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53 Peace Monuments Dedicated in 2014

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January 2014 - Peace Monument, Paul Mboya-Sailor’s Close roundabout, Mosque Road, Kisumu (Kenya). 2.5 metres tall. A simple, equivocal figure bowed in prayer. On a podium in the middle of a water fountain. Commissioned by Siri Guru Singh Sabha temple. Sculpted by Oshoto Ondula from a universal message of goodwill....Members of the Repentance & Holiness Ministry were uneasy. Their leader, Dr David Awuor, had prophesied the coming of a satanic idol & they believed this statue fit the profile. The fact that Sikhs are not ‘idol worshippers’ did not seem to matter. On February 8, 2014, only a few days after its installation, the Peace Monument was vandalised by a crowd of more than a hundred people. Its hands and head smashed by stones, the fountain ravaged and the podium demolished by those who imagined a treasure inside, the emblem was splintered. Those who heard the news noted the irony: using violence to take down a symbol of peace. Clearly, there were deeper issues. The statue was only a scapegoat but it worked to draw attention to the economic & educational discrepancies between the Asian & African communities in Kisumu..."

January 16, 2014 - Glendale, California (USA). "About a dozen Japanese politicians visited Glendale Thursday calling for the city to remove a monument that honors women taken from Korea, China, the Philippines & other countries to serve as sex slaves by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. The visit marked the third delegation of Japanese politicians who traveled to Glendale since the 1,100-pound statue was erected in Central Park in July... 'Are we angry? Yes,' said Setsuko Sakuraba, a city assemblywoman from Joetsu City, 'But I am more sad than angry because this statue is not supporting world peace.' Yoshiko Matsuura, a city assemblywoman from the Suginami Ward in Tokyo, said the delegation is concerned about the statue’s effect on Japan’s reputation, adding that the mature topics etched on the monument’s plaque are not appropriate for a public park where children visit. The delegation held a large sign in front of the statue that read: 'Children need heart-warming monuments' as they posed for pictures by the statue before a crowd of Japanese & Korean media."

January 24, 2014 - German Rail Car, Netanya Memorial Site, Netanya (Israel). At a memorial near Tel Aviv. The result of a search by Tatjana Ruge (Berlin) & Ronny Dotan (Tel Aviv) "surrounded by the assistance of world known experts from Israel & abroad (Dr. Gottwaldt and Dipl-Ing Diener from Germany) [for for a "Covered Freight Car G 10" constructed in Germany before May 1945]... After the Wagon (Munchen 12 2-46) was found in Germany [and] brought to Israel...we found some unbelievable finding engraved on the chassis of the Wagon next to the door wheel. After more deep searches we identified other symbols in two different places. It comes in a total number of three Stars of David embedded in the chassis in different places, by using a chisel by no doubt a professionally Jewish locksmith worker. This finding is of global and unique importance, since as far as we know never found before on any other wagons. Visitors passing by those authentic signs are deeply moved looking at them, as a souvenir made some 70 years ago. Apparently the markings were sunk by a Jewish locksmith during forced labor and his souvenir remains forever as a sign for eternal memory." Information courtesy of Tatjana Ruge.

February 11, 2014 - Peace Table #3 for Asia, Hall of Peace, Unity Pavilion, International Zone, Auroville, Tamil Nadu (India). By Japanese-American craftsman George Nakashima [1905-1990] of New Hope, Pennsylvania (USA). The Auroville community sprang from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, where George Nakashima was once a disciple. Dedication delayed from 1996.

March 3, 2014 - Monumento ao Nunca Mais / Monument to Never Again, Rua da Aurora, Recife, Pernambuco State (Brazil). "Monument in memory against dictatorship... A symbol of Brazilian memory about the 1964 coup. Depicts the sun as the certainty of a new day where, according to local people, the sun rises first in Recife. The name "Nunca Mais / Never Again" is the wish that the criminal acts committed in the dictatorial regime [1964-1985] never be repeated in history. This was the fourth of 16 monuments to be inaugurated this year in several Brazilian cities by the Marks Memory Project, the Amnesty Commission, in partnership with the Alice Institute. There were already monuments inaugurated in Belo Horizonte, Curitiba & Ipatinga..." [Google translation] SUN

March 21, 2014 - "Discover Peace in Europe" (Peace Trails), Konfliktkultur - Discoverpeace, Breitenfeldergasse 2/14, Vienna 1080 (Austria). Seven trails in Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Manchester (England), Paris (France), The Hague (Netherlands), Torino (Italy) & Vienna (Austria). Image shows map of Vienna (Austria), just one of the seven trails. Information courtesy of Gerard Lössbroek & Peter van den Dungen 11March2014.

April 13, 2014 - River of Peace Mural, Ghost Ranch Education & Retreat Center, Abiquiu, New Mexico (USA). "A 35 foot ceramic tile mural on the East outside wall of the Lower Pavilion. Faces the Peace Garden [& peace pole]. The mural shape echoes the Fibonacci curves contained in the layout of the Peace Garden. Clay slips in natural hues on the tiles relate to the colors of the rocks, sky & earth at Ghost Ranch. Permanently fired into the surface, a visual river of spiritual symbols from around the world is integrated into a mosaic of hand-written poems, prayers, intentions, quotes & original writings. /// Because of widespread interest in the mural & the participation of the community, Barbara Campbell & Judy Nelson-Moore decided to create 6-inch tiles using the methods & imagery from the River of Peace Mural. This is a way for people to have a 'piece of the Peace Mural' to take home. These tiles are all unique & made by hand. They provide a lovely remembrance of the mural & Ghost Ranch. Tiles are $18 & are available in the gift shop at the Ghost Ranch Welcome Center." NM POLES GARDENS WALLS FOR_SALE

May 2, 2014 - Kinmen Peace Bell, University of Scranton, Scranton, Pennsylvania (USA). "Gift from the government of Taiwan. Scranton is the only institution of higher education in the world to receive such a gift. Symbolizes Chinese characteristics such as peace & freedom. Engraved with the word 'peace' in more than 100 languages... The original bell was dedicated in 2011 in a ceremony on Taiwan’s Kinmen Island (Quemoy) to mark the 53rd anniversary of the 823 Artillery Bombardment. Kinmen was the site of an intense 44-day battle in 1958, during which China’s People’s Liberation Army fired more than 450,000 artillery shells upon it, killing 2,600 people. The original bell is cast from copper and metal from artillery shells from this battle."

May 21, 2014 - National September 11 Museum, New York City, New York (USA). "Cost: $700 million... operating budget: $60 million a year... admission: $24. The opening [was] characterized by both reverence (President Obama called the museum a 'sacred place of healing & hope') and controversy (over the gift shop, and especially its Darkness Hoodie ($39) & its United-States-shaped cheese platter with hearts marking 9/11 death sites (price unavailable), as well as serious censorship (no charge) and the CEO’s salary ($378,000)). /// A “Museum Review” in The New York Times pondered the museum’s “trifurcated identity:” "Was it going to be primarily a historical document, a monument to the dead or a theme-park-style tourist attraction? How many historical museums are built around an active repository of human remains, still being added to? How many cemeteries have a $24 entrance fee and sell souvenir T-shirts? How many theme parks bring you, repeatedly, to tears? Because that’s what the museum does. The first thing to say about it, and maybe the last, is that it’s emotionally overwhelming…."

May 21, 2014 - Poste da Paz / Peace Pole, Santo Andre, São Paulo State (Brazil). Wooden pole with four languages: Japanese, Guarani, Portuguese & Italian. Che la pace reghi sulla terra. Click here for peace poles worldwide.

Sunday, May 25, 2014 - Pope at Separation Wall, Bethlehem, West Bank (Pasentine). "Pope Francis stunned the world by instructing his driver to pause by the [Bethlehem side of the Israeli separation] wall, perhaps drawn by the spray-painted plea, "Pope, we need someone to talk about justice." The words had been written only moments before. One day earlier, young Palestinians had also covered the gray behemoth with messages to the Pope, only to find the wall painted over just hours later. Until the moment the Pope arrived, it seemed that Palestinian voices were once again to be silenced. Through their will and perseverance, these Palestinians refused to be silenced. And Pope Francis, breaking with the pattern of other world leaders, chose not to ignore their voices, but to amplify them." /// Pope Francis instantaneously made a peace monument out of the painted words. I wonder how long they will last?

May 26, 2014 - “Swords to Plowshares” memorial, Raleigh, North Carolina (USA). Also called "a mobile Armistice Bell Tower & 'Swords to Plowshares' Peoples History Exhibit." /// "...a 24-foot tower made of recycled metal, a rolling hat-tip to all victims of war... It stands temporarily alongside the N.C. State University Memorial Belltower, manned 24 hours a day. Roger Ehrlich & [the] Veterans for Peace, hope visitors will remember that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, the 'war to end all wars.' It killed 16 million people, introducing the world to chemical warfare, flamethrowers & tanks. The Wolfpack Belltower itself was built [in 1937] to honor those veterans, and this dedication appears on its side: 'In memory of those who served their country in the world war.' On the tower’s door, it reads, 'and they shall beat their swords into plowshares...' The [mobile] monument will travel to the Veterans for Peace convention in Asheville in July 2014." /// Includes bell forged with the date 1886 in Hillsboro, Ohio, & discovered at the construction site of the Church of Reconciliation in Chapel Hill, NC. /// Information courtesy of Roger Ehrlich, Cary, NC.

May 30, 2014 - Comfort Women Memorial Peace Garden, Fairfax County Government Center, Fairfax, Virginia (USA). Near Washington, DC. "Showcases the emerging voice and influence of Korean Americans in Northern Virginia, who want the story told. But the memorial is sparking protests from the Japanese Embassy & activists in Japan, a reaction reminiscent of the embassy’s response to legislation requiring that the Sea of Japan also be identified as the East Sea in Virginia public school textbooks." /// Inscription: "In honor of the women and girls whose basic rights and dignities were taken from them as victims of human taficking during WWII. Over 200,000 women and girls from Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Netherlands and East Timor were enforced into sexual slavery and euphemistically called 'Comfort Women' by Imperial Japanese forces during WWII. We honor their pain and suffering and mourn the loss of their fundmental human rights. May these comfort women'Comfort Women' find eternal peace and justice for the crimes committed against them. May the memories of these women and girls serve as a reminder of the importance of protecting the rights of women and an affirmation of basic human rights. Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues, Inc."

May 31, 2014 - Rotary Peace Monument, Jubilee Library, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten (Netherlands). Inscribed "The Rotary Peace Monument was created by the Rotary Clubs on St. Maarten / a commitment to promote world peace, empower our citizens to overcome violence and injustice, and bring peace, dignity and prosperity to our community." Information courtesy of Angela Letetia Gordon, President 2013-2014, Rotary Club of St. Martin Sunrise.

June 2, 2014 - Ohio Holocaust & Liberators Memorial, Statehouse Grounds, Capitol Square, Columbus, Ohio (USA). Unveiled by Governor John Kasich & architect Daniel Libeskind. "Visitors enter a sloped platform of smooth reddish-grey granite that leads to the monument. The pathway is flanked by benches & a descending wall of Columbus limestone. The top of the wall is inscribed with the words [from the Talmud], "If you save one life, it is as if you saved the world..." Below is a quote by Auschwitz survivor [sic] Avner Shalev [chairman of the Yad Vashem Directorate in Israel] that reads: "Every human being who chooses to remember this chapter of history and to infuse it with meaning is thereby choosing to struggle for the preservation of the bedrock moral values that alone make possible the existence of a well-ordered society. This is a commitment to uphold human rights, above all, freedom and the sanctity of life, and the opportunity for people to live side by side in harmony."

June 17, 2014 - Bust of Baroness Bertha von Suttner [1843-1914], courtyard at Blutgasse 3, Vienna (Austria). Sculpted by Ingrid Rollema. Dedicated during program organized by Liska Blodgett, director of Peace Museum Vienna. "This is the first project in the world to exhibit peace heroes in windows, available to everyone. Our aim is to highlight more than 150 Peace Heroes, as from June 2014 until June 2016 & maybe further. We will start focusing on the area close to the museum at Blutgasse 3/1. The exact location of the "Windows for Peace" project includes the streets: Schulergasse, Grunangergasse, Blutgasse, Franziskanerplatz, Domgasse, Stroblgasse & Singerstrasse, all citycenter locations." Information courtesy of Gerard Lossbroek. /// Akio Komatsu [of Japan] is going to produce 100 copies of the BvS bust by Ingrid Rollema; she has given him permission to do so, and is providing him with the necessary tools. I suppose he will be using these as presents in his reconcilation work with China & Korea."

May 24, 2014 - Martin Luther King Statue, MacGregor Park, Houston, Texas (USA). "Thirty years ago a group of Black activists planted tree to mark the place, on a median on MLK Boulevard, where they wanted to install a statue of Martin Luther King. In 2012 the tree had to be removed when Metro, Houston's transit authority, began construction on its light rail line. The director of the Black Heritage Society chained himself to the tree in protest, saying 'The first train may run over my dead body.' Known as the Tree of Life, it was eventually relocated to , and Metro paid $750,000 to create a memorial plaza near the tree. On one path that leads to the statue are quotes from King's 'I have a Dream' speech & the 'Letter from Birmingham Jail.' On the intersection path is inlaid a chronology of his life. It was dedicated in 2014. /// Information courtesy of Susan Ives.

June 23, 2014 - Center for Civil & Human Rights, 100 Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard, Atlanta, Georgia (USA). "...connects the American Civil Rights Movement to today's Global Human Rights Movements... The Center was first imagined by civil rights legends Evelyn Lowery & former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young & was launched by former Mayor Shirley Franklin."
June 23, 2014 - Center for Civil & Human Rights (CCHR), 2.5 acre site at Pemberton Place (Ivan Allen Boulevard & Centennial Olympic Park Drive), Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Executive Director is Doug Shipman. "Will not only commemorate the groundbreaking contributions of Atlantans and Georgians to the historic struggle for African-American freedom and equality, but also serve as a space for ongoing dialogue, study, and contributions to the resolution of current and future freedom struggles of all people at local, national, and international levels." (Pemberton Place is home of the Georgia Aquarium & the World of Coca Cola and is adjacent to Centennial Park which commemorates Atlanta's hosting of the 1996 Olympic Games.)

June 23, 2014 - Water Feature (Fountain) at National Center for Civil & Human Rights, Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Inscribed "FOR TO BE FREE IS NOT MERELY TO CAST OFF ONE'S CHAINS BUT TO LIVE IN A WAY THAT RESPECTS AND ENHANCES THE FEEEDOM OF OTHERS. Nelson Mandela." & "NEVER DOUBT THAT A SMALL GROUP OF THOUGHTFUL, COMMITTED CITIZENS CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. Margaret Mead." Designed by Larry Kirkland of Washignton, DC. At that point, the Center stands at 72 feet with the 32-foot-high sculpture acting as a gateway to the project. “It’s in scale,” executive director Doug Shipman said. “It actually has a nice relationship in proportion to the building.”

2013-2014 - "Master Peace," Turquoise Trail Sculpture Garden, 3453 State Highway 14 N., Cerrillos, near Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA). "Powder coated cast stainless steel, on granite, 24' x 20' x 20, by Kevin and Jennifer Box... The 3-acre Turquoise Trail Sculpture Garden is a private residence nestled in the Little Garden of the Gods on Highway 14, a National Scenic Byway, with towering rock formations... 'Master Peace' is a sculpture of over 1,000 cast metal cranes with 500 cranes gathered together in a twenty-five foot tall monument & the remaining 500 scattered into the world as individual pieces. The black granite base below the monument reflects all 1,000 cranes keeping them together forever in a place of peace."

2014 - Halabje Statue, Garden of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), The Hague (Netherlands) /// This is "Monday's Monument" #7.

2014 - BRICS 6th Summit Monument, Fortaleza (Brazil). For the summit of Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa (BRICS). Permanently installed?

2014 - Monumento Marco da Paz / Peace Marco Monument, Arcari, Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil). "The city of Acari-RN to 214 kilometers from Natal, received on Friday the first Peace Monument erected in Rio Grande do Norte. The work, created by Italian Gaetano Brancati Luigi, has been erected in six countries of South America, Central America, Europe & Asia. In Brazil 46 years ago, Gaetano Brancati, 77, uses the name Luigi after its signature in remembering her father, Luigi Brancati, who fought in World War II. Then eight, Brancati and his family have gone through difficulties during the cold period, scarce food & loneliness that the armed conflict generated in the small town of Orsomarso, in the province of Cosenza. Since then, the greatest dream of the child was then working towards world peace, but the concrete act only began to take shape after leaving Italy. At 12, Brancati, her parents and three brothers emigrated to Argentina, where he lived for nearly 20 years, until they came to Brazil. " [Google translation]. See similar bell in São Paulo. BELLS ARCHES

2014 - Caminho da Paz / Way of Peace, São Paulo (Brazil). "They began to be installed by São Paulo large boards for the 'Way of Peace,' running & walking to be held next Sunday, the 24th. At Avenida Giovanni Gronchi in the neighborhood of Morumbi, in the south, a facility was placed with the word 'peace.' Elsewhere in the city there are still 'love,' 'marriage,' 'ethics,' 'friendship,' 'respect' & 'recycle.' The experience of the 'Way of Peace' includes the Republic of Lebanon, Juscelino Kubitschek, Faria Lima & United Nations Avenues, totaling seven kilometers long." [Google translation]

July 12, 2014 - Monumento e Laboratório da Paz / Monument & Laboratory of Peace, IIPC institution, Rua Rui Barbosa 820, Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná State (Brazil). "Symbolizes the union of efforts towards sustainability & expansion of the work done by conscientiology & numerous institutions & bodies national & international order to Peace & megafraternity between peoples & cultures... The IIPC is an educational & scientific research, pacifist, secular, universal & non-profit institution based in Foz do Iguaçu & units in Brazil & abroad. With these objectives, [IIPC] promotes free lectures, courses & technical & scientific publications on the broad skills of awareness, being, ego, self, personality or human essence, including parapsychism, the bioenergy, the multiple dimensions & the number of lives..." [Google translation]

August 4, 2014 - Comfort Women Monument, Liberty Plaza, Union City, New Jersey (USA). Near New York City. "Two 'comfort women' survivors flew in from Korea to join Union City Mayor Brian P. Stack, Board of Commissioners & Korean American Civic Empowerment for a dedication ceremony featuring the unveiling of a "Comfort Women" monument in Liberty Plaza." Inscription: "In memory of thousands of women and girls from Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, the Netherlands, and Indonesia, who were forced into sexual slavery by the armed forces of Imperial Japan before and during World War II."

Date? 2014 - Memorial plaque, near the People's Palace, Glasgow Green, Glasgow (Scotland). Inscription: "In memory of those who opposed World War One in order to challenge the purpose of the war and the waste of lives. /// They also campaigned for social and economic justice and against the exploitation of those who lived in the city [of Glasgow] during the war." ("During World War I, the anti-war movement held mass demonstrations on the Green. In September 1914, John Maclean held his first anti-war rally under [Admiral Horatio] Nelson's monument [43.5 metres tall, erected in 1806]. The Military Service Act of 1916, led to a rally on the Green, which resulted in 12 months imprisonment for the three lead speakers under the DORA. On 29 June 1916, David Lloyd George was invited to receive the freedom of the city, which led to mass protests on the Green. In May 1917, workers marched through Glasgow to the Green in support of Russia's February Revolution. Another result of World War I, was increased migration to the city of munitions workers. The resulting rent increases led to protests on the Green in 1920.") Information courtesy of Peter van den Dungen.

August 7, 2014 - "Onde há respeito, há paz / Where There is Respect, There is Peace," Rua Lavradio, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). In the city’s Centro (Downtown) district on the edge of Lapa. "A new giant graffiti mural created by well known urban artist & activist, Panmela Castro with the help of Avon Institute & the NAMI Rede Feminista de Arte Urbana, an organization founded by Castro, that uses street art, to combat domestic violence & spread awareness of women’s rights. Also celebrates 8th anniversary of the Maria da Penha Law that punishes those who commit violent crimes & domestic abuse against women... Measures 336 m² and is featured on the side of popular venue, Rio Scenarium, The inspiration for the mural came from art created by children in Rio’s public schools. Castro took those ideas and with the help fellow graffiti artists, spent 12 days adding the piece to the wall. Over 336 spray cans & more than 144 liters of paint were used. Information & images courtest of the Rio Times. WOMEN 2014

August 16, 2014 - Peace Bell, Fredsmonument / Peace Monument, Morokulien, between Magnor (Norway) and Eda (Sweden). /// In the Minister grove. Dedicated on 100th anniversary of Morokulien with invited guests from South Korea. The Minister grove itself was founded in 2004, on the 90th anniversary. "Summer 1814 was our two countries for the last time at war with each other, maintained parliamentary president Olemic Thommessen in his speech. He pointed out that Norway retained a liberal Norwegian constitution and the best conditions to develop the Norwegian democracy and Norwegian society within the new union with Sweden. The Scandinavian peace period began thus with a war. But also with political prudence and willingness to compromise from leaders on both sides... On Saturday event undertook also the presentation of peace watches that will link together with Norway, Sweden and Korea. Peace bells are located in Oslo (Voksenåsen), peace center in Morokulien & World Peace Bell Park in Hwacheon in South Korea." (Google translation). Information courtesy of Nigel Young & Peter van den Dungen.

August 16, 2014 - Comfort Women Peace Statue, Korean American Cultural Center, Southfield, Michigan (USA). Honors the comfort women. "Planning for the Southfield statue started in 2011. Fundraising & finding a location took two & a half years. Initially, the statue was to be installed in a public library in the city before protests arose from Denso Corporation, a Japanese auto parts manufacturer in the area, and the Japanese Consulate General, which said it would encourage division in the area."

Sepember 2, 2014 - Jewish Refugee Memorial Wall, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, Tilanqiao, Shanghai (China). "Acknowledges the 13,732 people who fled Europe to escape persecution by the Nazis during World War II. A statue of six Jewish people standing beside a 37-meter-long, 2.5-meter-high copper wall, on which has been etched the names of all the Jewish people known to have taken shelter in Shanghai. The statue symbolizes the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust, its creator, Chinese-American artist He Ning, told a press conference... He said he got the idea for a name wall in 2002, when he & Chen Jian, who is now the curator of the museum, heard that a planned meeting of Shanghai Jewish refugees in San Francisco had to be canceled as most of them had died. 'I was very sad,' He said. 'It seemed wrong that history was dying out with the people.' It was not until the refugees museum opened in 2007 - on the former site of the Ohel Moshe Synagogue - that the two men began making plans for a permanent memorial..."

September 2, 2014 - Operation T4 Monument, Tiergartenstrasse 4 ("T4"), Berlin (Germany). "A 79-foot-long wall of blue tinted glass at the site where dozens of doctors plotted & carried out the killings of patients arranged through medical channels under a program known as 'Operation T4.' Before the program was halted in 1941, some 70,000 people had been killed in the first gas chambers at six sites across Germany. The Nazis’ early success paved the way for mass slaughter that would later be carried out on an even larger scale against Jews, Roma and others in the death camps. /// In a country where commemoration of past crimes holds such a prominent place in the national debate that it can seem to border on obsession, some see adding a fourth major memorial to Holocaust victims in Berlin — there is already a monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe between Potsdamer Platz & the Brandenburg Gate, and in the city’s Central Park, the Tiergarten, one honors the Sinti and Roma, and a second pays tribute to deported gays — as excessive. But for those families whose relatives were singled out for death because doctors said they could not contribute to the Nazi war machine, the newest monument rights two wrongs: the crimes committed against the ill and defenseless, and the long postwar silence about their slaughter. Few of the doctors involved in the operation were convicted, and families have never been eligible for any form of postwar compensation. /// For years, the site at Tiergartenstrasse 4 was a bus stop, with only a plaque testifying to the suffering plotted there." /// Image photo was taken through the wall of blue glass.

September 20, 2014. - Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). "First national museum outside of the Canadian Capital." /// "Following the experiences of Bilbao and Valencia, this Canadian city hopes to draw tourists to an architecturally significant project." Designed by American architect Antoine Predock. "Perhaps the most transformational project before our nation today. As the largest centre of its kind anywhere, it has the potential to be one of Canada’s most significant contributions to promoting human rights here and around the world."

September 27, 2014 - Slavery Memorial, Front Green, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (USA). "Granite and ductile cast iron. Recognizes Brown University’s connection to the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the work of Africans and African-Americans, enslaved and free, who helped build our university, Rhode Island, and the nation."

October 3, 2014 - "Let There Be Peace," Creative Arts Building, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (England). Poem by Lemn Sissay [b. 1967], "award-wining British author of Ethiopian origin & Chancellor at the University of Manchester... Inside the University of Manchester, his poem 'Let There be Peace' stands high on the walls at University Place on Oxford Road..." /// Click here for text of the poem. /// Information courtesy of Peter van den Dungen.

October 8, 2014 - Broken Chair, Square of Nations, Geneva (Switzerland). From TASS: "A European art group has selected a very unusual way to send birthday greetings to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is 62 today. A group of Geneva peace activists made a three-metre tall statue of the Russian leader & used it to prop up the world-famous anti-war monument known as the Broken Chair... Putin was the one who helped negotiate the recent ceasefire in the southeast of Ukraine, warded off the looming threat of war between Armenia and Azerbaijan by bringing their presidents to the negotiating table and also saved Syria from external military aggression."
September 1997 - Broken Chair, Square of Nations, Geneva (Switzerland). At Palais des Nations. "Handicap International unveiled the 12 meter high wooden sculpture made by Swiss artist Daniel Berset, in support of the global movement to eradicate landmines. A daily reminder of the governments' commitment to fully universalize and adhere to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty, including providing assistance to landmine victims and clearance of mine-affected land." The International Campaign to Ban Landmines and Jody Williams received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997.

October 18, 2014 - Comfort Women Monument, Veterans Memorial, Eisenhower Park, Westbury, Nassau County, New York (USA). "The red granite monument symbolizes the hardship & blood of the comfort women, the Korean American Public Affairs Committee announced. Nassau County, which manages the memorial park, will also be in charge of maintaining the monument. This is the second [sic] memorial of its kind in the U.S. following one in Palisades Park, a borough with a large Korean American population in New Jersey, in October 2010."

October 24, 2014 - Rededication of restored "Anti-Air War Memorial," NW of Mornington Road & the High Road, Woodford Green, Essex, near London (England). "Statement read from Richard Pankhurst (who sent it from Ethiopia). The other speakers at the event included, peace campaigner Bruce Kent, Pankhurt’s biographer Katherine Connelly, former Ilford North MP Linda Perham, and Iain Duncan Smith (MP for Chingford & Woodford Green)... The Left Unity women’s caucus banner made its first outing at today’s re-dedication. In a bit of irony, the banners of several groups including the CND (who organised the event), the Green Party women’s group & our banner were asked to be taken down as the event was “unpolitical.” Somehow, I doubt Sylvia Pankhurst [1882-1960] would have agreed!" /// See entry for original memorial dedicated on June 21, 1936. /// Information courtesy of Gerard Lössbroek. /// One of 21 peace monuments named by the PPU website. Named in "A Peace Trail Through London" by Valerie Flessati (1998).

October 24, 2014 - Deserteursdenkmal / Deserters Monument, Vienna (Austria). Opposite Austria's federal chancellery building. X-shaped monument with "all alone" etched multiple times across its top. "It follows a decision by Austria's parliament in 2009 to rehabilitate thousands of soldiers criminalised by the Nazis for desertion." Information courtesy of Gerard Lössbroek.

October 24, 2014 - "Seeker of Truth" Mural, 1430 West 18th Street, Pilsen neighborhood, Chicago, Illinois (USA). Across the street from Foley's favorite hangout -- the Café Jumping Bean. Mural rapidly painted by ten friends who worked in shifts around the clock after death in Syria of journalist James Wright Foley [1973-2014] who was abducted during the Syrian Civil War & beheaded by the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria (ISIS). Inscribed on the mural is the poem Bani Adam by Persian poet Saadi Shirazi [1210-1292] in Arabic, English & Spanish, languages of the three cultures that helped to inform Foley & shape his life & times. See Steven Sotloff [1983-2014].

October 24, 2014 - Commemorative Plaque, University of Bradford, Bradford (England). Commemorates 40th anniversary of the university's Peace Studies department. "Quaker Peace Studies Trust & Peace Studies staff witnessed the planting of a tree commemorating the founding of the department, the first in the world devoted to the subject. At the same event, the Soroptimists unveiled their latest Peace Pole, and representatives of Rotary International & UNESCO heard addresses from their sponsored students." Info courtesy of Peter van den Dungen.

October 26, 2014 - Friedensglocke / Peace Bell, Parish Church of Linz, Linz (Austria). Replaces bell confiscated by the Nazis & melted down for war purposes. 2,200 kg with peace dove on reverse side. Cast at Bachert Bell Foundry in Karlsruhe (Germany). Dedicated to the Blessed Franz Jagerstatter [1907-1943] & his wife Franziska. Information courtesy of Gerard Lössbroek.

October 28, 2014 - Museum of History of Polish Jews, Warsaw (Poland). On site of the former Warsaw Ghetto. Cornerstone laid in 2007, first opened on April 19, 2013, opened to public in October 2014. Features a multimedia narrative exhibition about the vibrant Jewish community that flourished in Poland for a thousand years. Information courtesy of Ambassador Victor Ashe.

November 6, 2014 - "Perceiving Freedom," Sea Point Promenade, Cape Town (South Africa). "Cape Town unveiled a new memorial for Nelson Mandela late last week, a welcomed gesture in a city still closely associated with South Africa's Apartheid era. Sadly, the city's canonization effort has left many disappointed. Mandela was a man of great substance; this latest memorial is anything but. To honor the late South African president, local artist Michael Elion built a giant pair of stainless steel Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. The enormous pair of chic sunglasses are angled to peer over the Atlantic Ocean towards Robben Island, where Mandela served his nearly three-decade prison term. Titled Perceiving Freedom, Elion's project aimed to connect memorial visitors with Mandela's prison experience. '[I]t links us to the mind of a man whose incredible capacity to transcend enduring physical hardship, with unwavering mental fortitude and dignity, transformed the consciousness of an entire country,' he explained to a local newspaper. (Mandela was known for occasionally sporting a pair of aviator-style sunglasses, but not Ray-Ban-style shades. Elion included this photo in the invitation to the memorial's opening.) I'm not buying it, and neither are many South Africans."

November 7, 2014 - Peace Pavilion, Cootamundra, New South Wales (Australia). "Celebrates the Declaration by the Mayor, Councilor Jim Slattery, that the Shire of Cootamundra is a Rotary Peace Community... The major grant came from The NSW Government Community Building Program & also Rotary District 9700, Australian Government Saluting their Service Commemorations Program, Soroptimist International Cootamundra & the former Cootamundra Apex Club... The new Governor of NSW General David Hurley will visit Cootamundra to open the Rotary Peace Pavilion on November 7. The Governor will also unveil two plaques which will be on plinths at the ends of the stone seat."

November 9, 2014 - Lichtgrenze / Light Border, Berlin (Germany). Created by artist Christopher Bauder & his brother Marc for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the BerlinWall. "The illuminated white balloons - perched on 3.6m poles to match the height of the wall and stretching for 15km (nine miles) - were released one by one to symbolise the breaching of the wall by crowds of protesters."

November 2014 - Praça da Paz / Peace Square, Boqueirão neighborhood, Praia Grande, São Paulo State (Brazil). Reopened square now has several sculptures of historical figures, each with a personalized plate remembering historic moments... Professor Maria Aparecida praised the initiative of the City Hall... 'He is a thinking being because of all its history. He awakens in us the duty and right to question things our country,' he says. [Google translation]"

December 7, 2014 - Whitney Plantation, 5099 Highway 18, Wallace, Louisiana (USA). 35 miles west of New Orleans. "Visitors [are] in agreement that they [have] never seen anything quite like it. Built largely in secret & under decidedly unorthodox circumstances, the Whitney had been turned into a museum dedicated to telling the story of slavery — the first of its kind in the United States."

December 12?, 2014 - Monument to Andrey Sakharov, at confluence of Volga & Ob Rivers, Nizhny Novgorod (Russia). Andrey Sakharov [1921-1989] was a Russian scientist (who helped develop the thermonuclear bomb) & human rights activist (who received Nobel Peace Prize in 1975). "The monument created by sculptor Alexey Shchitov on voluntary donations stands next to Sakharov’s apartment museum where the scientist had lived in a political exile. In 1980, Sakharov was stripped of all his titles & decorations for his human rights activities & criticism of the Soviet regime. He & his wife Yelena Bonner were exiled to the city of Gorky, now Nizhny Novgorod, which was closed to foreigners at that time..." /// NB: There are other Sakhorov monuments in St. Petersburg & Yerevan.

December 12, 2014 - "Football Remembers," National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire (England). "A memorial to the World War One Christmas Truce, when some British & German soldiers stopped fighting & played football, has been dedicated by the Duke of Cambridge. The memorial was designed by 10-year-old Spencer Turner from Farne Primary in Newcastle after a UK-wide competition." /// "The Duke of Cambridge & England forward Theo Walcott picked out the memorial's design from thousands of entries in a competition held in schools throughout the UK. Prince William told guests attending the dedication ceremony: 'We all grew up with the story of soldiers from both sides putting down their arms to meet in no man's land on Christmas Day 1914 – when gunfire remarkably gave way to gifts. It remains wholly relevant today as a message of hope and humanity, even in the bleakest of times. Football, then as now, had the power to bring people together and break down barriers.'"

December 2014 - UN Peace Memorial Hall, Danggok Park, Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu (district), Busan (South Korea). Next to UN Memorial Cemetery ("the only UN cemetery in the world"). "The UN Memorial Park in Busan is a place where foreign heads of states and Korean War veterans frequently visit. A UN Peace Memorial was constructed at a site near the memorial park on November 11 this year, but the memorial still lacks notable exhibits on display." /// "Busan City is seeking donations of relics and artifacts to display at the UN Peace Memorial Hall, which opens in December. The City is seeking artifacts related to the UN forces from the Korean War, such as photos, video images, military uniforms, books, audio sources, the personal belongings of veterans, medals and awards, equipment, weapons, insignia and other memorabilia that have historical significance. The city also seeks unconditional donations. Those willing to contribute to the collection should call Busan City’s Culture & Arts Division 051-888-4211~4 or email for more information. The donated materials will bear the name of the donor when exhibited at the UN Peace Memorial Hall. The Peace Memorial Hall is slated to be built in Approximately 25.8 billion won ($23.9 million) will be used toward this project. We have decided to build this Peace Memorial Hall to maximize the significance of the world’s only UN forces cemetery, located in Busan, and also to show the younger generation, who have never experienced war, how priceless peace is, Busan City said in a statement. The UN Peace Memorial Hall will serve as a place to learn about the atrocities of war and the virtue of peace; a landmark symbol of the UN, and a potential tourist destination. It will display the photos, military uniforms, book s, weapons and insignia of war veterans from 11 count ries that served in the Korean War. Materials of historic importance will also be displayed. The hall is anticipated to be three stories with two underground levels. The site area will stretch across 8,336 square meters."

December 12, 2014 - Bust of Moses White, Historical Monument Trail, Tampa, Florida (USA). One of six busts added to the trail along Tampa's Riverwalk in 2014. Unveiled beside the Tampa Convention Center & joined 12 other busts already in place on the 2.5-mile Riverwalk connecting downtown to Tampa Heights. Restaurant owner Moses White [1915-1984] was known as 'Mayor of Central Avenue,' Tampa's African-American community. He was also known for feeding those less fortunate. In the 1960's, White was among those who helped bridge a racial divide in the city.

December 15, 2014 - Monument for Fallen Jewish-Iranian Soldiers, Tehran (Iran). "A a senior Iranian parliament member praised the Iranian Jewish community’s ties to the state & its 'obedience' to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei & Ruhollah Khomeini before him... Iran, a home for Jews for more than 3,000 years, has the Middle East’s largest Jewish population outside of Israel, an estimated 20,000."

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