Red Cross

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1787-1875 - Guillaume Henri Dufour - Army officer, engineer & topographer. Click here for monuments related to the Red Cross.

1814-1882 - Henry Whitney Bellows - Unitarian minister. Planner & only president of US Sanitary Commission 1861-1878.

1816-1895 - Sir Thomas Longmore - Army surgeon. Served in Crimea & India. Professorship of Military Surgery for almost 31 years.

1820-1910 - Florence Nightengale - Nurse. Dubbed "The Lady with the Lamp" during Crimean War. Museum in London.

1821-1912 - Clara Barton - Teacher, nurse & humanitarian. Organized American Red Cross in 1881. Museum in Washington, DC.

1822-1903 - Frederick Law Olmsted - Journalist & social critic. "Father of American landscape architecture." Exec Sec of US Sanitary Commission.

1823-1912 - Robert Collyer - Clergyman. Opposed slavery. Worked for US Sanitary Commission during Civil War.

1824-1864 - Thomas Starr King - Minister & orator. Helped keep California in USA. Helped organize US Sanitary Commission.

1826-1910 - Gustave Moynier - Jurist & social activist. Co-founded "Intl. Committee for Relief to the Wounded." Rival of Henry Dunant.

1828-1910 - Henri Dunant - Businessman. Saw Solferino in 1859. Organized ICRC in 1863. Received 1st Nobel Peace Prize. 1901 w/Frédéric Passy

1836-1919 - John Furley - A founder of St John Ambulance Assn & Red Cross in England. Took relief supplies to Paris & South Africa.

1865-1915 - Edith Cavell - Nurse. Executed in Belgium for allowing war prisoners to escape. Monuments in UK, Belgium, France, USA & Canada.

1867-1922 - Henry Pomeroy Davison - Banker & philanthropist. League of Red Cross Societies created in 1919 under his leadership.

1904-1961 - Marcel Junod - Field delegate of International Committee of the Red Cross. See monument in Hiroshima.

1936-Alive - Elizabeth Dole - President of American Red Cross 1991-1999. US senator from North Carolina 2003-2009. Wife of Senator Bob Dole of Kansas.

1954-Alive - Roger Mayou - Art historian. Was artistic advisor at UBS. Director of International Red Cross & Red Crescent Museum in Geneva since 1998.