Spain & Portugal

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1126-1198 - Averroes - Andalusian Muslim polymath. "Father of secularism." His school of philosophy is known as Averroism.

1271-1336 - Elizabeth of Portugal - Queen consort of Portugal. Repeatedly served as peacemaker. Venerated as a saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

c1484-1566 - Bartolome de las Casas - Historian, social reformer & Dominican friar. First officially appointed "Protector of the Indians."

1493-1540 - Juan Luis Vives - First scholar to analyze the psyche directly. Supported children's education.


1506-1552 - Francis Xavier - Jesuit missionary. Worked two years in Japan. Called "Apostle of the Indies" & "Apostle of Japan.”

1511-1553 - Michael Servetus - Theologian, physician, cartographer & humanist. In Protestant Reformation. Nontrinitarian. Burned at the stake in Geneva.



1746-1828 - Francisco Goya - Painter. Painted "The Disasters of War" after the 1808 Dos de Mayo Uprising.

1793-1879 - Baldomero Espartero, Prince of Vergara - General & politician. In radical/progressive wing of Spanish liberalism. Credited w/victory over Carlists in 1839. Styled El Pacificador de España.


1863-1952 - George Santayama - Writer. Best known for "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

1881-1973 - Pablo Picasso - Artist. Painted "Guernica" in 1937. It's now in Spain with a copy at UN Headquarters.

1885-1954 - Aristides de Sousa Mendes - Consul General in Bordeaux (France). Defied Salazar dictatorship by issuing visas in 1940 to refugees fleeing from invading German forces.

1891-1950 - José Brocca - Pacifist & humanitarian. Sought non-violent ways to resist fascism during the Spanish Civil War. P

1895-1970 - Lucía Sánchez Saornil - Poet, militant anarchist & feminist. A founder of Mujeres Libres in 1936. Partner of América Barroso.


1902-1968 - Amparo Poch y Gascón - Anarchist, pacifist, doctor & activist leading up to & during Spanish Civil War. A founder of Mujeres Libres in 1936. P

1945-Alive - Concepcion Picciotto - Has lived in a peace camp opposite the White House since 1981. Longest protest in US history.