members of the German Army who tried to assassinate Hitler in 1944, it is also a memorial to the German resistance in the broader sense."

1980 - Monument, Gdansk (Poland). "Honors shipyard workers killed in Gdansk, the Baltic sea port, by government troops during unrest in 1970 which was triggered by food prices. The only monument built by a Communist government to victims of its own repression. Note that it consists of three tall crosses on which anchors are crucified."
1980 - Bust of Bertrand Russell, Red Lion Square, London WC1 (England). Sculpted by Marcelle Quinton. One of 21 peace monuments named by the PPU website. Named in "A Peace Trail Through London" by Valerie Flessati (1998). Bertrand Russell [1872-1970] received the 1950 Nobel Prize for Literature.
2002 - Blue Plaque for Bertrand Russell, 34 Russell Chambers, Bury Place, London WC1 (England). Russell lived here in flat no.34, 1911-1916.
October 10, 1980 - Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site & Sweet Auburn Preservation District, National Park Service (NPS), Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Includes King's birth home and Ebenezer Baptist Church. Click here for the Wikipedia article. Entries #237, 239 & 241 in the "Peace Movement Directory" by James Richard Bennett (2001).
November? 1980 - John Lennon Peace Wall, Diplomatic Quarter, Prague, Czech Republic. "Though Lennon never visited the Bohemian capitol, he was a pacifist hero for the Czech subculture during the totalitarian era. In the decade following the collapse of Communism, the Lennon Wall came to represent not only a memorial to Lennon and his ideas, but also a monument to free speech and the non-violent rebellion of Czech youth against the repressions of neo-Stalinism. Under the ever watchful eyes of the Communist secret police, an anonymous group of Prague youth set up a mock grave for the ex-Beatle."

December 3, 1980 - "A Call," Peace Symbols Zone, Nagasaki Peace Park, Nagasaki (Japan). From Bulgaria. "Symbolizes the struggle of youth in search of peace and harmony by depicting a woman with her arms stretched up."
December 1980 - University for Peace (UPAZ / UPEACE), Ciudad Colón, 30 kms southwest of San Jose (Costa Rica). Click here for the Wikipedia article.
End of 1980 - Kölner Klagemauer/Cologne Wailing Wall, Schildergasse, Koln/Cologne (Germany). In front of the south tower of the Cologne Cathedral. Created (& reactivated in 2004) by Walter Herrmann. Originally consisted of messages denouncing the living conditions of Palestinian people written on small cardboard pieces and suspended on clotheslines. Subsequently addressed other causes. Also called "Wailing Wall for Peace" & "Palestine Wall" after the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

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