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11 Notable Peacemakers in Korea

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1859-1907 - Yi Jun - Prosecutor & diplomat. Sent to 2nd Hague Peace Conference to announce Korean independence. Died unexpectedly, possibly killed by Japanese spies. His hotel became a peace museum in 1995.

1920-2012 - Sun Myung Moon - Religious leader, businessperson, political activist & media mogul. Self-proclaimed messiah. Founder of the Unification Church.

1921-2012 - Young Seek Choue - Founding chancellor of Kyung Hee University (1949). Founded the university's Graduate Institute of Peace Studies (1984).

1923-2014 - Chung Eun-yong - Policeman & activist. Investigated the July 1950 massacre by the 7th Cavalry Regiment at No Gun Ri. (His 4-year old son & 2-year old daughter were among the victims.)

1925-2009 - Kim Dae-jung - President of South Korea 1998-2003. First to meet with North Korean leaders. Called "Nelson Mandela of Asia." 2000

1934-2002 - Matsui Yayori - Journalist & activist for women’s human rights. Honored Korean "Comfort Women" by conceiving the Women’s Active Museum of War & Peace (WAM) in Tokyo (Japan).

1944-Alive - Ban Ki-Moon - Career diplomat. 8th Secretary General of the United Nations since 2007.

Date?-Alive - Lee Young-Geun - Founder & chief of Jeju Peace Museum on site of Gamma Oreum forced labor camp where his father worked as a labourer during WW-II.

c1950-Alive - Kee-Hang Lee & Song Chang-ju - Expatriates. Opened Yi Jun Peace Musuem in former Hotel De Jong, Wagenstraat 124A, The Hague, in August 1995.

1955-Alive - Chung Koo-Do - Chairman of Nu Gun Ri International Peace Foundation (owner of Ho Gun Ri Peace Park & Musuem). Son of Chung Eun-yong (qv).

Date?-Alive - Chang-Jin Lee - Visual artist based in New York City. Travels to Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, Indonesia, Australia & the Philippines to meet "Comfort Women" & create related artworks.

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