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N.B.: According to Wikipedia, the World Federalist Movement (WFM) is a global citizens movement with member & associate organizations around the world. The WFM International Secretariat is based in New York City across from UN headquarters. The organization was created in 1947 by those concerned that the structure of the new United Nations was too similar to the League of Nations which had failed to prevent World War II, both being loosely structured associations of sovereign nation-states, with few autonomous powers. Supporters continue to advocate the establishment of a global federalist system of strengthened & accountable global institutions with plenary constitutional power & a division of international authority among separate global agencies.

1590-1648 - Eméric Crucé - Monk. Wrote "The New Cyneas" in 1623 proposing that all states meet (preferably in Venice) to create a universal union of all peoples.

1778-1841 - William Ladd - Early anti-war activist in Maine. Founded American Peace Society in 1828. Proposed Congress & Court of Nations in 1840. Called "Apostle of Peace." P

1858-1927 - K'ang Yu-wei - Prominent political thinker & reformer of the late Qing Dynasty. Wrote Da Tong shu/Book of Great Unity.

1866-1946 - H. G. Wells - Prolific writer & outspoken socialist. Wrote "In the Fourth Year" in 1918 proposing a United States of Europe.

1872-1970 - Bertrand Russell - Philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian & social critic. P 1950

1875-1944 - Lola Maverick Lloyd - Friend of Rosika Schwimmer (qv). They founded Campaign for World Govt in Dec 1937. Mother of Georgia Lloyd (qv).

1876-1958 - Mary Ritter Beard - Historian & suffragist. Friend of Rosika Schwimmer (qv).

1877-1948 - Rosika Schwimmer - Born in Hungary & lived in USA but became stateless. Friend of Lola Maverick Lloyd (qv). They founded Campaign for World Govt in Dec 1937.

1879-1955 - Albert Einsten - Physicist. Opposed WW-I. Did peace work in 1930s. Issued Russell-Einstein Manifesto in 1955. P 1921

1882-1967 - Greenville Clark - Wrote "World Peace Through World Law" in 1958 with Louis B. Sohn.

1885-1973 - Tracy Mygatt - Prolific writer & absolute pacifist. Founder of War Resisters League. In Campaign for World Govt 1941-1973. Partner of Frances Witherspoon. P

1904-1981 - Emery Reves - Writer, publisher & world federalist. Literary agent of Winston Churchill. Wrote "The Anatomy of Peace" in 1945.

1904-1981 - Federick Lewis Schuman - Professor of history at Williams College. Political scientist. Analyst of international relations.

1905-1984 - Dorothy Hewitt Hutchinson - AFSC published her "A Call to Peace Now: A Message to the Society of Friends" in l943. That summer, she helped start the Peace Now Movement.

1908-1993 - Sam Levering - Orchardist. See "Citizen Action for Global Change: Neptune Group & Law of the Sea." Husband of Miriam Levering (qv).

1913-1991 - Miriam Levering - Orchardist. See "Citizen Action for Global Change: Neptune Group & Law of the Sea." Wife of Sam Levering (qv).

1913-1999 - Georgia Lloyd Berndt - World Federalist & philanthropist. Exec Sec Campaign for World Govt 1943-1990. Daughter of Lola Maverick Lloyd (qv). >

1914-2006 - Louis B. Sohn - Law Professor. Wrote "World PeaceThrough World Law" in 1958 with Greenville Clark.

1915-1990 - Norman Cousins - "Tireless advocate of liberal causes." Subject of 1st US monument in Hiroshima in 2003. > 1990

1916-2012 - John R. Ewbank - Lawyer, communitarian & world federalist. Wrote "A History of the World Government Movement" about 2001.

19xx-Alive - John B. Anderson - US Congressman from Illinois, 3rd party candidate for President of the U.S. in 1980, President of the World Federalist Association of USA for many years until 2004.

19xx-Alive - Joseph Preston Baratta - Prof at Worchester Univ. in Mass. and author of THE POLITICS OF WORLD FEDERATION, Praeger, 2004.

19xx-Alive - David Christensen - Geography professor at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and author of HEALING THE WORLD (2005), EARTH IS OVERPOPULATED NOW (2007), and TWO ELEPHANTS IN THE ROOM (2010). Gwynn Dyer, Canadian journalist (radio & TV too), author of WAR and a revised version WAR, THE LETHAL CUSTOM (2004).

19xx-Alive - Robert Enholm - Executive Director, Citizens for Global Solutions, Washington DC.

19xx-Alive - Don Kraus - CEO of Citizens for Global Solutions, Washington DC.

19xx-Alive - Strobe Talbott - Previous head of Brookings Institute and editor at TIME and author of THE GREAT EXPERIMENT: THE STORY OF ANCIENT EMPIRES, MODERN STATES, AND THE QUEST FOR A GLOBAL NATION (2008).

19xx-Alive - James A. Yunker - Econ prof at Western Illinois University & author of RETHINKING WORLD GOVERNMENT (2005) and POLITICAL GLOBALIZATION (2007).

c1940-Alive - Ronald J. Glossop - Prof of Philosophical Studies & Coordinator of Peace Studies, So Illinois Univ at Edwardsville. Pres of Am Assn of Teachers of Esperanto.

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