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25 Esperantist Peacemakers

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1833-1917 - Felix Stone Moscheles - Painter & peace activist. Named for Felix Mendelssohn. Painted Hodgson Pratt (qv). President of London Esperanto Club & Intl Arbitration & Peace Assn. Known as "The Grelix's," he & wife Grete were friends of Bertha von Suttner (qv). P

1849-1912 - William Thomas Stead - Journalist. Called "Apostle of Peace." Died on Titanic. Same peace monument in London (Victoria Embankment) & NY City (Central Park).


1859-1914 - Jean Jaures - Socialist & pacifist. Assassinated at outbreak of World War-I. P
1859-1917 - Ludwik Zamenhof - Creator of Esperanto, the most successful constructed language designed for international communication.
1859-1926 - Georg Arnhold - Banker & pacifist. Owned one of Germany's leading private banks. Morally & financially supported the peace & Esperanto movements. P

1864-1921 - Alfred Hermann Fried - Pacifist, publicist & journalist. Co-founded German peace movement. P 1911 with Tobias Asser
1864-1958 - Robert Cecil - Lawyer, politician & diplomat. Architect of the League of Nations in 1919. 1937

1866-1943 - Richard H. Geoghegan - Philologist. Apparently the the first English-speaking Esperantist. Proposed the Esperanto flag. Moved to Alaska.

1881-1953 - Lewis Fry Richardson - Scientist & pacifist. Used math to improve weather forecasting & to determine the causes of war. P

1882-1965 - Alice Herz - Peace activist. Fled Germany in 1933. Immolated herself in Detroit to protest Vietnam War. Mother of Helga Herz (qv).

1887-1920 - Hector Hodler - Journalist. Pursued social questions, pacifism & animal protection. Helped create World Esperanto Assn (UEA) in 1908. P


1904-1942 - Lidia Zamenhof - Youngest daughter of Ludwig (qv). Promoted Esperanto, Homaranismo & Bahá'í Faith. Taught in USA. Murdered at Treblinka.

1913-1999 - Catherine Schulze - Major financial supporter of Esperanto League of North America & Esperantic Studies Foundation.

1920-2005 - Pope John Paul II - See monument commemorating his Appeal for Peace in Hiroshima (Japan).

1928-1944 - Petr Ginz - Wrote an Esperanto-Czech dictionary. Gassed at Auschwitz age 16. His moon drawing carried aboard Space Shuttle Columbia.

1930-Alive - George Soros - Native speaker of Esperanto. Billionaire investor & philanthropist. Created Open Society Institute in 1993.

1933-Alive - Giuseppe Grattapaglia - FIAT executive. Works at Bona Espero in Brazil since 1974. Secretary of Esperanto Rotarian Fellowship (RADE).
1933-Alive - Ursula Grattapaglia - Esperantist. Works at Bona Espero in Brazil since 1974. Active in Esperanto Rotarian Fellowship (RADE).

1939-2004 - Toma Sik - "Peace activist, anarchist, libertarian socialist, vegan, world citizen & pioneer of the Israeli-Palestinian search for peace." CO
1939-Alive - Humphrey Tonkin - Professor of English. Written numerous works about Esperanto. President of Universal Esperanto Association 1974-1980 & 1986-1989.

c1940-Alive - Ronald J. Glossop - Prof of Philosophical Studies & Coordinator of Peace Studies, So Illinois Univ at Edwardsville. Pres of Am Assn of Teachers of Esperanto.

1941-Alive - Renato Corsetti - Teaches psycholinguistics at the Sapienza University of Rome. President of the World Esperanto Association / Universala Esperanto Asocio 2001-2007.

1943-Alive - Henri Masson - General secretary on SAT-Amikaro until January 2008. President of Esperanto club in Vendée, France.

1951-Alive - Anna Löwenstein - Active in the Esperanto movement since 1977. Wife of Renato Corsetti (qv).


1953-Alive - Probal Dasgupta - Professor of applied linguistics at University of Hyderabad since 1989. President of Universala Esperanto-Asocio / World Esperanto Association 2010-2013.

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