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Peace Monuments For Sale

Ever want to own your own peace monument? If so, click here for a list of artists and designers. Or see below for examples of peace monuments which have already been created but which are still looking for permanent homes. Also included below are a few examples of companies, e.g. Peace Pole Makers, which are prepared to make low-cost peace monuments for on-line customers.

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Since 1985 - Peace Pole Makers USA, 7221 South Wheeler Road, Maple City, Michigan (USA). Click here for an anticle about Peace Pole Makers USA (Fall 2000). Click here for a YouTube video of a visit to Peace Pole Makers USA (July 2008).

Since 1999 - Joel Selmeier, 2446 Turnberry Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio (USA). Sculpts custom peace poles, e.g. "Peace Pole with Monoliths" (2005), Canton Peace Pole & Meditation Garden" (2007), "Labyrinth & Peace Pole" (2008), and "Greenshire Peace Garden & Peace Pole" (2008), .

2002 - "Children of Peace", Garden Walk, Public Library, Downers Grove, Illinois (USA). Click here to see the statue's installation. Artist Gary Lee Price of Springville, Utah, sells copies of this sculpture. Click here for prices & other information.

December 2007 - Doomsday Stones, Los Alamos, New Mexico (USA). As noted by Grothus' son Mike, Ed Grothus [1923-2009] "designed & commissioned two granite obelisks to mark the explosion of the first atomic bomb. The obelisks were quarried & carved in China, then shipped to Los Alamos in December 2007. The obelisks are white granite & are designed to sit on black bases, 'doomsday stones,' engraved with text in 15 languages that describe the 'most significant man-made event in human history.' Important to him among the messages engraved in the stone was, 'No one is secure unless everyone is secure.' When erected, each monument will weigh over 39 tons and stand nearly 40 feet tall. At the time of his death [on February 12, 2009], Grothus remained optimistic that the obelisks would find a home." (NB: Martin Luther King, Jr., famously said, "'No one is free, until everyone is free.")

2008 - "The Mahatma" (Gandhi Statue), Toledo Area Sculptors Guild, 211 Cedar Street, Gibsonburg, Ohio (USA). Sculpted by James Havens. On sale for $60,000. Havens also made Peace Sculpture (qv) at Woodstock School, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand (India).

September 4, 2009 - Missing Peace Art Space," 234 South Dutoit Street, Dayton Ohio (USA). "A non-profit art gallery exploring the use of art in all forms as a means to communicate the human desire for peace." Gabriela Pickett, owner, & Steve Fryburg, director. Right image shows "Peace March" by Max Ginsburg (2007) from the gallery's first exhibition, "Know Justice, Know Peace." Member of International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP).

June 13, 2012 - Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Center for Families, YWCA, 310 East 300 South, Salt Lake City (UTAH). "As a lasting symbol of peace & justice, Utah sculptor Dennis Smith unveiled his statue. Boyer Jarvis, a board member of the Gandhi Alliance for Peace, described why Ghandi's image fits so well in the garden of the new justice center: 'His unique role in world history & his commitment ot truth, justice, service, and to encourage nonviolent resolution of conflict among individuals, communities and nations.'" // " Modeled at exactly life-size. Multiple castings are available." // Information courtesy of Deb Sawyer, President, Gandhi Alliance for Peace.

April 13, 2014 - River of Peace Mural, Ghost Ranch Education & Retreat Center, Abiquiu, New Mexico (USA). "A 35 foot ceramic tile mural on the East outside wall of the Lower Pavilion. Faces the Peace Garden [& peace pole]. The mural shape echoes the Fibonacci curves contained in the layout of the Peace Garden. Clay slips in natural hues on the tiles relate to the colors of the rocks, sky & earth at Ghost Ranch. Permanently fired into the surface, a visual river of spiritual symbols from around the world is integrated into a mosaic of hand-written poems, prayers, intentions, quotes & original writings. /// Because of widespread interest in the mural & the participation of the community, Barbara Campbell & Judy Nelson-Moore decided to create 6-inch tiles using the methods & imagery from the River of Peace Mural. This is a way for people to have a 'piece of the Peace Mural' to take home. These tiles are all unique & made by hand. They provide a lovely remembrance of the mural & Ghost Ranch. Tiles are $18 & are available in the gift shop at the Ghost Ranch Welcome Center."

Future - Three World Peace Bells outside building in which they were cast at Oigo Bell Works, Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture (Japan). Last three bells cast for the World Peace Bell Association (WPBA) of Tokyo (Japan). Photo by EWL taken October 3, 2008.

Future - "Peace Offering," Artist's studio, Hopkinton, Massachusetts (USA). Bench in form of a dove with outstretchd hands and the tail of a hawk (representing hostility). By Michael Malfano. "This sculpture represents some of the many aspects of attaining peace. It is a expression of Michael's Soka Gakkai Buddhist practice, with the intention of contributing to peace and culture." (5'7" x 2'9" x 1'7" Bronze, $25,000, Ltd. Ed. of 25, Resin, $6,000, Ltd. Ed. of 100)

Future? - "Building Peace One Piece at a Time", Studio of David Fichter, 20 Worcester Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). Project by students of muralist David Fichter. Intended for permanent installation? Click here to see two peace murals by Fichter in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

Future? - "Make Peace" Sculpture by Paul-Felix Montez. Center image is a photomontage depicting a 60 foot Make Peace Tower on a footprint of 22x22 feet. The two photographs are "an actual location for the city of Coral Springs, Florida (USA)."

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