21 Notable Peacemakers in Austria

= Resiter or victim of Nazi Holocaust.
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1843-1914 - Baroness Bertha von Suttner - Radical pacifist. First woman to receive Nobel Peace Prize. Wrote "Lay Down Your Arms!" in 1889. P 1905 Conf

1853-1920 - Heinrich Lammasch - Scholar, publicist & diplomat. Professor of penal & intl law. Last PM of imperial Austria. Strongly linked to peace movement.

1863-1914 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand - Heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne. His assassination in Sarajevo precipitated World War I. Wife also killed.

1864-1921 - Alfred Hermann Fried - Pacifist, publicist & journalist. Co-founded German peace movement. P Conf 1911 with Tobias Asser

1874-1936 - Karl Kraus - Writer, journalist, playwright & poet. Foremost satirist. Wrote witty criticism of the press, German culture & politics.

1878-1965 - Martin Buber - Philosopher. Best known for the I-Thou & I-It distinctions. Moved to Israel.

1881-1942 - Stefan Zweig - Novelist, playwright, journalist & biographer. One of the most famous writers in the world. Left Austria 1934. Arrived Brazil 1940. Suicide. P

1894-1972 - Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi - Geopolitician & philosopher. Founder of Paneuropean Union. Model for Victor Laszlo in film "Casablanca."

1899-1939 - Johann Nobis - Conscientious objector. Executed in Plötzensee Prison (Berlin, Germany) with five other Jehovah's Witnesses. CO
1899-1992 - Friedrich Hayek - Economist & philosopher. Defended classical liberalism & free-market capitalism. 1974 with Gunnar Myrdal


1900-1940 - Rudolf Redlinghofer - Jehovah's Witness draft resister. Executed in Plotzensee Prison. Rehabilited in 1998.

1905-1997 - Viktor E. Frankl - Neurologist & psychiatrist. Holocaust survivor. Founded logotherapy. See "Statue of Responsibility."

1907-1943 - Franz Jägerstätter - Nazis executed. RC Church beatified in 2007. Monuments in Austria, Germany & USA (Philadephia). CO

1908-2005 - Simon Wiesenthal - "Nazi hunter" in Linz & Vienna. Click here for peace monuments related to the Holocaust.

1910-1993 - Leo Pfeffer - Scholar, humanist & lawyer. Supported religious freedom in the USA. 1988

1917-1994 - Heinz Heger - Pen name of Josef Kohout. Nazi concentration camp survivor. Author of "Die Männer mit dem rosa Winkel/The Men With the Pink Triangle" (1972).

1918-2007 - Kurt Waldheim - Wehrmacht intelligence officer during WW-II (causing controversy in 1985). Diplomat. 4th UN Secretary General 1972-1981.

1929-2009 - Franz Deutsch - Founded the First Austrian Peace Museum, Wolfsegg (Austria), in 1993.

1930-Alive - Hildegard Goss-Mayr - Hon. president of Intl FOR. Sponsor of Intl Decade for Culture of Peace. Wife of Jean Goss (qv).

c1937-Alive - Riane Eisler - Scholar, writer & social activist. President of Center for Partnership Studies.

1969-Alive - Cordula Wohlmuther - UN World Tourism Organization researcher. Co-editor of "UN International Handbook of Peace & Toursm" (2014).

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