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28 Peace Monuments Dedicated in 1985
(40 years after Hiroshima & Nagasaki)

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February 27, 1985 - "Offering of the Sacred Pipe," US Mission to the United Nations, New York City, New York (USA). Monumental bronze by Native American artist Allan Houser [1914-1994]. "Has become a worldwide symbol of peace." Duplicate of statues in Scottsdale, Arizona, & Albuquerque, New Mexico (qv).

March 2, 1985 - Kingsley Hall Community Centre & Peace Garden, Powis Road, Tower Hamlets, London E3 (England). Mahatma Gandhi [1869-1948] stayed here during the Round Table Conference in 1931. Named a Grade II listed building in Sept. 1973. Named in "A Peace Trail Through London" by Valerie Flessati (1998). Click here for Wikipedia article.
1954 - Blue Plaque for Mahatma Gandhi, Kingsley Hall, London (England).

May 19, 1985 - "Reunion of Honor" Monument", Iwo Jima Island, Ogasawara (Japan). Inscription reads in English and Japanese, "On the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima, American and Japanese veterans met again on these same sands, this time in peace and friendship..." Ogasawara is one of eight villages of Tokyo.
June 1, 1985 - "Statue of Peace," Peace Symbols Zone, Nagasaki Peace Park, Nagasaki (Japan). From the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). "Shows a mother holding her infant child as an expression of love and peace."
1985 - Statue of Fenner Brockway, Red Lion Square, London (England). Baron Brockway [1888-1099] was a British anti-war activist and politician. One of 21 peace monuments named by the PPU website. Named in "A Peace Trail Through London" by Valerie Flessati (1998).

1985 - London Peace Pagoda, Battersea Park, London (England). Gift to London from the Japanese Buddhist order Nipponzan Myohoji. Click here for many other Nipponzan Myohoji peace pagodas in all parts of the world. One of 21 peace monuments named by the PPU website. Named in "A Peace Trail Through London" by Valerie Flessati (1998).

1985 - "Three Minutes to Midnight," Seminole Avenue, Little Five Points, Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Also called the "Seminole Peace Mural." First US mural painted by David Fichter of Cambridge, Massachusetts. "Painted as part of a cultural festival for nuclear disarmament called 'Three Minutes to Midnight' which organized several events around the city in October 1984." First image is close up of Martin Luther King, Jr. [1929-1968]. Second image shows Leó Szilárd [1898-1964] & 70 other atomic scientists petitioning for a demonstration of the atomic bomb before using it on human beings, US officials playing deaf and dumb, and three weeping "Hiroshima maidens". Click here for article & slide show about Fitcher's visit to the endangered mural on December 5, 2008.

1985 - Samantha & Katerina Children's Peace Garden, Pine Grove Peace Park, Port Huron, Michigan (USA). Click here for Wikipedia article about Samantha Smith [1972-1985]. See statue in Augusta, Maine (USA). Entry #510 in the "Peace Movement Directory" by James Richard Bennett (2001).

1985 - Golden Rule Mosaic, United Nations, New York City, New York (USA). Presented by first lady Nancy Reagan for the UN's 40th anniversary. A creation of Venetian artists based on a painting by American artist Norman Rockwell [1894-1978]. Depicts people of all races, religions, creeds & hues. Imparts the message of the Golden Rule ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you").

1985 - Stadio Erinis Kai Filias / Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF), Faliro, Piraeus, Athens (Greece). A multi-use indoor sports arena renovated for the 2004 Olympic Games.

1985 - Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders, 418 Shuiximen Street, Jiangdongmen, Nanjing (China). Expanded in 1995 and 2005-2007. Now 25,000 square meters. Click here for Wikipedia article. Has "academic cooperation agreement" with Kyoto Museum for World Peace. Whole building resembles a broken sword when seen from the side and a plow when seen from above.

1985 - Statue of Jennette Rankin, Statuary Hall, US Capitol, Washington, DC (USA). Duplicate of statue by Terry Mimnaugh honoring Jennette Rankin [1880-1973] in state capitol, Helena, Montana (USA). Entry #1117 in the "Peace Movement Directory" by James Richard Bennett (2001).
1980 - Statue of Jennette Rankin, Second Floor, State Capitol, Helena, Monana (USA). Original of statue by Terry Mimnaugh honoring Jennette Rankin [1880-1973] in Statuary Hall, US Capitol, Washington, DC (USA). Entry #576 in the "Peace Movement Directory" by James Richard Bennett (2001).

1985 - Peace Bell, Fort William (Scotland). "Celebrates the bond of friendship between Dudley (England), Hiroshima (Japan) & Fort William (Scotland). Also commemorates the [1945] international peace cairn [qv] on the summit of Ben Nevis. One of the main forces behind this was Bert Bissell, M.B.E. [1902-1998], from Dudley in the West Midlands. The inscription reads 'May we all work together for peace and goodwill and live together as one great family.' The bell came from the old town hall, and the granite plinth came from parts of the old fort at Fort William." /// See 1945 Peace Cairn on Ben Nevis (Scotland) & 1972 Peace Cairn in Hiroshima (Japan).

1985 - Peace Pole Makers USA, 7221 South Wheeler Road, Maple City, Michigan (USA). Click here for an anticle about Peace Pole Makers USA (Fall 2000). Click here for a YouTube video of a visit to Peace Pole Makers USA (July 2008).

1985 - Western Peace Wall, Victoria School, Broadway Avenue & 12th Street, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada). Sculpture by Leslie Potter. "Symbolizes the need to dismantle barriers to world peace."

1985? - Japanese Bell, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, California (USA). A 2100-pound 16th-century Japanese bronze bell from a temple in Tajima Province -- present day Hyogo Prefecture (Japan). Ceremonially rung 108 times on New Year's Eve.

1985 - Friedensglocke / Peace Bell, in ruins of Aegidienkirche church, Mitte Quarter, Hannover (Germany). Replica of Hiroshima Peace Bell (qv). Donated by Hannover's partner city Hiroshima (Japan). "Struck at the memorial service for the victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6 every year." [Google translation].

1985 - Hiroshima Peace Bell, Izumo Taisha Mission, North Kukui Street, Honolulu, Hawaii (USA). Said to be a replica of the Hiroshima Peace Bell. Hiroshima & Honolulu are sister cities.

July 1, 1985 - Monument to Multiculturalism, Union Station, 65 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario (Canada). "Presented to Toronto on the occasion of its sesquicentennial by the national congress of Italian Canadians on behalf of the Italian Canadian Community. Unveiled on Canada Day by the mayor of the city of Toronto, Arthur Eggleton, in the presence of the premier of the Province of Ontario, David Peterson." Sculpted by Italian artist Francesco Perilli. Base by Nino Rico. Four identical sculptures are located in Buffalo City (South Africa), Changchun (China), Sarajevo (Bosnia) & Sydney (Australia). A sixth has recently been added in San Diego, California (USA).

July 16, 1985 - "Maiden of Peace," Peace Symbols Zone, Nagasaki Peace Park, Nagasaki (Japan). From the People's Republic of China. "Expresses the sincere aspiration of the Chinese people for human love and the everlasting friendship between Japan and the People's Republic of China."

August 6, 1985 - Plaque for Hiroshima & Nagasaki, People's History Museum (canal side of the building), Manchester (England). Lower plaque added by mayor of Nagasaki in 2010. Informattion & image courtesy of Peter van den Dungen 28Apr14.
1985? - Hiroshima & Nagasaki Peace Memorial flower bed 1945 - 1985, Memorial Gardens behind St. Georges Hall, William Brown Street, Liverpool (England).
Date? - Road Peace Memorial, Liverpool (England).

August 6, 1985 - The Peace Gardens, Sheffield (England). Laid out in 1938 and formally called St. Paul's Gardens. Officially renamed "Peace Gardens" on Hiroshima Day 1985. Rededicated on December 9, 1998. " Overlooking the city’s gothic town hall, the garden is bounded by several cascades & occupies an area of 0.67 hectares. The Goodwin Fountain with over 80 jets of water is dedicated to Sir Stuart Goodwin, the founder of an important Sheffield steel & toolmaking firm." Click here for the Wikipedia article.

August 9, 1985 - Nagasaki Peace Bell, Art Room, Richland Public Library, Richland, Washington (USA), city adjacent to Hanford Nuclear Site where the plutonium was produced which fueled the Trinity Test on July 16 and the Nagasaki bomb on August 9, 1945. Miniature of western style bell as from Urakami Cathedral. Gift by the Mayor of Nagasaki (Japan) to the City of Richland on the 40th anniversary of the atomic bombing.

After September 18, 1985 - Grave of Gerald Holtom, Kent & Sussex Cemetery & Crematorium, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent (England). Inscription: "To the memory of Gerald Herbert Holtom, A Campaigner for Peace - May He Find Peace. Died 18th September 1985, Aged 71 Years." "Gerald Herbert Holtom [1914-1985] created the CND peace symbol on February 21, 1958. At that time, he was working with the Direct Action Committee against Nuclear War. Holtom was a dedicated peacemaker & graduate of the Royal College of Arts. During World War II, he worked on a farm in England as a conscientious objector." Note peace symbols in upper corners of the tombstone.

Before 1986 - Manchester Peace Gardens, St. Peter's Square, Manchester (England). Part of "Manchester City of Peace."

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