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8 Peace Monuments
Dedicated in 1983

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February 25, 1983 - Monument Commemorating Pope John Paul II's Appeal for Peace, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (east building), Hiroshima (Japan). Commemorates the Pope's visit to Hiroshima on February 25, 1981. #54 of 56 "cenotaphs & monuments" on the Virtual E-Tour.

1983 - Sverd i fjell / Swords in Rock, Hafrsfjord Neighborhood, Madla, Borough, City of Stavanger, Rogaland (Norway). "Created by sculptor Fritz Rĝed [1928-2002]. Unveiled by King Olav V. The three bronze swords stand 10 metres (33 ft) tall & are planted into the rock of a small hill next to the fjord. They commemorate the historic Battle of Hafrsfjord which by tradition took place there in the year 872, when King Harald Fairhair gathered all of Norway under one crown. The largest sword represents the victorious Harald, and the two smaller swords represent the defeated petty kings. The monument also represents peace, since the swords are planted into solid rock, so they may never be removed."

October 7, 1983 - "Protection of Our Future," Peace Symbols Zone, Nagasaki Peace Park, Nagasaki (Japan). From the city of Middelburg, The Netherlands (Nagasaki's sister city). "Shows a mother protecting her infact-child from danger, representing that we must protect not only the present generation but also the coming generation as well so that the people of the world can live in peace together."

October 7, 1983 - "Our Lady of Peace," Shrine of Our Lady of Peace, Santa Clara, California (USA). 32-foot 7200-pound stainless steel statue by Charles C. Parks, a noted sculptor of Wilmington, Delaware. "The only major Marian Shrine on the West Coast between Our Lady of Sorrows Shrine in Portland, Oregon (over 700 miles to the north), & the famous Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City (over 2,300 miles to the south)." Visible from Highway 101 at the Great America Parkway exit. Call "the Awesome Madonna" & "Freeway Mary." On San Francisco Chronicle's list of "Underrated Landmarks" in the Bay area.

November 2, 1983 - Aioi Bridge, Hiroshima (Japan). Target of the atomic bombing because of its unique T-shape. The 30 cm thick floor of the bridge heaved upwards because of the powerful blast pressure that bounced off the river below. It was heavily damaged. After the war, it was temporarily repaired and used until its restoriation in 1983. #06 of 56 "cenotaphs & monuments" on the Virtual E-Tour.

December 1983 - "Peace Boat" (SS Topaz), home port Yokohama (Japan). Has conducted 53 "Voyages for Peace" since 1983.

December 1983 - Virgen de la Paz / Virgin of the Peace, Cuidad de Trujillo (Venezuela). Created by sculptors Manuel de la Fuente and Rosendo Camargo, 46.72 meters high, one of the highest monuments of the Americas.

After 1983 - Victory Memorial to the War of October 1973, Medinet Nasr, near Cairo (Eqypt). Sadat's tomb is under the Victory Memorial. Anwar al-Sadat [1918-1981] & Menachem Begin [1913-1992] of Israel shared the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize. Sadat was assassinated October 6, 1981, during the annual victory parade in Cairo. The nearby October War Panorama was built on a suggestion made to Hosni Mubarak by Kim Il Sung of North Korea when the Egyptian president visited that country in 1983.

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