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Artists, Benefactors, Creators
& Designers of Peace Monuments

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Death Year
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(Year of Dedication, Name, City & Nation)
1952-Alive Akamu, Nina 1999 Da Vinci's Horse/Il Cavallo, San Siro, Milan (Italy)
1999 Da Vinci's Horse, Meijer Sculpture Gardens, Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)
2002 "Golden Cranes," National Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism, Washington, DC (USA)
1938-AliveAksoy, Mehmet 1990 Bonn Monument to the Unknown Deserters, Potsdam (Germany)
2008-2011 Monument to Humanity, Kars (Turkey)
19??-Alive Al-Dhaher, Sabah 2003 Middle East Peace Sculpture, Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington (USA)
c1970-Alive Alfano, Michael 2001 Holocaust Monument, Jericho Jewish Center, Jericho, Long Island, New York (USA)
2003 "One World United for Peace," Town Common, Norfolk, Massachusetts (USA)
2006 Children's Holocaust Memorial, Temple Emanuel, Great Neck, New York (USA)
Future "Peace Offering," Artist's Studio, Hopkinton, Massachusetts (USA)
1950-2008 Allen, Tina 1986 Statue of A. Philip Randolph, Back Bay Station, Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
Date? George Washington Carver, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, Missouri (USA)
Date? Statue of Sojourner Truth, Memorial Park, Battle Creek, Michigan (USA)
1998 Martin Luther King Jr. & Charles Drew, King Drew Medical HS, LA, CA (USA)
1998 Statue of Alex Haley, Haley Heritage Plaza, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA)
1897-1981 Amateis, Edmond 1935 Great Frieze of War & Peace, Libery Memorial, Kansas City, Missouri (USA)
1958 Fifteen bronze busts, Polio Hall of Fame, Warm Springs, Georgia (USA)
1916-2002 Armitage, Kenneth 1982? "Both Arms," Mandela Gardens, Millennium Square, Leeds (England)
63BC-14 Augustus Caesar 9 BC Ara Pacis Augustae/Altar of Augustan Peace, Rome (Italy)
19??-Alive Ayaz, Anjum 1993 Peace Tree, Shaheed-e-milat Road, Karachi (Pakistan)
1928-Alive Aizenbert, Roberto 1998 Parque de la Memoria, Río de la Plata, Zona Norte, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
19??-19?? Baalbaki, Abdel Hamid 1976 Untitled painting 208 x 370 cm (Lebanon in time of war), Beirut (Lebanon)
1946-Alive Baca, Judy 1978 "The Great Wall of Los Angeles," Los Angeles, California (USA)
1992 "The World Wall: A Vision of the Future Without Fear" (traveling)
2008 "Arch of Dignity, Equality & Justice," California State Univ., San Jose, CA (USA)
2010 "See Through Others Eyes," Robert F Kennedy Community Schools, Los Angeles, CA (USA)
2010 "Tiny Ripples of Hope," Robert F Kennedy Community Schools, Los Angeles, CA (USA)
1819-1911 Ball, Thomas 1876 "Emancipation Memorial," Lincoln Park, Washington, DC (USA)
1936-Alive Bandau, Joachim 1999 Monument to Escape & Expulsion 1945, Konig Strasse, Nuremberg (Germany)
1973?-Alive Bansky 2005 Nine murals on the Israeli separation barrier, West Bank (Palestine)
1949-Alive Baquero, Tiité 2002- Worldwide Peace Markers (WPM), Cape Coral, Florida (USA)
1940-2015 Barr, David 1964 "SunSweep," Campobello Island, NB (Canada) & Point Roberts, WA (USA)
1976-1985 "Four Corners" (Easter Island, South Aftica, Greenland & Irian Jaya)
1986 "ArticArc," Cape Dezhnev (Russia) & Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska (USA)
1995 Michigan Legacy Art Park, Crystal Mountain, Thompsonville, Michigan (USA)
1836-1902 Bloch,
Ivan Stanislavovic
1902-1914 International Museum of War & Peace, Lucerne (Switzerland)
19??-AliveBlome, Erik 2007 Peace Sculpture, Mount Prospect Public Library, Mount Prospet, Illinois (USA)
2008 Statue of Rosa Parks, Rosa Parks Plaza, Dallas, Texas (USA)
1942-Alive Borofsky, Jonathan Date? Freiheit Männlich-Weiblich, Rammersweier, Baden-Württemberg (Germany)
1992 "Man Walking to the Sky," Kassel (Germany)
19?? "Woman Waking to the Sky," Strasbourg (France)
2004 "Humanity Walking to the Sky," Carnegie-Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
2008 "Walking to the Sky," Kiturami Homsys Co., Seoul/Yonhap (South Korea)
1856-1930 Bourgeois, Louis 1931 Baha'i House of Worship for the North American Continent, Wilmette, IL (USA)
1996 "Helping Hands" statue, Jane Addams Memorial Park, Chicago, Illinois (USA)
1948-Alive Bowsher, James R. c1960 Bowsher Home (private museum), Wapakoneta, Ohio (USA)
1981 Temple of Tolerance, Wapakoneta, Ohio (USA)
1961-Alive Broadbent, Stephen 1990 "Reconciliation Triangle," Liverpool, Belfast & Glasgow (United Kingdom)
2007? "Reconcilation Triangle," Cotonou? (Benin)
2007 "Reconcilation Triangle," Richmond, Virginia (USA)
1894-1992Bruton Sisters (E,H,M) 1939 "The Peacemakers" mural, World's Fair, San Francisco, California (USA)
1890-1970Bufano, Benny 1915 "Peace," San Francisco Intl Airport (moved to Lake Merced), San Francisco, CA (USA)
1962 "Peace," Timber Cove Inn, near Jenner, Sonoma County, California (USA)
1967 "Hand of Peace," Walnut Creek, California (USA)
1983 Bufano Sculpture Garden, Homewood Campus, Johns Hopkins Univ, Baltimore, Maryland (USA)
19??-AliveBurgee, John Henry 1986 Clarke Peace Memorial, Univ. of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana (USA)
1996 Puerta de Europa / Gate of Europe, Madrid (Spain)
19??-AliveButtons, James (Bud) 1982 Bicentennial Friendship Fountain, Sterns Wharf, Santa Barbara, California (USA)
1987 Fuente de los Delfines / Fountain of the Dolphins, Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)
1898-1976Calder, Alexander 1968 "The Hawk for Peace," University of California, Berkeley, California (USA)
19??-AliveCalvo, Fernando 2000 "Peace Pilgrim" statue, UN Univerity for Peace, Ciudad Colon (Costa Rica)
Date? "Peasant Farmers" statues, in front of a bank, San Jose (Costa Rica)
1835-1919 Carnegie, Andrew 1883-1929 Carnegie Libraries (USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, Caribbean & Fiji)
1891 Carnegie Hall, New York City, New York (USA)
1910 Central American Court of Justice (CAJC), Cartago (Costa Rica)
1910 Pan-American Union (now Organization of American States), Washington, DC (USA)
1913 Vredespaleis/Peace Palace, The Hague (Netherlands)
1887-1985 Chagall, Marc 1964 "Peace & Human Happiness," United Nations, New York City, NY (USA)
1976 Vitrail de la paix, Chapelle des Cordeliers, Sarrebourg (France)
19??-Alive Chase, E. A. 1959 "Collateral Damage: A reality of war" sculpture, location?
1995 "Collateral Damage: A reality of war," downtown, Santa Cruz, California (USA)
1962-Alive Chiodo, Mario 2010 "Remember Them" sculpture, Oakland, California (USA)
1899-1975 Choudhary, Devi Prasad Roy Date? "Gyarah Murti/Eleven Figures" (Gandhi), Willingdon Crescent, New Delhi (India)
1959 "Triumph of Labour," Anna Square, Marina Beach, Chennai (India)
1874-1943 Connor, Jerome 1924 Civil War Nurses, M Street & Rhode Island Avenue, Washington, DC (USA)
1924-Alive Conrad, Paul Francis 1991 "Chain Reaction," Civic Center, Santa Monica, California (USA)
c1970-Alive Constable, Sasha 2004 "Bird of Peace," Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
2007 "World of Peace," Kompong Thom (Cambodia)
2007 "Naga for Peace & Development," Batambang (Cambodia)
1873-1954 Corbett, Harvey Wiley 1921 International Peace Arch, Blaine, WA (USA), & Douglas, BC (Canada)
1929 Roerich Skyscraper-Museum, Riverside Drive, New York City, NY (USA)
1887-1965 Le Corbusier 1952 United Nations Headquarters, East River, New York City, New York (USA)
1959? "Open Hand" Monument, Ditch of Consideration, Chandigahr, Punjab (India)
1854-1940 Cordonnier, Louis M. 1913 Vredespaleis/Peace Palace, The Hague (Netherlands)
1930-Alive Correa, Charles 1963 Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya, Ahmedabad, Gugarat (India)
19??-Alive Dahman, William T.1979 "Congregations for Peace," Monroe County. Courthouse, Bloomington, Indiana (USA)
1861-1944 Dallin, Cyrus E. 1890 "Signal of Peace," Lake Michigan shoreline, Chicago, Illinois (USA)
19??-Alive d'Amore, Louis 1986 International Institute of Peace Through Tourism (IIPT), Stowe, Vermont (USA)
1857-1937 Danger, Henri-Camille 1889 "La transgression du commandement," where is this?
1897 "Les Grands Artisans de L'Arbitrage et de la Paix/The Great Artisans of Arbitrage and Peace," where is this?
1961-Alivede Gaona, Plací2005 Monumento de la Paz, Sayalonga, Málaga, Andalucia (Spain)
1641-1711 de Lairesse, Gerard 1672 Triomf der Vrede/Triumph of Peace, Peace Palace, The Hague (Netherlands)
1782-1839 de Sellon, Jean-Jacques 1820 Temple de l'amite et de la paix, Geneva (Switzerland)
1907-2003de Weldon, Felix 1954 Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial), Arlington, Virginia (USA)
1958 Simon Bolivar equestrian statue, Virginia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC (USA)
1904-2005 de Vasconcellos, Josefina 1994 "Reconciliation" (former "Reunion"), Department of Peace Studies, Bradford (England)
1995 "Reconciliation," Coventry Cathedral, Coventry (England)
1995 "Reconciliation," Convention Center, Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima (Japan)
1999 "Reconciliation," Chapel of Reconciliation, Berlin Wall Memorial, Berlin (Germany)
2000 "Reconciliation," Stormont Castle, Belfast (Northern Ireland)
1929-Alive de Vries, Erwin Jules 2002 "Shared Past, Common Future" (Slavery Monument), Amsterdam (Netherlands)
1951-Alive DiPasquale, Paul 1996 Arthur Ashe Monument, Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia (USA)
2004 Bust of Martin Luther King, Jr., Ashford Plaza, Hopewell, Virginia (USA)
2005 "King Neptune," Atlantic Ocean at 31st Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia (USA)
19??-Alive Dorsey, Dr. Laura"Gardens for Peace" (GFP), Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
1933-AliveDwight, Ed 1981 Alex Haley-Kunta Kinte Memorial, City Dock, Annapolis, Maryland (USA)
1994 Underground Railroad Memorial, Battle Creek, Michigan (USA)
2001 "Gateway to Freedom," Hart Plaza, Detroit, Michigan (USA)
2001 "Tower of Freedom," 100 Pitt Street East, Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
1965-Alive Edwards, Daniel 1996 "A Landmark for Peace," Martin Luther King Jr. Park, Indianapolis, IN (USA)
1905-2003 Entsuba, Katsuzo 1964 Literary Monument to Miekichi Suzuki, Motoyasu River, Hiroshima (Japan)
1966 "New Leaves" Statue of Peace, Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima (Japan)
Year? Goddess of Peace, Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima (Japan)
Year? Entsuba Memorial Museum, Onomichi, Mitsugi, Hiroshima Prefecture (Japan)
1909-Alive Erni, Hans Year? Hans Erni Museum, Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Lucerne (Switzerland)
2009 Peace Fresco, Entrance, Palais des Nations, Geneva (Switzerland)
19??-AliveEstevao, Cristovao 2001 "Throne of Weapons," Maputo (Mozambique) - purchased by British Museum
Future Peace Monument, Maputo Bay, Maputo (Mozambique)
1985-AliveFagerås, Håkon Anton 2006 "Peace is a promise of future," Narvik (Norway)
19??-Alive Fitcher, David 1985 "Three Minutes to Midnight" mural, Seminole Street, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
1988 "Freedom Quilt" mural, Amer. Friends Service Committee, Atlanta, GA (USA)
Future "Building Peace One Piece at a Time", Artist's Studio, Cambridge, MA (USA)
19??-Alive Flack, Audrey 2000 - "Beloved Woman of Justice," Howard Baker Jr. Federal Courthouse, 800 Market Street, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA)
2005 - "Veritas et Justitia," Rotunda, 13th Judicial Courthouse, Tampa, Florida (USA)
19??-Alive Flessati, Valerie 1998 "A Peace Trail Through London," London (England)
1909-2006 Franck, Frederick 1966 Pacim in Terris, 96 Covered Bridge Road, Warwick, New York (USA)
1990 Statues, PSR Peace Garden, Riverfront Park, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (USA)
1908-1998 Fredericks, Marshall M. 1948 "Dream Plaques," LSA Building, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
1950 "Ann Arbor Eagle," Stadium, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
1952 Peace Memorial, Shain Park, Birmingham, near Detroit, Michigan (USA)
1958 "Spirit of Detroit," Coleman A Young Municipal Center, Detroit, Michigan (USA)
"Expanding Universe" Fountain, Foreign Service Court, US Dept of State, Wash, DC (USA)
1964 "Peace Arising from the Flames of War" Fountain, Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
1964 "Freedom of the Human Spirit," NY World's Fair, Queens, New York, NY (USA)
1986 "Freedom of the Human Spirit," Birmingham, near Detroit, Michigan (USA)
1980's Eagle, Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)
1988 Fredericks Sculpture Museum, Saginaw Valley State Univ, University Center, MI (USA)
1995 "God the Father of the Rainbow," Stockholm (Sweden) with Milles (qv)
1850-1931 French, Daniel Chester 1877 "Peace & Vigilance," Old Post Office, St. Louis, Missouri (USA)
1905 Angel of Peace, Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
1912 Standing Lincoln Statue, State Capitol, Lincoln, Nebraska (USA)
1921 Memorial Fountain, DuPont Circle, Washington, DC (USA)
1922 Seated Lincoln Statue, Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC (USA)
1894-1967 Friedrich, Ernest, 1925 Anti-Kriegs-Museum/Anti-War Museum, Brusseler Strasse, Berlin (Germany)
1885-1985 Fujii, Nichidatsu 19?? Nipponzan Myohoji order of Buddhism
1924 Tagonoura Monestery (Peace Pagoda?), near Mount Fuji (Japan)
19??- Many other Peace Pagodas (Japan & India)
1978 "Longest Walk" Speech, US Capitol, Washington, DC (USA)
1869-1948Gandhi, Mohandas K. 1904 Phoenix Settlement, Bambayi, Inanda, near Durban (South Africa)
1915 Sabarmati Ashram, Amenabad, Gugarat (India)
1936 Sevagram Ashram, Wardha, Maharashtra (India)
1939 Birla Mandir / Birla Hindu Temple, New Delhi (India)
19??-19?? Gandhi, Yogesh K. 1988 Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Ferry Building, San Francisco, California (USA)
1990 Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Kapiolani Park, Honolulu, Hawaii (USA)
1963-Alive Garcia, Antonio (Chico) Date? "Doves" mural, Lower East Side, New York City, New York (USA)
19??-Alive Gensler, Donald 2006 "All Join Hands: The Visions of Peace," Benj. Franklin HS, Philadelphia, PA (USA)
2008 "Independence Starts Here," Hahnemann Univ. Hospital, Philadelphia, PA (USA)
19??-AliveGeorge, Fred Date? "AK-47 Crucifix," location?
2007 "Solar Peace Sculpture," Saarbrüken (Germany)
1940-AliveGerz, Jochen 1986 Mahnmal gegen Faschismus/Monument against Fascism, Hamburg (Germany)
1993 Mahnmal gegen Rassismus/Monument against Racism, Saarbrücken (Germany)
2004 "Future Monument" (tolerance reconciliation peace & change), Coventry (England)
2005 Platz der Grundrechte/Fundamental Rights Square, Karlsruhe (Germany)
1882-1940Gill, Eric 1923 Anti-War Sculpture, Michael Sadler Building, Leeds University, Leeds (England)
1938 "The Creation of Adam," Palais des Nations, Geneva (Switzerland)
1931-Alive Ginsburg, Max 2007 "Peace March" oil painting, location? (USA)
1921-Alive Glick, Eugene & Marilyn 19?? Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center, Indianapolis, Indiana (USA)
2007 "The Indiana Experience," E & M Glick Ind. Hist. Ctr., Indianapolis, IN (USA)
2007 Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of G & M Glick, Indianapolis, IN (USA)
2010 Glick Peace Walk, Walnut Street, Indianapolis, Indiana (USA)
1916-1980 Goi, Masahisa 1955 World Peace Prayer & "Peace Pole," many locations worldwide
19??-AliveGolden, Jane 1984 Mural Arts Program (MAP), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
1998 "Peace Wall" mural, 29th & Wharton Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
2003 "Philadelphia Murals & the Stories They Tell." Go to Bibliography.
1951-1998Gomez, Marsha Anne 1987 Madre del Mundo, Nuclear Test Site, Mercury, Nevada (USA)
Date? Madre del Mundo, Temple of Goddess Spirituality, Cactus Springs, NV (USA)
Date? Madre del Mundo/Mother of the World, Peace Farm, Panhandle, Texas (USA)
1950-Alive Gormley, Antony 1998 Angel of the North, Gateshead (England)
1927-2010 Gospodor, Dominic 2002 Gospodor Monument Park, Camus Road, Toledo-Winlock, Washington (USA)
1945-Alive Goudjabidze, Ludo 1994 Mahatma Gandhi, Pacifist Memorial, Peace Abbey, Sherborn, MA (USA)
2005 Sacred Cow Animal Rights Memorial, Peace Abbey, Sherborn, MA (USA)
1925-2003 Granlund, Paul Theodore 1984 "Constellation Earth," University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota (USA)
1986 "Constellation Earth," Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota (USA)
1992 "Constellation Earth," Peace Symbols Zone, Peace Park, Nagasaki (Japan)
1984 "Constellation Earth," Sherer Spring Gdn., Upper Iowa U., Fayette, Iowa (USA)
1984 "Constellation Earth," Snyder Traffic Circle, Bluffton College, Ohio (USA)
1599-Now Grassmayr Bell Foundry
Innsbruck (Austria)
c1991 Peace Bell, Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Musa Gebal / Mount Sinai, Sinai Peninsula (Egypt)
1997 Friedensglocke des Alpenraumes/Peace Bell of Alpine Region , Mösern bei Seefeld (Austria)
Date?-AliveGreene, Susan 2001 Mural, Ibdaa Cultural Center, D’heisheh Refugee Camp, Bethlehem (Palestine)
2006 Anarchists of the Americas, 1369 Haight Street, San Francisco, California (USA)
2007 Edward Said Mural, Cesar Chavez Student Union, San Francisco State University, CA (USA)
2010 Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural, 119-1/2 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA (USA)
1909-1970Greenwood, Marion 1939 "Blueprint for Living," Red Hook Housing Project, Brooklyn, New York (USA)
1940 "The Partnership of Man and Nature," Post Office, Crossville, Tennessee (USA)
1955 "The Singing Mural," University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA)
1923-2009Grothus, Ed 1973 Omega Peace Institute, Black Hole, North Mesa, Los Alamos, New Mexico (USA)
2005 Memorial to Joseph Rotblat, North Mesa, Los Alamos, New Mexico (USA)
2007 "Doomsday Stones" (two anti-war obilisks), Los Alamos, New Mexico (USA)
1866-1946 Guérin, Jules 1922 "Emancipation of a Race" & "Unification" Murals, Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC (USA)
1926 "In Memorium 1914-1918" mural, Memory Hall, Liberty Memorial, Kansas City, Missouri (USA)
1867-1942 Guillaume, Emile 1919 La Délivrance/Delivrance, Nantes (France)
1927 La Délivrance/Delivrance, Henly's Corner, Finchley, London (England)
1933 "Hungary Mourns Her Lost Children," Debrecen (Hungary)
1934 Statue of Aristide Briand, Cocherel, Normandy (France)
1860-1945 Gulick, Sidney L. 1927 "Blue Eyed Dolls" from USA to Japan (12,739 dolls; about 300 survive)
1927 "Dolls of Gratitude" from Japan to USA (58 dolls; 49 survive in museums)
1916-2009Halprin, Lawrence 1975 Union Nations Plaza, Civic Center, San Francisco, California (USA)
1997 Franklin Deleno Roosevelt Memorial, Tidal Basin, Washington, DC (USA)
2006? Peace Park, Goldman Promenade, Jerusalem (Israel)
19??-Alive Halter, Clara 1994 Tzedek / Righteousness. Film about gentiles saving Jews during WW-II.
2000 Mur pour la Paix, Ecole Militaire, Champs de Mars, Paris (France)
2003 Peace Tower, St. Petersburg (Russia)
2005 Gates of Peace, Peace Boulevard, Hiroshima (Japan)
2006 Tents of Peace, Jerusalem (Israel)
1946-Alive Harron, Maurice 1992 "Reconciliation/Hands Across the Divide," Craigavon Bridge, Derry (N.Ireland)
1997 Irish Famine Memorial, Common, Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA)
2000 "Let the Dance Begin," Lifford Bridge, Strabane, County Tyrone (N.Ireland)
2009 Statue & Windows, Celtic Peace Garden, Derry (N.Ireland)
19??-Alive Hasson, Bruce 1995 Children's Bell Tower, Bodega Bay, California (USA)
2000 Peace Bell, Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Building, Berkeley, CA (USA)
19??-Alive Havens, James 2004 "Peace" (Cuniform), Woodstock School, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand (India)
2008 "The Mahatma" (Gandhi), Artist's Studio, Gibsonburg, Ohio (USA)
2013 "Let's Roll" (CND peace symbol), Ossining, New York (USA)
2013 Bust of Mahatma Gandhi, Woodstock School, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand (India)
2015 "Buffalo Nickle," Krutch Park, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA)
1857-1931 Hill, Sam 1918 Stonehenge Replica, Maryhill, Washington (USA)
1921 International Peace Arch, Blaine, Washington (USA), & Douglas, BC (Canada)
1872-1951 Holt, Hamilton 1929 Walk of Fame, 1000 Holt Avenue, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida (USA)
1938 Anti-War Monument, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida (USA)
1914-1985Holtom, Gerald 1958 Peace Symbol, Campain for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), London (England)
1905-1980 Hongo, Shin 1960 "Mother & Child in the Storm" sculpture, Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima (Japan)
1963 "Hyohsestsu No Mon/Gate to Ice & Snow," Wakkanai, Hokkaido (Japan)
Date? "Wadatsumi-zo" statue, stairway, Kyoto Musuem for World Peace, Kyoto (Japan)
1980 Hongo Shin Memorial Museum of Sculpture, Sapporo, Hokkaido (Japan)
19??-Alive Horsley, Hamish1999 Tibetan Peace Garden, Imperial War Museum, London (England)
1949-Alive Horvath, Werner 2002 "Garden of Peace," Vienna (Austria)
1914-1994 Houser, Allan 1979 "Offering of the Sacred Pipe," Albuquerque Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)
Date? "Offering of the Sacred Pipe," Centre for Well-Being, The Phoenecian Resort, Scottsdale, AZ (USA)
1985 "Offering of the Sacred Pipe," US Mission to the United Nations, New York City, New York (USA)
1992 "May We Have Peace," Oklahoma University, Norman, Oklahoma (USA)
1994 "May We Have Peace," National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Inst, Washington, DC (USA)
1928-Alive Hrdlicka, Alfred 1988 Memorial against Nazi tyranny, racism & war, Höchstädtplatz, Vienna (Austria)
1988 Mahnmal gegen Krieg und Faschismus, Albertinaplatz, Vienna (Austria)
2009 Sculpture of Sister Restituta Kafka, Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna (Austria)
19??-Alive Hudson, John Barlow 1997 "Peace Wall & Moon Gate," Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio (USA)
1960-Alive Huong 2009 Obama Nobel Peace Mural, Miami Art Palace, Miami, Florida (USA)
Ongoing "The Peace Mural," Miami, Florida (USA). (15 years in the making.)
1876-1973 Hyatt, Anna Vaugh 1915 Joan of Arc Statue, Riverside Drive at 93nd Street, New York City, New York (USA).
1928-Alive Indiana, Robert 1970 "Love," Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) & elsewhere
19??-20?? Iwasawa, Sotetsu
Kyoto (Japan)
1990 Sapporo Bell, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon (USA)
19?? Temple Bell, Gardena Buddhist Church, near Los Angeles, CA (USA)
1996 "International Friendship Bell," Oak Ridge, Tennessee (USA)
1944-Alive Jackson, Philip 1988 Manchester Peace Group, St. Peter's Square, Manchester (England)
1998 Statue of Raoul Wallenberg, Great Cumberland Place, London (England)
19??-Alive Jakupca, David & Renate 2003 World's Children Peace Monument, Berea, Ohio (USA)
1906-2005 Johnson, Philip C. 1970 John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza, Dallas, Texas (USA)
1976 Thanks-Giving Square, City Center District, Dallas, Texas (USA)
1986 Clarke Peace Memorial, Univ. of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana (USA)
1996 Puerta de Europa/Gate of Europe, Madrid (Spain)
1961-2009 Johnson, Rose 2004 Peace Wall, Castle Rock, Bisbee, Arizona (USA)
1845-1938 Jones, Adrian 1912 "Angel of Peace Descending on the Chariot of War," London (England)
1924 War Memorial (Statue of Peace), Uxbridge, London (England)
1593-1678Jordaens, Jacob 1651 "The Thiumph of Frederick Hendrik," Oranjezaal/Orange Hall, Huis ten Bosch/House in the Woods, The Hague (Netherlands)
1651 "Peace Entering to Close the Temple of Janus," Oranjezaal/Orange Hall, Huis ten Bosch/House in the Woods, The Hague (Netherlands)
1654 "Allegory of the Peace of Westphalia," Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo (Norway)
1939-Alive Kaminsky, Hank 1998 "Peace Rock," Home of Prof. Dick Bennett, Fayetteville, Arkansas (USA)
2003 "World Peace Prayer Fountain," Convention Center, Fayetteville, Arkansas (USA)
2004 "World Peace Prayer Manhole Cover," Fayetteville, Arkansas (USA)
Date? "Kaminski Peace Gong," World Peace Sanctuary, Wassaic, New York (USA)
19??-Alive Kapoor, Sudarshan 1990 Peace Garden, Fresno State University, Fresno, California (USA)
1930-Alive Karavan, Danny 1966 "Jerusalem City of Peace," Plenary Hall, Knesset Givat Ram, Jerusalem (Israel)
1993 "Way of Human Rights," Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg (Germany)
1996-2000 "Path of Peace," Israel/Egypt border near Nitzana, Negev Desert (Israel)
1899-1988 Katori, Masahiko 1960 Yokohama Friendship Bell, Shelter Island, San Diego, California (USA)
1964 Hiroshima Peace Bell (outdoor bell), Hiroshima (Japan) - Cast at Oigo Bell Works, Takaoka (Japan)
1967 Hiroshima Peace Bell (small bell), Hiroshima (Japan) - Cast at Oigo Bell Works, Takaoka (Japan)
1986 Pacific Bell, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)
1875-1951 Keck, Charles 1922 "Lifting the Veil of Ignorance" (Booker T. Washington), Tuskegee, AL (USA)
1930 Angel of Peace, Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
1932 Seated Lincoln Monument, County Courthouse, Wabash, Indiana (USA)
1939 Seated Lincoln Monument, North Street, Hingham, Massachusetts (USA)
1884-1987 Kitamura, Seibo 1955 "Prayer Monument for Peace," Peace Memorial Park, Nagasaki (Japan)
1978 Peace Kannon Bosatsu, Hiroshima (Japan)
1989 Peace Memorial Statue, City Hall (lower lobby), Burlington, Ontario (Canada)
1888-1975 Klassen, John Peter 1930s "Swords Into Plowshares," Klassen Court, Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio (USA)
19??-Alive Knox, Dr. Michael D. 2010 (target date) US Peace Memorial, National Mall, Washington, DC (USA)
1867-1945 Kollwitz, Kathe Schmidt 1924 "The Survivors. Fight war, not wars," poster (Germany)
1932 "Grieving Parents," Vladslo German Cemetery, Diksmuide/Dixmude (Belgium)
1993 "Mother with her Dead Son," Neue Wache Victims Monument, Berlin (Germany)
1830-1896 Leighton, Frederic Lord 1855 Reconcilation Montagues/Capulets, Yale Ctr.British Art, New Haven, CT (USA)
1898 "Flaming June," Museo de Arte de Ponce, Ponce, Puerto Rico (USA)
1882-1965 Leimbach, August 1928 "Madonna of the Trail," Springfield, Ohio & elsewhere across the USA
1955-Alive LeQuire, Alan 1990 "Athena," Parthenon, Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
1997 Women's Suffrage Memorial, State Capitol, Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
2003 "Musica", Roundabout, Music Row, Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
2006 Tennessee Women Suffrage Memorial, Market Sq., Knoxville, Tennessee (USA)
1946-Alive Libeskind, Daniel 1984 Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, California (USA)
1998 Felix Nussbaum Haus, Osnabruck (Germany)
2001 Judisches Museum Berlin/Jewish Museum Berlin, Berlin (Germany)
2004 Danish Jewish Museum, Copenhagen (Denmark)
2014 Ohio Holocaust & Liberators Memorial, Capitol Square, Columbus, Ohio (USA)
2015? Institute for Democracy & Conflict Resolution (IDCR), Univ of Essex (England)
2015? Peace-building & Conflict Resolution Centre (PbCRC), Belfast? (Northern Irlenad)
1959-Alive Lin, Maya Ying 1982 Viet Nam Veterans Memorial, National Mall, Washington, DC (USA)
1989 Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery, Alabama (USA)
1989 Eliza Evans Baker Peace Chapel, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA (USA)
1993 "The Women's Table," Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut (USA)
1999 Langston Hughes Library, Children's Defense Fund, Clinton, Tennessee (USA)
2001 Ecliptic Park, Rosa Parks Circle, Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)
2009 Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA), 215 Centre Street, New York City, NY (USA)
1931-AliveLindblom, Sivert Date? Holocaust Monument, Stockholm (Sweden)
2003 Alfred Nobel Monument, Theodore Roosevelt Park, New York, NY (USA)
19??-AliveLindstrom, Marilyn 1999 "Language of Hope," Running Wolf Fitness Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)
2005 "World Language," Franklin Library, Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)
1290-1348 Lorenzetti, Ambrogio 1339 "Pax," Sala della Pace/Peace Hall, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, Tuscany (Italy)
1869-1944 Lutyens, Sir Edwin 1929 Pier Commemorating the Magna Carta, Runnymede Meadow (England)
1885-1966Manship, Paul 1939 Armillary Sphere, Palais des Nations/Palace of Nations, Geneva (Switzerland)
1950 "Aero Memorial World War I 1917-18," Logan Square, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
1923-Alive Marín, Thelvia 1987 Monument to Disarmament, Work & Peace, UN University for Peace (Costa Rica)
2008 Bust of Jose Marti's Mother, Parque Garcia Sanabria, Tenerife (Canary Islands)
Future Statue of Mother America, Plaza de Indoamérica (Ecuador)
19??-Alive Marks, Carolyna1984- World Walls for Peace (WWFP), Berkeley, California (USA)
1929-Alive Martinez, Rubén 1994 Monumento a la Paz, Plaza Constitución, San Salvador (El Salvador)
1901-1995 Maruki, Iri & Toshi 1950-1982 Hiroshima Peace Panels, Higashi Matuyama, Saitama (Japan)
1967 Maruki Gallery for the Hiroshima Panels, Higashi Matuyama, Saitama (Japan)
1984 "Battle of Okinawa," Sakima Art Museum, Ginowan City, Okinawa (Japan)
1934-AliveMeier, Richard 1979 Atheneum (Visitor's Center), New Harmony, Indiana (USA)
1983 High Museum of Art, Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
1995 Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona (Spain)
2006 Museum for Ara Pacis Augustae/Altar of Augustan Peace (9 BCE), Rome (Italy)
19??-Alive Menzel, Hannah Stuetz 2005 Memorial to Deserters, Lehrertal Entrance, Univ. Botanical Garden, Ulm (Germany)
19??-Alive Michaud, Emily Rose 2009 Jardin Roerich/Roerich Garden, St-Viateur, Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
1857-1935 Miller, Frank Augustus 1880 Mission Inn, Riverside, California (USA)
1925 Frank A. Miller Testamonial Peace Tower, Mount Rubidoux, California (USA)
1875-1955 Milles, Carl 1936 "Vision of Peace," City Hall, St. Paul, Minnesota (USA)
1940 "The Wedding of the Waters" fountain, St. Louis, Missouri (USA)
1995 "God the Father of the Rinbow," Stockholm (Sweden) with M. Fredericks (qv)
1933-Alive Mills, John W. 1994 Dove coin commemorating the 50th anniversary of VE Day (United Kingdom)
2005 Monument to the Women of World War II, Whitehall, London (England)
1890-1978 Montana, Pietro 1921 "Victory With Peace," Freedom Sq., Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC, NY (USA)
1924 "Dawn of Glory, Highland Park, New York City, New York (USA)
19??-Alive Morelli, Patrick 1990 "Behold" (Kunta Kinte), Martin Luther King Jr Nat Hist Site, Atlanta, GA (USA)
20?? "Remembrance & Rebirth" (9/11), Eagle Rock Reservation, New Jersey (USA)
1857-1935Moretti, Giuseppe 1900 Stephen Foster Statue, Carnegie Museum of Nat. History, Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
1904 Vulcan, Red Mountain, Birmingham, Alabama (USA)
1927 Peace Monument, Battlefield Drive & Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN (USA)
1833-1917Moscheles, Felix Date? Portrait of peacemaker Elie Ducommun, Peace Palace, The Hague (Netherlands)
Date? Portrait of peacemaker Hodgson Pratt, National Portrait Gallery, London (England)
1866-1916 Mulligan, Charles T. 1903 Abraham Lincoln, Rosemond Grove Cemetery, Pana, Illinois (USA)
1906 Indian Mother Statue, Logan County Courthouse, Lincoln, Illinois (USA)
1913 "Peace," Adams County Courthouse Decatur, Indiana (USA)
1913 "Tribute to Women," Adams County Courthouse, Decatur, Indiana (USA)
1950-Alive Muto, Junkyu 2000 Circle Wind (Vatican City)
2006 Circle Wind (PAX2006), Bodh Gaya, Gaya District, Bihar State (India)
2008 Circle Wind (PAX2008), Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming (USA)
Future Circle Wind, Ground Zero, New York City, New York (USA)
19??-AliveNagase, Masayuki 1998 "Prayer for Peace," Regle Ranch Regional Park, Sonoma County, California (USA)
1905-1972 Nakagawa, Chiyoji 1950 "Bell of Banzai for Absolute Peace," Uwajima, Shikoku Island (Japan)
1954 Japanese Peace Bell, United Nations, New York City, New York (USA)
1905-1990 Nakashima, George
New Hope, PA (USA)
1986 Peace Table, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City, NY (USA)
1996 Peace Table, Unity Pavilion, City of Peace, Auroville, Tamil Nadu (India)
1999 Peace Table, Russian Academy of Art, Moscow (Russia)
2010 Peace Table, Desmond Tutu Peace Centre, Cape Town (South Africa)
1985-Alive Nechita, Alexandra 1998 "Sprinkle the Joy of Peace" painting, location?
2004 "Let There Be Peace" painting, location?
2005 "Let There Be Peace" (UN monument for Asia), Catholic High School (Singapore)
1905-1970 Newman, Barnett 1963 "Broken Obelisk," Museum of Modern Art, New York City, New York (USA)
1963 "Broken Obelisk," University of Washington, Seattle, Washington (USA)
1971 "Broken Obelisk," Rothko Chapel, Houston, Texas (USA)
2003 "Broken Obelisk," Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin (Germany)
1932-Alive Nierman, Leonardo 2002 "Peace," Broward College, Downtown Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (USA)
1904-1988Noguchi, Isamu 1952 Heiwa-ohashi Bridge, Hiroshima (Japan)
1958 Japanese Peace Garden, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris (France)
1964 Sunken Garden, Beinecke Library, Yale University, New Haven, CT (USA)
1969 Skyviewing Sculpture, Western Washington Univ., Bellingham, WA (USA)
1985 Memorial to Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
1985 Noguchi Museum, 32-37 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, Queens, New York, NY (USA)
1945-Alive Nouvel, Jean 1998 Culture & Congress Centre, Lucerne (Switzerland) | Site 1st peace museum (qv)
Future World Peace Monument (WPM), near Jerusalem (Israel)
????-Alive Oigo Bell Works
Takaoka (Japan)
1961 "Temple bell of peace & friendship," State Capitol, Des Moines, Iowa (USA)
1964 Hiroshima Peace Bell (outdoor bell), Hiroshima (Japan)
1967 Hiroshima Peace Bell (small bell), Hiroshima (Japan)
1988-2007 World Peace Bells (qv)
19??-AliveOweis, Dr. Fayeq 2003 Peacemakers Mural, Glide Memorial Church, San Francisco, California (USA)
2003 Arabic/Islamic Cultural Mural, Islamic Society, San Francisco, California (USA)
2005 Enrance Murals, Arab American National Museum, Dearborn, Michigan (USA)
2007 Edward Said Mural, Cesar Chavez Student Union, San Francisco State University, CA (USA)
1771-1858Owen, Robert 1810 New Lanark Mill, New Lanark (Scotland)
1825 New Harmony, New Harmony, Indiana (USA)
1923-AlivePaez Vilaró, Carlos 1960 Raíces de la Paz/Roots of Peace, Org. of American States, NW, Washington, DC (USA)
1796-Alive Paccard Bell Foundry 1999 World Peace Bell, Newport, Kentucky (USA). See Verdin Company.
1882-1960 Pankhurst, Sylvia 1936 Stone Bomb Anti-War Monument, Woodford Green, London (England)
1957-AlivePavlovsky, Michael 1991 "Movement to Overcome," National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, TN (USA)
2001 "Perseverance & Compassion," Hall Financial Group, Frisco, Texas (USA)
Date? "Coming Home," Grapevine Depot, Grapevine, Texas (USA)
1919-1992 Pearson, Barbara 1986 "Messenger of Peace," Manchester Town Hall, Manchester (England)
1969-Alive Perilli, Francesco 1985 - Monument to Multiculturalism, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
2009 - Monument to Multiculturalism, Waterfront, San Pedro, California (USA).
1881-1973 Picasso, Pablo 1937 "Guernica," Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid (Spain)
1949 Dove Poster for World Congress of Peace, Paris (France)
1955-Alive Plensa, Jaume 2007 "Conversation à Nice" (sept continents), place Masséna, Nice (France)
2011 "Tolerance," Harmony Walk (Allen Parkway & Montrose Boulevard), Houston, Texas (USA)
1954-AlivePototsky, Gregory 2001 "Monument to Peace," Demre (Turkey)
2007 "Islam is Peace," city? (Malaysia)
2009 "Gratitude to America: America is the victory of peace," Baywalk, Miami, Florida (USA)
2010? "Preserving Peace for the Future Generations," Palais des Nations, Geneva (Switzerland)
1955-Alive Price, Gary Lee 2001 "Circle of Peace," Benson Park Sculpture Garden, Loveland, Colorado (USA)
2002 "Children of Peace", Public Library, Downers Grove, Illinois (USA)
2003 "Circle of Peace," Hospital for Women & Children, Huntsville, Alabama (USA)
Date? Hong Kong Central Library (China). Features 12 life-size Price sculptures
Future "Statue of Responsibility," West Coast (USA). 300-ft Statue of Liberty "bookend"
1911-1987Rapoport, Nathan 1951 Statue of Mordechai Anilevich, Kibbutz Yad Mordechai (Israel)
1948 Wall of Remembrance (Warsaw Ghetto Memorial), Warsaw (Poland)
1971 "Scroll of Fire" (Holocaust memorial), near Moshav Kisalon (Israel)
1976 Warsaw Ghetto Memorial, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem (Israel)
1987 "Liberation" (Holocaust memorial), Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey (USA)
1934-Alive Reuterswärd, Carl Fred. 19?? "Non-Violence" (aka The Knotted Gun), Malmo (Sweden) & elsewhere
1915-1990 Reynolds, Barbara L. 1965 World Friendship Center (WFC), Hiroshima (Japan)
1975 Peace Resource Center (PRC), Wilmington College, Wilmington, Ohio (USA)
1860-1936 Rhind, J. Massey 1895 "Peace, Truth..etc.", Am. Surety (now Bank of Tokyo) New York, NY (USA)
1897 "Victory & Peace," Grant’s Tomb, New York City, New York (USA)
1904 "Victory & Progress" quadrigas, Wayne County Building, Detroit, Michigan (USA)
1917 National McKinley Birthplace Memorial, Niles, Ohio (USA)
188-1957Rivera, Diego 1931 "Allegory of California," Pacific Stock Exchange, San Francisco, California (USA)
1933 "Detroit Industry," Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan (USA)
1933 "Man at the Crossroads," Rockefeller Center, New York City, New York (USA)
1894-1978 Rockwell, Norman 1942 "The Four Freedoms" illustrations, Saturday Evening Post (USA)
1960 "The Problem We All Live With" (racism) illustration, Saturday Evening Post (USA)
1961 "The Golden Rule" illustration, Saturday Evening Post (USA)
1969 Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, Massachusetts (USA)
1985 "The Golden Rule" mosaic, United Nations, New York City, New York (USA)
1840-1917 Rodin, Auguste 1895 "Les Bourgeois de Calais," Calais (France)
1913 "The Burghers of Calais," Victoria Gardens, Parliament, London (England)
1874-1947 Roerich, Nicholas 1928 Institute of Himalayan Studies, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh (India)
1929-1938 Roerich Skyscraper-Museum, New York City, New York (USA)
1931 Pax Cultura, where is original painting today?
1932 Madonna Oriflamma (The Lady of scarlet flame), New York City, NY (USA)
1935 Roerich's Pact & Banner of Peace, Washington, DC (USA)
1949 Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York City, New York (USA)
Date? Museum by Name of Nicholas Roerich, Moscow (Russia)
1946-AliveRogovin, Mark 1973 "Break the Grip of the Absentee Landlord" mural, Chicago, Illinois (USA).
1981 The Peace Museum, Chicago, Illinois (USA)
2009 "Picture Man: The Poetry of Photographer Milton Rogovin" (Mark's father).
1577-1640 Rubens, Peter Paul 1618 "Union of Earth & Water," Hermitage, St. Petersburg (Russia)
1628 "Reconcilation of King Henry III & Henry of Navarre," Rochester, NY (USA)
1629-30 "Allegory on the blessings of peace," National Gallery, London (England)
1916-2006 Rupert, Anton 1997 Peace Parks Foundation (PPF), Stellenbosch (South Africa)
19??-AliveRussell, Edwin 1970 Suffragette Memorial, London (England)
1986 "Lion & Lamb" teak carving, Lion & Lamp Yard shopping centre, Farnham (England)
1848-1907 Saint-Gaudens,
1887 "Standing Lincoln" Statue, Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois (USA)
1903 "Goddess of Victory" (Sherman Statue), Central Park, New York City, New York (USA)
1920 "Standing Lincoln" Statue, Parliament Square, London (England)
1966 "Standing Lincoln" Statue, Parque Lincoln, Polanco, Mexico City (Mexico)
1910-1961 Saarinen, Eero 1967 "Gateway Arch," St. Louis, Missouri (USA)
1938-AliveSafdie, Moshe 1967 Habitat 67, Montreal World's Fair, Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
1976 Children's Memorial, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem (Israel)
2005 Holocaust History Museum & Visitors Center, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem (Israel)
2012 US Institute of Peace (USIP), Washington, DC (USA)
2012? Khalsa Heritage Memorial, Anandpur Sahib, near Chandigarh, Punjab (India)
19??-AliveSaito, Yusuke 2008 Logo, International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP), The Hague (Netherlands)
1945-Alive Sanborn, James 1983 "Two parallel lightning bolts," Nakahara Peace Park, Kosugi, Kawasaki (Japan)
1990 "Kryptos," Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Langley, Virginia (USA)
1993 "Coastline," Nat. Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin., Silver Spring, MD (USA)
1994 "Indian Run Park," US Federal Courthouse, Beltsville, Maryland (USA)
1938-Alive Sandys, Edwina 1989 "Woman Free," Vienna International Centre (UN), Vienna (Austria)
1990 "Breakthrough" (Berlin Wall), Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri (USA)
1999? "Millennium Arch," Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology, Rolla, MO (USA)
1895-2001Schmoe, Floyd 1949-52 "Houses for Hiroshima," at the foot of Ebasara-yama Hill, Hiroshima (Japan)
1990 Sadako Peace Park, 40th Street & Roosevelt Way, NE, Seattle, Washington (USA)
19??-Alive Sebastian 2001 Punta Sur Sculpture Garden, Garrafón Natural Reef Park, Isla Mujeres (Mexico)
2002 "Torch of Friendship," near Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas (USA)
2004 "Unamita," HemisFair Park, San Antonio, Texas (USA)
2008 "Axis Mundi," San Antonio Central Library, San Antonio, Texas (USA)
Future Sculpture Garden, Zuanich Point Park, Bellingham, Washington (USA)
1924-2000Segal, George 1984 Holocaust Memorial, Calif Palace of Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA (USA)
1992 Gay Liberation Monument, New York City, New York (USA)
1842-1913 Simmons, Franklin 1878 Naval Peace Monument, National Mall, Washington, DC (USA)
1896-1974Siqueiros, David Alfaro 1932 "America Tropical" mural, Olvera Street, Los Angeles, California (USA)
1944 "The New Democracy," Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City (Mexico)
1971 "The March of Humanity," Polyforrum Cultural Siqueiros, Mexico City (Mexico)
19??-AliveSmith, Daryl 1990 Sadako Peace Park, 40th Street & Roosevelt Way, NE, Seattle, Washington (USA)
1991 "Peace Child of Hiroshima," College of Business, University of Utah, Salt Lake City (USA)
1931-2007 Sri Chinmoy 1991-2001 Peace Monuments in many different countries
1815-1882 Stebbins, Emma 1865 Statue of Horace Mann, State House, Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
1873 "Angel of the Waters," Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, New York, NY (USA)
19??-Alive Stein, Mark 1991 Peace Monument, Harrison County Courthouse, Corydon, Indiana (USA)
19??-AliveSwamp, Chief Jack 1986 Tree of Peace, Shasta Hall, California State University, Sacramento, CA (USA)
1988 Tree of Peace, Bird Effigy Mound, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (USA)
1925-Alive Sutar, Ram Vanji 19?? Seated Mahatma Gandhi, Parliament House, New Delhi (India)
19?? Mahatma Gandhi & Untouchable Children, Gandhi Smriti, New Delhi (India)
1998 Walking Mahatma Gandhi, MLK National Hist. Site, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
1998 Bust of Mahatma Gandhi, Plaza Sicilia, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
1860-1936 Taft, Lorado 1922 "Fountain of Time," Midway Plaisance Park, Chicago, Illinois (USA)
1927 "Lincoln the Orator," Carle Park, Urbana, Illinois (USA)
1900-1955 Taniguchi, Yoshiro 1968 Peace Pagoda, Peace Plaza, Japantown, San Francisco, California (USA)
1850-1929ten Kate, Jan Date? Portrait of Henry Dunant, Red Cross Building, Geneva (Switzerland)
1899? "La Guerre a la Guerre/War on War" (with B.von Suttner), Intl Museum of War & Peace, Lucerne (Switzerland) - where now?
1899? "La Garde a Mort/The Death Guard," Intl Museum of War & Peace, Lucerne (Switzerland) - where is this now?
1899? "Der Friedensengel/The Angel of Peace," Intl Museum of War & Peace, Lucerne (Switzerland) - where is this now?
1812-1873Teulon, Samuel Sanders 1865 Buxton Memorial Fountain, Victoria Tower Gardens, London (England)
1928-1989Tezuka, Osamu Date? "Firebird--Past and Present," Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Kyoto (Japan)
1935-Alive Tilley, Don 1994-2005 Prairie Peace Park, Seward, near Lincoln, Nebraska (USA)
1847-1929Tingley, Katherine 1900 Temple of Peace, Intl. Theosophical Headquarters, Point Loma, California (USA)
1935-Alive Toth, Peter Wolf 1972-1988 "Trail of the Whispering Giants," statues of Indians in all states (USA)
1935-Alive Townsend,
George Alfred
1896 Civil War Correshipspondents Memorial Arch, Gathland, Burkittsville, MD (USA)
1934-AliveTsereteli, Zurab 1979 “Enlightenment & Knowledge to the World” (Prometheus), Brockport, New York (USA)
1990 "Good Defeats Evil," United Nations, New York City, New York (USA)
1998 Sculpture of Mother Theresa, Moscow (Russia)
> 2005 Holocaust Monument, Jerusalem (Israel)
2006 "Grief Tear" (for 9/11), Bayonne, New Jersey (USA)
19??-Alive van Talis, Christin 2007 Denkmal "PeaceWomen," Stadt Soltau, Lower Saxony (Germany)
1932-AliveUchytilová, Marie Date? Memorial to the Child Victims of the War, Lidice (Czech Republic)
1842-Alive Verdin Company (bells) 1999 World Peace Bell, Newport, Kentucky (USA). See Paccard Bell Foundry.
1842-1904 Vereshchagin, Vasily 1871 "The Apotheosis of War," Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow (Russia)
1990-AliveVoiers, Lauren 2010 John Lennon Peace Monument, Liverpool (England)
19??-Alive von Schwarzenfeld,
1999 "Global Stone-America (Love), Tiergarten Park, Berlin (Germany)
2001 "Global Stone-Australia (Peace), Tiergarten Park, Berlin (Germany)
2007 "Global Stone-Europe (Awakening), Tiergarten Park, Berlin (Germany)
2007 "Global Stone-Africa (Hope), Tiergarten Park, Berlin (Germany)
1908-1974 Vuchetich, Yevgeny1959 "Let Us Beat Swords into Plowshares," United Nations, NYC, NY (USA)
19??-Alive Young, John T. 1998 "The Fin Project: From Swords to Plowshares," Seattle, Washington (USA)
2002 "The Fin Project: From Swords to Plowshares," Miami, Florida (USA)
1942-AliveWeber, John Pitman 1973 "For a New World,", Holy Covenant United Methodist Church, Chicago, IL (USA)
1976 "Together Protect the Community," Fullerton & Washtenaw, Chicago, IL (USA)
1977 "Toward a People's Art: Contemporary Mural Movement." Go to Bibliography.
1993 "Our History Moves From Slavery Toward Freedom," Sherman Oaks, CA (USA)
1863-1947Weinert, Albert 1893 Haymarket Martyrs' Memorial, Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, IL (USA)
1905 Statue of President William McKinley, Toledo, Ohio (USA)
1870-1952 Weinman, Adolph A. 1926 "Triumphs of Peace Endure-Triumphs of War Perish," Chicago, Illinois (USA)
1738-1820 West, Benjamin 1771 "Penn's Treaty with the Indians," Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia (USA)
1783 "Peace of Paris," US Department of State, Washington, DC (USA)
1570-Alive Whitechapel Bell Foun-
, London (England)
1752 "Liberty Bell," Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
1858 "Big Ben," Palace of Westminster, London (England)
2002 "Bell of Hope," Trinity Church, Wall Street, New York City, New York (USA)
1886-1968 Wiesley, Ruey Hazlet 1952 International Peace Gardens, Jordan Park, Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)
1958-AliveWoytuk, Peter Date? Animals, Ghost Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA)
Date? Globe Sculpture, World Peace Sanctuary, Wassaic New York (USA)
Date? Globe Sculpture, Ft. Fuji Sanctuary (Japan)
1953-Alive Yixin, Lei 2007 "Meditation," Phalen Park, St. Paul, Minnesota (USA)
Future "Stone of Hope," MLK National Memorial, Washington, DC (USA)
1893-1952 Yogananda, ParamahansaSelf-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, Sunset Blvd., Pacific Palisades, CA (USA)
1950 Gandhi Ashes, World Peace Mem., Sunset Blvd., Pacific Palisades, CA (USA)
19??-Alive Yoshida, Masanami 2003 Monument to Norman Cousins, Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima (Japan)
19??-Alive Yoshida, Tomijiro
World Peace Bell Assn.
Tokyo (Japan)
1988 World Peace Bell, Soya Misaki/Cape Soya, Wakkanai, Hokkaido (Japan)
1988 World Peace Bell, Peace Loving Citizens Park, Ishigaki Island, Okinawa (Japan)
1989 World Peace Bell, Cinnah Caddesi, Cankaya, Ankara (Turkey)
1989 World Peace Bell, Friedrichshain, Volkspark, Berlin (Germany)
1989 World Peace Bell, Warsaw Muncipal Park, Warsaw (Poland)
1990 World Peace Bell, Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park, Osaka (Japan)
1990 World Peace Bell, Parque Lira, Takubaya, Mexico City (Mexico)
1992 World Peace Bell, Cowra Civic Square, Cowra, New South Wales (Australia)
1993 World Peace Bell, Sukhbaatar Square, Ulan Bator (Mongolia)
1994 World Peace Bell, Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City (Phillippines)
1996 World Peace Bell, Ottawa City Hall, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
1997 World Peace Bell, International Holistic University, Brasilia (Brazil)
1998 World Peace Bell, Jardín Japonés, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
1999 World Peace Bell, Parque La Carolina, Quito (Ecuador)
2001 World Peace Bell, Maguire Gardens, Pub. Library, Los Angeles, California (USA)
2003 World Peace Bell, Arroyo de la Vega, Madrid (Spain)
2003 World Peace Bell, Babur Culture & Recreation Park, Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
2005 World Peace Bell, Motohama Ryokuchi Park, Amagasaki (Japan)
2006 World Peace Bell, Christchurch Botanic Gardens, Christchurch (New Zealand)
2007 World Peace Bell, Hieizan Enryaku-ji Temple, Mount Hiei, Otsu City (Japan)
1879-1950 Yrurtia, Rogelio 1927 "Canto al Trabajo" / "Ode to Labor," Buenos Aires (Argentina)
1926-2002 Zauli, Carlo 1990 "Wings of Peace," Eskenazi Sculpture Garden, Tel Aviv Univ., Tel Aviv (Isreal)
1908-1982Ziolkowski, Korczak 1948 Crazy Horse Memorial, Black Hills, North Dakota (USA). Unfinished.