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1928-Alive - Elie Wiesel - "Messenger to mankind." Professor & holocaust survivor. 1986 1995

1934-Alive - Jane Goodall - Primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist & UN Messenger of Peace. World's foremost expert on chimpanzees. 1999

1937-2011 - Facundo Cabral - Argentine folksinger & peace activist. UN Messenger of Peace. Assassinated in Guatemala City.

1938-2011 - Eenrico Macias - Singer-composer. Human rights activist. Suports many NGO's. UN Messenger of Peace..

1940-2011 - Wangari Maathai - Environmental & political activist. Founded the Green Belt Movement. UN Messenger of Peace. 2004

1942-Alive - Muhammad Ali - Heavyweight boxer. Born Cassius Clay. UN Messenger of Peace. See museum in Louisville, Kentucky. CO

1974-Alive - Princess Haya bint Al Hussein - UN Messenger of Peace. Member of International Olympic Committee. Mairried to PM of Dubai.