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462 Significant Human Tragedies
in descending order of number of lives lost

Examples of human tragedy worldwide -- with links to their principal memorials.

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= Terrorism
= War & War Crimes (including torture & Geneva Convention violations)
= Inhumanity & Genocide (including the Holocaust)
= Safety or Public Health Violation (including improper maintenance)
= Design Error (including substandard constructon)
= Natural Disaster (pandemics, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.)
= Attrocity or Unwarrented Violence (including murder & serial killing)
= Mass Suicide
= Blank (not yet categorized)
= Gun violence in USA (not including shootings by police)
= Violence involving Native Americans
= Violence involving Muslims
     = Excessive force by police
= Airplane vulnerability

Human TragedyDeathsPlaceDateCausePrincipal Memorial
(Some are unintentional.)
      More than 5,000,000 deaths
Black Death (Plague) 100,000,000 Europe 1347-1351 Rats Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic
Great Pandemic (Flu) 50-100,000,000 Worldwide 1918-1920 NaturePenny Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia, USA
"Great Leap Forward"30-45,000,000 China 1958-1962 CPC & Mao Zedong?
Holodomor (Famine) 10,000,000 Ukraine 1932-1933 USSR & StalinKiev Memorial (+ Edmonton, Aberta, Canada)
Belgian Rule of the Congo c.10,000,000 Belgian Congo 1885-1962 King Leopold II Fallen statue of Henry Morton Stanley on Congo River
Atlantic Slave Trade 8,000,000 West Africa & at sea 1500-1860's Europeans Click here for many monuments
Laki Volcanic Eruption >6,000,000 Iceland + Europe 1783-1784 Nature ?
Holocaust or Shoah (Genocide) 6,000,000 Nazi Germany & Europe 1941-1945 Nazi Germany US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC, USA
      1,000, 000-5,000,000 deaths
Central China Floods 3.7-4,000,000 Central China 1931 Jul-Nov Nature High watermark at Hankou (August 19)
Asian Flu Pandemic 1-4,000,000 China + World 1956-1958 Nature ?
Partition of India 3,400,000 India & Pakistan 1947 Hindus+Muslims Memorial at Wagah (proposed)
Bangadesh Genocide3,000,000 Bangladesh 1971 Mar-Dec Pakistani military Jatiyo Smriti Soudho (National Monument), Dhaka
"Cultural Revolution"1.5-3,000,000 China 1966-1976 Mao ZedongCultural Revolution Museum, Shantou, China
North Korea Famine 2,000,000? North Korea 1995-1997 Floods+Mismanagement Presumably none
Cambodian Genocide 1,700,000 Cambodia 1975-1979 Khmer Rouge Killing Fields Memorial, Choeung Ek, Cambodia
Great Purge950-1,200,000 USSR 1936-1939 NKVD & StalinButovo Firing Range near Moscow
Auschwitz Concentration Camp 1,100,000+ Auschwitz, Poland 1940/5-1945/1 Nazi Germany Auschwitz Concentration Camp (unintentional monument)
an Gorta Mor/Great Famine1,000,000 Ireland 1845-1852 Phytophthora infestans Famine Memorials, Dublin & elsewhere
      100,000-1,000,000 deaths
Iran-Iraq War 1,000,000 Iran & Iraq 1980-1988 Opposing Armies Al-Shaheed Monument, Baghdad+Tehran Peace Museum
Tutsi Genocide 800,000 Rwanda 1994 Apr-Jul Hutus Kigali Memorial Centre, Kigali, Rwanda
Algerian Independence 700,000 Algeria1954-1962 France+Guerrillas Monument des Martyrs, Algiers, Algeria
American Civil War 620,000 USA 1861-1865 Opposing Armies Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC
Armenian Genocide 500,000+ Ottoman Empire, Turkey World War I Ottoman Empire Memorial, Tsitsernakaberd, Armenia
Darfur Genocide 400,000 Darfur, Sudan 2003 Feb-Now Janjaweed
Warsaw Ghetto 3-400,000 Warsaw, Poland 1940/10-1943/5 Nazi Germany ___, Warsaw
Ypres Salient 300,000 Flanders, Belgium World War I Opposing Armies IJzertoren Museum, Diksmuide
Rape of Nanking 300,000 Nanjing, China 1937 Dec Imperial Japan Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall
Japanese Comfort Women 15-300,000 Japan & SE Asia 1932-1945 Japanese Imperial Army Monuments in South Korea & USA
Doolittle Raid Retaliation 250,000 Zhejiang & Jiangxi, China 1942 May-Sep Imperial Japan ?
Battle of Okinawa 240,734 Okinawa, Japan 1945 Mar-Jun Opposing ArmiesCornerstone of Peace, Mabuni, Okinawa
Indian Ocean Tsunami 230,210 Indonesia & other nations 2004 Dec 26 Nature Khao-lak Lamru Nat Pk, Thailand
Haiti Earthquake 7.0 230,000+ Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2010 Jan 12 Nature+Bad Buildings "temporary" refugee tent camps
Battle of Verdun 230,000 Lorraine, France 1916 Feb-Dec Opposing Armies Douaumont Ossuary, Douaumont
Conquest of Tenochtitlan220,450+ Tenochtitlan, Mexico 1521 5/26-8/13 Cortés v. Aztec EmpireTemple site, Mexico City, Mexico
Lebanese Civil War 200,000 Lebanon 1975-1990 Civil War National Memorial, Beirut (future)
Franco-Prussian War 167,079 France 1870-1871 2nd French Empire v. Prussia Lion of Belfort, Belfort, France
Pillage of Carthage 150,000 Carthage, Tunisia 146 BCE Roman Empire Ruins of Carthage, Tunisia
Great Kanto Earthquake 142,000 Tokyo, Japan 1923 Sep 1 Nature Tokyo Earthquake Memorial
Hiroshima Atom Bomb 140,000 Hiroshima, Japan 1945 Aug 6 USA Hiroshima Peace Memorial Hall, Hiroshima
Holocaust (Netherlands) 101,800 Netherlands 1942-1945 Nazi Germany Memorial Center Camp Westerbork
      25,000-100,000 deaths
Tokyo Air Raids 100,000 Tokyo, Japan 1945 Feb-Aug USA Center of Tokyo Raid+War Damages, Tokyo
Murder of Prisoners 100,000 Delhi, India 1398 Timur (Tamerlane) Gur-e Amir Tomb, Samarkand
Battle of Gallipoli 98,758 Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey 1915-16 Opposing Armies Gallipoli Peninsula Peace Park
American Revolutionary War 96,774 Eastern USA 1775-1783 USA+France v. UK etc. Washington Monument, Washington, DC
Nagasaki Atom Bomb 80,000 Nagasaki, Japan 1945 Aug 9 USA Nagasaki Peace Memorial Hall, Nagasaki
Great Pakistan Earthquake 79,000+ Kashmir, Pakistan 2005 Oct 8 Nature+Bad Bldgs.
Great Sichuan Earthquake 69,000+ Sichuan, China 2008 May 12 Nature+Bad BuildingsBeichuan National Earthquake Ruins Museum
Herero/Nama Genocide 60,000 Namibia (ex-SW Africa) 1904-1907 German Empire Herero & Nama prisoner skulls returned in 2011
US Military Deaths 58,256 Vietnam 1959-1975 Opposing Armies Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC, USA
Second Boer War 58,169 South Africa 1899-1902 UK v. SA Republic Boer War Mon., St. Kilda Rd., Melbourne, Australia
Nicaraguan Revolution 53,000 Nicaragua 1978-1990 Sandinistas & Contras ?
Nicaraguan Civil War 50,000 Nicaragua 1979-1990 Contras+CIA v Govt.Parque de la Paz, Managua
Operation Gomorrah 50,000 Hamburg, Germany 1943 Jul 24+ UK (Royal Air Force) Nikolaikirche, Hamburg
The Blitz 40-43,000 London, England 1940/9-1041/5 Nazi Germany ____, London
Dresden Air Raid 24-40,000 Dresden, Germany 1945 Feb 13 UK+USA Monument to Memory of WW-II, Dresden
Reign of Terror 16-40,000 France 1793-1794 French Mobs Bastille, Paris, France
US Military Deaths 36,940 Korea 1950-1953 Opposing Armies Korean War Vets Memorial, DC
Krakatoa Eruption 36,417 Sunda Strait, Indonesia 1883 Aug 26 Nature Memorial, Bandar Lampung
Persian Gulf War >20-35,000 Kuwait & vicinity 1990/8/2-1991/2/28 Saddam Hussein & Iraq National Desert Storm & Desert Shield War Memorial (pending)
      5,000-10,000 deaths
Babi Yar Massacre 33,771 Kiev, Ukraine 1941 Sep 29-30 Nazi Germany Babi Yar Monument, Kiev
Guerra Sucia (Dirty War) 9-30,000 Argentina 1976-1983 Government (& Church?) Villa Grimaldi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mount Pelee Eruption 30,000 Sainte-Pierre, Martinique 1902 May 8 Nature Volcano Museum
St. Bartholomew's Massacre 5-30,000 Paris, France 1572 Aug-Sep Roman Catholic mobs Various paintings
Mexican-American War c.29,283 Mexico & Texas 1846-1847 USA v. Mexico Gadsden Purchase, Arizona & New Mexico, USA
Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami 27,786 Sendai, Japan 2011 Mar 14 Nature Kobe "Light of Hope"
Battle of Iwo Jima 24,666-25,196 Iwo Jima Island, Japan 1945 2/19-3/26 USAUS Marine Corps Memorial, Arlington, Virginia, USA
      10,001-25,000 deaths
Rumbula Massacre 25,000 Rumbula Forest, Latvia 1941 Nov-Dec Nazi Germany "Soviet Era" Marker, Rumbula
Battle of Britain 23,002+ Great Britain, UK 1940 Jul-Oct Nazi Germany Kent Battle of Britain Museum
Battle of Antietam 23,000 Sharpsburg, MD, USA 1862 Sep 17 Opposing Armies Antietam National Cemetery
Katyn Forest Massacre 21,768 Near Smolensk, USSR 1940 March Russia National Katyn Memorial, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Partition of Palestine 16-21,000 Israel+Palestine 1947-1948 Haganah etc. Museum of Underground Prisoners, Jerusalem
Mau Mau Uprising 12,200-20,200 Kenya 1952-1960 Mau Mau v UK
Battle of Austerlitz 19,371 Prace, Czech Republic 1805 Dec 2 Opposing Armies Cairn of Peace/Muzeum Brnenska
Spanish-American War 17,165 Cuba & Philippines 1898 USA v. Spain Mast of Battleship "Maine," Arlington Cemetery, VA
Anti-Sikh Riots 10-17,000 New Delhi, India 1984 Oct-Nov Hindus w/govt help Sikh Heritage Centre & Holocaust Museum, Derby
Bhopal Chemical Leak 16,000 Bhopal, India 1984 Dec 2 Union Carbibe Memorial (future)
Battle of Tours c.13,100 Near Poitiers-Tours, France 732 Oct Franks v. Arabs Tomb of Charles Martel, Saint-Denis, France
Parsley Massacre 537-12,166 Dominican Republic 1937 Oct 2-8 Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina
Bataan Death March 6-11,000 Bataan Peninsula, Philippines 1942 Imperial Japan Friendship Tower of Bagac
Nepal-Bihar Earthquake 6,000-10,700 Nepal &Bihar State, India 1934 Jan 15 Nature Kesaria Stupa, East Champaran
228 Incident 10,000+ Taiwan 1947 Feb 28 Koumintang National 228 Memorial Museum, Taipei
Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda 10,000+ Phillipines 2013 Nov 6-8 Nature
"Highway of Death" >10,000 Highways 8 & 80, Kuwait April 26-7, 1991 US & Canadian military
Osaka Air Raids 10,000+ Osaka, Japan 1945 Feb-Aug USA Osaka International Peace Center, Osaka
Tutsi Massacre 10,000? Rwanda 1963/12-1964/1 Hutus Kigali Memorial Centre, Kigali, Rwanda
Chemical Warfare 10,000 Iran 1981-1988 Iraq Tehran Peace Monument, Tehran, Iran
Great Calcutta Killing 5-10,000 Calcutta, Bengal, India 1946 Aug 16-19 Muslims & Hindus"Conspicuously absent from official memory of Bengal"
Second Intifada 7,908-9,046 Palestine & Israel 2001/9-2005/2 Palestinians (PLO) Various monuments
Epuration sauvage 9,000 France 1944 France?
Nepal Earthquake 8,964   Kathmandu, Nepal 2015 Apr 25 Nature
Murders by Military Government 434+8,300 Brazil1964-1985 Military Government "Tortura Nunca Mais/Torture Never Again," Recife
Srebrenica Massacre 8,000+ Bosnia & Herzegovina 1995 July Serbian Army Genocide Memorial, Potocari
Iranian Revolution 2,781-8,000 Iran 1978-79 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Shahyad Tower (later Azadi Tower), Tehran, Iran
Unnamed Hurricane 8,000 Galveston, Texas, USA 1900 Sep 8 Nature Galveston Hurricane Memorial
Yokahama Air Raid 7-8,000 Yokohama, Japan 1945 May 29 USA
Kobe Earthquake 6,434 Kansai Region, Japan 1995 Jan 17 Nature Kobe Earthquake Memorial Museum, Kobe, Japan
War of 1812 6,421 USA, Canada & Atlantic 1812-1815 USA v. UK Monument to the War of 1812, Toronto, Ontario (2008)
Chile Earthquake 9.5 6,000 Valdivia, Chile 1960 May 22 Nature Pacific Tsunami Museum, Hilo, Hawaii, USA
      3,001-5,000 deaths
Yellow Fever Epidemic 4,000-5,000 Philadelphia, PA, USA 1793 Summer Nature Philadelphia Lazaretto (1799)
Poison Gas Attack 3,200-5,000 Halabja (Kurdistan), Iraq 1988 Mar 16-17 Saddam Hussein Martyrs Monument & Museum
Executions after July 20 Plot 4,980 Nazi Germany 1944 Gestapo Memorial to German Resistance, Bendlerblock, Berlin
US Military Deaths 4,295+ Iraq 2003-2009 Invaders v Disidents Eyes Wide Open (AFSC)
Suez Crisis 2,907-4,257 Suez Canal, Egypt 1956 10/29-11/7 Israel, UK & France"Reconciliation" (Peacekeeping Monument), Ottawa, ON
Okeechobee Hurricane 4,078 Florida & Elsewhere, USA 1928 Sep 6-20 Nature Herbert Hoover Dike
Nuclear Accident 4,000 Chernobyl, Ukraine 1986 Apr 26 Plant operators Memorials in Kiev & elsewhere
Cherokee Trail of Tears 4,000 Tennessee-Oklahoma, USA 1838 Winter Pres Andrew Jackson New Echota Historic Site, Georgia
"The Troubles" 3,530 Northern Ireland & Ireland 1968-1998 IRA v. UK Peace Walls, Belfast & Londonderry
Sabra & Shatila Massacres 700-3,500 South Beirut, Lebanon 1982 Sep 16-8 Phalangists & Israel Martyrs Square of Sabra & Shatila Massacres
Battle of Attu 3,399+ Attu, Aleutian Islands, AK, USA 1943 May 11-30 USA Japanese Peace Monument (titanium)
Hungarian Revolution 3,222-3,722 Hungary 1956 10/23-11/10 Soviet Union Stalin's empty boots, Memento Park near Budapest
Ebola Epidemic 3,000+++ West Africa 2013 Dec-2014 Nature None so far
Earthquake & Fire 3,000+ San Francisco, CA, USA 1906 Apr 18 Nature San Francisco Fire Dept Museum
      2,001-3,000 deaths
Unjust Nazi Executions 3,000 Plöetzensee Prison, Berlin 1933-1945 Nazi Germany Plöetzensee Memorial
Balangiga Retalliation 2-3,000 Balangiga, Samar, Philippines 1901 Aug-Sep US Army Balangiga Bells, Cheyenne, WY (booty)
Tel al-Zaatar Massacre 2-3,000 UNRWA Refugee Camp, Lebanon 1976 Aug 12 Lebanese militia ?
9/11 World Trade Center 2,823 New York City, New York, USA 2001 Sep 11 Al-Qaeda 9/11 Memorial & Museum, New York City, NY
Kragujevac Massacre 2,796 Kragujevac, Serbia 1941 Oct 21 Nazi Germany October 21 Memorial Park, Kragujevac
Tiananmen Square Protests 2,600 Beijing, China 1989 Jun 4 People's Republic of China Goddess of Democracy, Beijing
823 Artillery Bombardment 2,600 Kinmen Island (Quemoy), Taiwan 1958 People's Republic of China Kinmen Bell (2011)
Pearl Harbor Air Raid 2,452 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 1941 Dec 7 Imperial Japan USS Arizona Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Six Day War 12,276-17,683 Israel v Egypt+Syria+Jordan 1967 Jun 5-10 Opposing armiesMemorial, Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem
Mina Stampede during Hajj c.2,420 Mina, Mecca, Saudi Arabia 2015 Sep 24 Panic & bad public safety
Peshtigo Forest Fires 1,200-2,400 Wisconsin & Michigan, USA 1871 Oct 8 Nature Peshtigo Fire Museum, Peshtigo, WI
First Intifada 2,204 Palestine & Israel 1987/12-1993/9 Palestinians (PUNLU) Various monuments
Johnstown Flood 2,200+ Johnstown, PA, USA 1889 May 1 South Fork Club Johnstown Flood Museum, Johnstown, PA
Gaza War c2,200 Gaza Strip, Palestine 2014 Jul-Aug Israel & Hamas Rocket debris sculpture in Sderot, Israel
Sinking of batteship "Bismarck"c2,086 North Atlantic Ocean 1941 May 27 Royal NavyWreck about 650 km (400 mi) west of Brest, France
Battle of Culloden 1,550-2,050 Near Inverness, Scotland 1746 Apr 16 Jacobites v. UK Memorial cairn (1881), Culloden Moor
Battle of Cajamarca>2,005 Cajamarca, Inca Empire, Peru 1532 Nov 16 Pizarro v. Inca EmpireRansom Room of Emperor Atahualpa, Cajamarca, Peru
Halifax Explosion 2,000 Halifax Harbour, Canada 1917 Dec 6 Mont-Blanc (French ship) Memorial Bell Tower, Halifax, NS
Gwangju Uprising 1-2,000 Gwangju, South Korea 1980 May 18-27 Korean & US military Mangwol-dong Cemetery, Gwangju
      1,000-2,000 deaths
Baga massacre 150-2,000 Baga, Borno State, Nigeria2015 Jan 3 Boko Haram
Pontiac's Rebellion c.650-1,950 Great Lakes region 1763 British v. Chief Pontiac Council Point Park, Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA
Hurricane Katrina 1,836 New Orleans etc., USA 2005 Aug 29 Nature Katrina Memorial, Biloxi, MS
"Sultana" Explosion 1,800 Mississippi River, TN, USA 1865 Apr 27 Boiler misuse Memorials in TN & 5 other states
Minamata Disease 1,784 Minamata, Kumamoto Japan 1932-1968 Mercury poisoning Minamata Disease Municipal Museum
Texas Revolution 1,700 Texas, USA 1835-1836 Mexico v. Texians San Jacinto Monument (1939), Houston, Texas, USA
Guernica Air Raid 1,654 Guernica, Spain 1937 Apr 26 Germany & Italy Museo de la Paz de Guernika
"Titanic" Sinking 1,517 West Atlantic Ocean 1912 Apr 14-5 White Star Lines Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, NS, Canada
Jallianwala Bagh massacre 379-1,500 Jallianwala Garden, Amritsar, Inda 1919 Apr 13 British Army Jallianwala Bagh memorial, Amritsar, India
Chemical Weapons Attack 1,429 Ghouta, Damascus, Syria 2013 Aug 21 Syrian Army?
French Fleet Sinking 1,297 Mers-el-Kébir, Algeria 1940 Jul 3 Royal Navy Memorial, Coastal Path, Toulon, France
Basque Terrorism c.1,229 Spain & France 1959-2011 Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) Republican mural, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Sinking of batteship "Tirpitz"950-1,204 Håkøya Island, Tromsø, Norway 1944 Nov 12 Royal Air ForceMemorial on Håkøya Island
Migrant Shipwrecks >1,200 Mediterranean Sea 2015 Apr 13-20 Migrant Smugglers
"Lusitania" Sinking 1,198 Off Cobh, Ireland 1915 May 7 German Sub U-20 Lusitania Peace Memorial, Cobh
Rana Plaza Collapse 1,127 Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh 2013 Apr 24 Safety Negligence
Gugerat Riots 1,044 Gugerat State, India 2002 Feb-Mar Hindus v. MuslimsGulberg Society, Ahmedabad (unintentional monument)
"General Slocum" Fire 1,021 East River, NY City, USA 1904 Jun 15 Capt. Van Schaick Tompkins Square Memorial
"Empress of Ireland" Sinking 1,012 St. Lawrence River, Canada 1914 May 29 Collision with "SS Storstad" Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Père
Anti-Islamist Crackdown 1,000+ Cairo, Egypt 2013 Aug 14+ Egyptian Army
Berlin Wall Escapees 1,000 Berlin, Germany 1961-1989 EastGermany+USSR Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Berlin, Germany
Kawasaki Air Raid 1,000 Kawasaki, Japan 1945 Apr 15 USA Kawasaki Peace Museum
      500-1,000 deaths
US Invasion of Dominican Republic <1,000 Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep. 1965 Apr 24-Sep 3 Constitutionalists
Seige of Masada 936 Judean Desert, Israel 73 CE Israel v. Rome Masada National Park
People's Temple Suicide 918 Jonestown, Guyana 1978 Nov 18 Jim Jones Evergreen Cemetery, Oakland, California, USA
Falklands War 907 Falkland Islands 1982 Apr-Jun Argentina Argentine & British Military Cemeteries on East Falkland
Sinking of "USS Indianapolis" 879 Philippine Sea (Guam to Leyte) 1945 Jul 30 Japan & US Navy incompetence USS Indianapolis Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Battle of the Alamo 582-857 San Antonio, Texas, USA 1836 2/23-3/6 Mexico v. Texians Alamo Mission, San Antonio (unintentional monument)
"Eastland" Collapse 844 Chicago River, Illinois, USA 1915 July 24 Bad design Historical marker (1989, stolen & replaced)
El Mozote Massacre 800+ El Mozote, El Salvador 1981 Dec 11 Salvadorean Army Memorial, El Mozote, El Salvador
Cauquenes Earthquake 8.8 800 Concepción, Chile 2010 Feb 27 Nature
Great New England Hurricane 682-800 New England, USA 1938 Sep 21 Nature ?
Sioux Uprising 300-800 Minnesota, USA 1862 Aug-Sep Sioux Indians Reconciliation Park, Mankato, MN
Sinking of the "Struma" 791 Black Sea, Turkey 1942 Feb 24 Soviet submarine Monument to "Struma" & "Mefkura," Ashdod, Israel
SARS Epidemic 774 China+Taiwan+Can. 2002-2003 Nature SARS Animal Monument, Beijing, China
Marzabotto Massacre 770 Monte Sole, Italy 1944 Oct Waffen SS Peace School Foundation, Monte Sole, Italy
US Army "Exercise Tiger" 749 Lyme Bay, Devon, England 1944 Apr 28 German E-Boats Tank Memorial, Torcross, England
Oradour Massacre 642 Oradour-sur-Glane, France 1944 Jun 10 Waffen SS Centre de la mémoire d'Oradour, France
Khojali Massacre 613 Khojali, Azerbaijan 1992 Feb 25 Armenian+Russian militaryKhojaly Massacre Memorial, The Hague, Netherlands
KLM/PanAm Collision 583 Tenerife, Canary Islands 1977 Mar 27 Runway confusion Intl Memorial, Mount Mesa Mota
JAL flight 123 520 Mount Takamagahara, Japan 1985 Aug 12 Mechanical failure JAL Safety Promotion Center, Tokyo
Battle of Mogadishu 220-520 Mogadishu, Somalia 1993 Oct 3-4 Somali militiamen Airborne & Special Operations Museum, Fort Bragg, NC
Sinking of "HMS Repulse" 508 Off Singapore 1941 Dec 10 Japanese bombers "Protected Place"
My Lai massacre 347-504 My Lai, Vietnam 1968 Mar 16 USA (US Army) My Lai Peace Park (Madison Quakers)
Fort Mims Massacre 500+ Fort Mims, Alabama, USA 1813 Aug 30 Creek Indians Ft Mims State Hist Site, Tensaw, AL
      300-500 deaths
"HMS Birkenhead" Wreck 450 Gansbaai, South Africa 1852 Feb 28 Rusty lifeboats Plaque, Danger Point Lighthouse
First Boer War 449 South Africa 1880-1881 UK v. SA Republic ?
Gainesville Tornado 436+ Gainesville, GA, USA 1936, Apr 6 Nature Roosevelt Monument, Gainesville
Paoli Massacre 400+ Paoli, Pennsylvania, USA 1777 Sep 20-1 British Army Granite Monument (1877)
No Gun Ri massacre 400? No Gun Ri, South Korea 1950 Jul 26–9 US Army No Gun Ri International Peace Park
Sand Creek Massacre 400 Kiowa County, CO, USA1864 Nov 29 Colorado Territorial Militia Sand Creek Massacre NH Site
Massacre of Pioneers 400 less Great Plains, USA 1842-1859 Plains Indians Massacre Rocks State Park, Idaho
Hindu Kush Earthquake 398 Afghanistan & Pakistan 2015 Oct 26 Nature
Lidice Massacre c.340 Lidice, Czech Republic 1942 Jun 10 Nazi Germany Phillips, Wisconsin (1944) & Lidice (c.1995)
Beslan School seige 334 plus Beslan, Russia 2004 Sep 1-4 Ingust+Chechen militants Tree of Grief, N.Ossetia, & monument nr Moscow
Air India flight 182 bombing 329 Atlantic in Irish air space 1985 Jun 23 Sikh Inderjit Singh Reyat Sundial, Humber Bay East Park, Toronto, Canada
"Prince of Wales" Sinking 327 Off Singapore 1941 Dec 10 Japanese bombers ???
Wounded Knee Massacre c.325 Pine Ridge IR, SD, USA 1890 Dec 29 US Army National Historic Landmark
School Explosion 296-319 New London, Texas, USA 1937 Mar 18 Natural gas buildup Cenotaph, New London, Texas
Sinking of the MV "Sewol" 304 En route to Jeju, South Korea 2014 Apr 16 Captain Lee Jun-seok Memorial wall near Danwon HS, Ansan City
      250-300 deaths
Jedwabne Pogrom 300 plus Jedwabne, Poland 1941 Jul 10 Polish Gentiles Jedwabne Memorial, Poland
Tlatelolco massacre 30-300 Tlatelolco, Mexico City, Mexico 1968 Oct 2 Police Jardin de la Paz/Peace Garden, Tlatelolco, Mexico City
Sinking of the "Mefkura" >300 Black Sea, Turkey 1944 Aug 5 Soviet submarine Monument to "Struma" & "Mefkura," Ashdod, Israel
Deir Yassin Massacre 300? Near Jerusalem, Israel 1948 Apr 9 Irgun + Stern Group "Deir Yassin Remembered," Geneva, New York, USA
Great Chicago Fire 200-300 Chicago, Illinois, USA 1871 Oct 8-10 Mrs.O'Leary's cow? Chicago Water Tower
Fort Caroline Massacre Hundreds Jacksonville, Florida, USA 1565 Sep 29 Spanish v. French
US Marine Barracks bombing 299 Beirut, Lebanon 1983 Oct 23 Hezbollah Beirut Memorial, Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA
Malaysia Airways Flight 17 298 Hrabove, Donetsk, Ukraine 2014 Jul 17 Pro-Russian militants?
Bay of Pigs invasion 294 Playa Girón, Cuba 1961 Apr 17-9 USA (CIA) Museo municipal de Playa Girón, Cuba
Super Storm Sandy 285 NJ, NY, 6 other countries 2012 Oct 22-31 Nature
Lampedusa Boat Disaster 274+ Lampedusa Island, Italy 2013 Oct 3 Captain Khaled Bensalam?
Pan Am flight 103 270 Lockerbie, Scotland, UK 1988 Dec 22 Libya with A. al-Megrahi Dryfesdale Cemetery, Lockerbie, Scotland
Korean Airlines flight 007 269 Sea of Japan 1983 Sep 1 Russian Air Force Tower of Prayer, Cape Soya, Japan
Battle of Little Big Horn 263 Crow Agency, MT, USA 1876 Jun 25-6 USA v. Indians Little Big Horn Battlefield Nat Mon
Cherry Mine Disaster 259 Cherry, Illinois, USA 1909 Nov 13 Kerosene lanternsUMW Monument
"USS Maine" Sinking 258 Havana Harbor, Cuba 1898 Feb 15 Spain or accident Maine Memorial, New York City
Arrow Air flight 1285 256 Gander, Newfoundland, Canada 1985 Dec 12 Ice on wings? "Silent Witness," Gander Lake (also in Kentucky)
Voyage of the "MS St. Louis" 254 Atlantic Ocean 1939 5/13-6/17 Nazis, Cuba, USA Florida Holocaust Museum, St Petersburg, FL, USA
      150-250 deaths
Malaysia Airways flight 370 239 Indian Ocean 2014 Mar 8 Pilot or co-pilot?
Fort Pillow Massacre 231 Henning, Tennessee, USA 1864 Apr 4 Confederate Army Fort Pillow State Park
Invasion of Panama 228+ Panama 1989 Dec-1990 Jan USA La Comandancia (unintentional monument)
Air France flight 447 228 Atlantic Ocean 2009 Jun 1 Aerodynamic stall "Air France 447: Vanished" (2013 TV documentary)
Metrojet Flight 9268 224 Sinai Peninsula, Egypt 2015 Oct 31 Islamic State
Bombing of US embassies 223 plus Nairobi + Dar-es-Salaam 1998 Aug 7 Islamic Jihad August 7 Memorial Park, Nairobi, Kenya
EgyptAir flight 990 217 Atlantic off Nantucket, USA 1999 Oct 31 First Officer's suicide Granite memorial, Newport, Rhode Island, USA
Fraterville Mine Disaster 216 Fraterville, Tennessee, USA 1902 May 19 Negligence Miners' Circle, Leach Cemetery, Lake City, TN
Mumbai train bombings 209 Western Railroad, Mumbai, India 2006 Jul 11 Lashkar-e-Taiba?Obilisk in one of the 7 bombed stations
Bali nightclub bombings 202 Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 2002 Oct 12 Jemaah Islamiyah Bali Bombing Memorial
Long Walk of the Navajo 200 plus Arizona & N.Mexico, USA 1864 Jan US Army Bosque Redondo Memorial, Fort Sumner, NM
Massacre of Algerians 40-200 Paris, France 1961 Oct 17 Parisian Police
Worlds Fair murders 27-200 Chicago, Illinois, USA 1893 Serial killer H.H. HolmesSite of Holmes' "Worlds Fair Hotel"
Madrid train bombings 199 Madrid, Spain 2004 Mar 11 Al-Qaeda inspired Atocha Train Station Memorial, Madrid
2nd San Fernando massacre 193 San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico 2011 4/6-6/7 Los Zetas drug cartel
9/11 Pentagon 184 Arlington, Virginia, USA 2001 Sep 11 Al-Qaeda Pentagon Memorial, Arlington, VA
Christchurch Earthquake181 Christchurch, New Zealand2011 Feb 22 NatureChristchurch Cathedral (unintentional monument)
Battle of the Plains of Abraham 174 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada 1759 Sep 13 British v. French Plains of Abraham, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
UTA flight 772 170 Niger (Brazzaville-Paris) 1989 Sep 19 Islamic Jihad Desert memorial of victims' families, Ténéré Desert, Niger (2007)
Oklahoma City bombing168 Oklahoma City, OK, USA 1995 Apr 19 Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
Mumbai terrorist attack 165 Mumbai, India 2008 Nov 26 Lashkar-e-Taiba 26/11 tablet in lobby of long distance trains section
Earthquake & Tsunami 165 Aleutian Islands, AK, USA1966 Apr 1 Nature Pacific Tsunami Museum, Hilo, HI, USA
AirAsia Flight 8501 162 Java Sea near Borneo2014 Dec 28 Bad weather?
"Scandinavian Star" Fire 158 Norway-Denmark 1990 Apr 7 Arson & bad design Scandinavian Star Monument, Oslo, Norway
Protest Massacre 157 Conakry, Guinea 2009 Sep 29 Guinean Army Peaceful transition of power
Colfax Massacre 83-153 Colfax, Louisiana USA 1873 Apr 13 Rioting Whites Liberty Monument, New Orleans, LA
      100-150 deaths
Germanwings Flight 9525 150 French Alps 2015 Mar 24 Andreas Lubitz's suicide
Attack on Army School 148 Peshawar, Pakistan 2014 Dec 16 Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan
Garissa Univ College attack 147 Garissa, Kenya 2015 Apr 2 Al-Shabaab
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire 146 New York City, NY, USA 1911 Mar 25 Smoking & bad exits Mt Richmond Cem, Staten Is, NY
ISIS attacks 130 +7 Bataclan Theatre etc, Paris, France 2015 Nov 13 Islamic State Bataclan Theatre (unintentional monument)
"Morro Castle" Fire 137 Off Asbury Park, NJ, USA 1934 Sep 8 Safety deficiencies Outside Convention Hall, Asbury Park
"Rio de Janeiro" Sinking 135 San Francisco Bay, CA, USA 1901 Feb 22 Navigation error Underwater wreck
Battle of Tippecanoe 113-128 Near Lafayette, Indiana, USA 1811 Nov 7 Indiana Terr. v. Tecumseh Battlefield monument
Chiapas Conflict 118-126 Chiapas, Mexico 1994-2014 Zapatista Nat. Lib. Army "A Place Called Chiapas" (1998 documentary)
2nd Riel Rebellion 125 Saskatchewan, Canada 1885 Spring Province vs. Métis Bell of Batoche (taken to Ontario)
"Kielland Rig" Collapse 123 North Sea, Norway 1980 Mar 27 Undected crack "Brutte Lenke/Broken Chain"
"Vestris" Sinking 111 Off Hampton Roads, USA 1928 Nov 12 Shifting cargo ?
Ankara bombings 102 +2 Central RR Sta, Ankara, Turkey 2015 Oct 10 Islamic State?
ISIS Beheadings 100+ Syria 2014 Jul-2015 Islamic State
Swine Flu (H1N1) 100+ Mexico+World 2009 Apr Nature ?
Muhammad Cartoons 100 plus Jyullands-Posten, Denmark 2005 Sep 30 Various Muslims Office of Jylands-Posten Daily, Copenhagen
"Saluda" Explosion 100 plus Lexington, MO, USA 1852 Apr 9 Boiler explosionSaluda Steamboat Memorial
Ammunition Explosion 100 plus Perth Amboy, NJ, USA 1918 Oct 4 Accident? ?
Landslide at jade mine >100 Hpakant, Kachin State, Myanmar2015 Nov 21 Minimal safety measures
      75-100 deaths
Louisiana Slave Revolt 97 Near LaPlace, LA, USA 1811 Jan 8-10 Slaves & Masters Mentioned on Woodland Plantation marker
"2nd Katyn Massacre" 96 Smolensk, Russia 2010 Apr 10 Fog. Also pilot error? Burials in Poland
Gnadenhütten Massacre 96 Gnadenhütten, OH, USA 1782 Mar 8 Pennsylvania Militia Gnadenhütten Memorial (1872)
Wellington Avalanche 96 Wellington (Tye), WA, USA 1910 Mar 01 Nature Iron Goat Trail on US-2, Stevens Pass
SSKM Hospital fire 94 Kolkata, India 2011 Dec 9 Ineptitude & poor equip
Kristallnacht 91 Germany+Austria 1938 Nov 9-10 Nazi Germany Kristallnacht Memorial, Austria
Green River murders 49-90+ Washington State, USA 1982-1998 Serial killer Gary Ridgway
Invasion of Granada 89 Granada 1983 10/25-12/15 USA Prime Minister Maurice Bishop Airport
Random murders 87+ Usumbura, Burundi 2015 Dec 11 ?
Happy Land Club Fire87 Bronx, New York City, NY, USA 1990 Mar 25 Arson by Julio González Plaza of the Eighty-Seven (renamed street)
Great Chatsworth Wreak85 Chatsworth, Illinois, USA 1887 Aug 10 Careless workersRoadside Marker & Folksong
Cross Mtn. Mine Explosion84 Briceville, Tennessee, USA 1911 Dec 9 Dust & Gas IgnitionMiners' Circle, Circle Cemetery, Briceville, TN
Massacre of Vassy80+ Wassy, Haute-Marne, France 1562 Mar 1 Francis, Duc de GuiseHuguenot Memorial Museum, South Africa
Hadassah Convoy Massacre79 East Jerusalem, Palestine 1948 Apr 13 Arab forcesPlaques on street & Mt. Scopus
Air Florida Flight 9078 Potomac River, Wash, DC, USA 1982 Aug 13 Improper deicingArland D Williams Jr Memorial Bridge
Utøya Island Massacre 77 Utøya Island & Oslo, Norway 2011 Jul 22 Anders Behring Breivik AUF Camp, Utøya Island, Norway
US air raid on Lybia 62-77 Tripoli & Benghazi, Lybia 1986 Apr 15 Retaliation for Berlin bombing Lybian postage stamps
Branch Davidian Raid 76 Waco, Texas, USA 1993 Apr 19 David Koresh & FBI Branch Davidian Memorial, Waco, Texas
      50-75 deaths
Tay Rail Bridge Disaster 75 Dundee, Scotland, UK 1879 Dec 28 Bridge failure Tay Bridge Disaster Song
Shenzhen landslide c.75 Shenzhen, China 2015 Dec 20 Faulty disposal of debris
Jenin Massacre c.75 Refugee Camp, Jenin, Palestine 2002 Apr 1-11 Israel vs. Refugees Museum in Old Hijaz Railway building.
Battle of Fallen Timbers 52-73 Maumee, Ohio, USA 1794, Aug 20 US v. Indian Tribes Battle of Fallen Timbers Monument
Westgate Shopping Mall 72+ Nairobi, Kenya 2013 Sep 21-24 Al-Shabaab Damaged mall (unintentional monument)
1st San Fernando massacre 72 San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico 2010 Aug 24 Los Zetas drug cartel"Roses can be sent to a 'virtual altar' online."
Turtle Mountain Slide c.70 Frank, Alberta, Canada 1903 Apr 29 Bad mining Frank Slide Interpretive Centre
In Amenas hostage crisis 69 Tigantourine, In Amenas, Algeria2013 Jan 16-19 Al-Mourabitoun
Sandy Hook Shooting 28 Newtown, Connecticut, USA 2012 Dec 14 Adam Lanza Makeshift memorial, Berkshire Road in Sandy Hook
Sharpeville massacre 69 Sharpeville, Transvaal, South Africa 1960 Mar 21 South African Police Memorial in Sharpeville Human Rights Precinct (2002)
Hurricane Andrew 65 Miami etc., Florida, USA 1992 Aug Nature Plaque, Biscayne National Park, Florida
Gandamak Massacre 64 Gandamak, Afghanistan 1842 Jan 13 UK vs. Insurgents
Doolittle Air Raid61 Tokyo & 5 other cities, Japan 1944 Apr 18 US Army Air Corps National Museum of the US Air Force, Dayton, Ohio
Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion 60 Southampton County, VA, USA 1831 Aug 21-22 Slave Nat Turner Rebecca Vaughan house, Courtland, Virginia, USA
Dalit Massacre 58 Laxmanput Bathe, Bihar, India 1997 Dec 1 Ranvir Sena landlord militia
Operation Entebbe58 Entebbe Airport, Uganda1976 Jul 4 Palestinian terroristsEntebbe Memorial, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Suicide bombings 53 +3 N'Djamena, Chad2015 Jun-Jul Boko Haram
7/7 London Bombings 56 London, England 2005 Jul 7 4 British Muslims 7/7 Memorial, Hyde Park, London
Cincinnati Courthouse Riots 56 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 1884 Mar 28-30 Corruption & race Cincinnati Music Hall (unintentional monument)
Boko Haram attack 52 Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria2015 Dec 28 Boko Haram
"SS Andrea Doria" Collision 52 Off Nantucket, MA, USA 1956 Jul 25 Human error Underwater Wreck (unintentional monument)
Powder Explosion 51 Kenvil, New Jersey, USA 1940 Sep 12 Accident? Memorial Plaque (2005)
      38-50 deaths
Kafr Qasim Massacre 49 Kafr Qasim, Israel 1956 Oct 29 Israel Border Police Kafr Qasim Memorial & Museum
Lac-Mégantic Derailment 47 Lac-Mégantic, QC, Canada2013 July 6 Montréal,ME &Atlantic RR
Great Colonial Hurricane 46+ New England, USA 1635 August Nature Antony Thacher's Monument, Thacher Island, MA
Silver Bridge Collapse 46 Point Pleasant, WV, USA 1967 Dec 15 Bridge failure Silver Memorial Bridge, Point Pleasant, WV, USA
ISIS bombings 43 +2 Bourj el-Barajneh, Beirut, Lebanon 2015 Nov 12 Islamic State
9/11 Flight 93 Crash 44 Shanksville, Pennsylvania, USA 2001 Sep 11 Al-Qaeda Flight 93 National Memorial, Shanksville, PA
Attica Prison Riot 44 Attica, New York, USA 1971 Sep 13 Racist prison guards
Bath School Disaster 44 Bath, Michigan, USA 1927 May 18 Andrew Kehoe Bath School Memorial Park
TransAsia Airways Flight 235 43 Taipei, Taiwan 2015 Feb 4 Human error?
Oso Mudslide 43 Oso, Washington, USA 2014 Mar 22 Nature Memorial mailed to tree by rescue workers
Sousse attacks 40 Hotel near Sousse, Tunisia 2015 Jun 26 Terrorists
Civil Rights Movement 40 Southern USA 1954-1968 Segregationists Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery, Alabama, USA
Heaven's Gate Cult Suicide 39 San Diego, California, USA 1997 Mar 26 Marshall Applewhite Site of suicide house (unintentional monument)
Donner Party 39 Donner Pass, California, USA 1846-47 Winter Snow+Canibalism Donner Memorial State Park, Truckee, CA
Tulsa Race Riot 39 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 1921 May 31 Rioting Whites Greenwood Cultural Center
Coastal Road Massacre 38 Coastal Highway, Israel 1978 Mar 11 Fatah & Abu JihadEgged Bus, Egged Museum, Holon, Israel
Massacre of Glencoe38 Glencoe, Scotland 1692 Feb 13 Govt troops (Campbells) Glencoe Monument (McDonalds)
Wall Street Bombing38 New York, NY, USA 1920 Sep 16 Anarchists Scared stone at 23 Wall Street
      26-37 deaths
Burning of the "Hindenburg" 36 Lakehurst NAS, New Jersey, USA 1937 May 6 Various theoriesMarker at disaster site
Domodedovo Airport bomb35 Intl Airport, Moscow, Russia 2011 Jan 24 Suicide bomber
Crash of USAF Boeing CT-43 35 Dubrovnik, Croatia 1996 Apr 3 Pilot error Graves of Ron Brown & Charles Meissner
Désastre d'Escuminac35 Miramichi Bay, NB, Canada 1959 Jun 19 Tropical stormFisherman's Monument, Escuminac, NB, Canada
Legionnaires' Disease34 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 1976 Jul 27 Unidentified disease
Ma'alot massacre31 +3 Ma'alot, Israel1974 May Dem. Front for Lib.of PalestineNetiv Meir Elementary School
Attack on "USS Liberty" 34 Mediterranean Sea near Sinai 1967 Jun 8 Israel Memorial Plaque, Mt. Soledad, La Jolla, California, USA
Detroit Race Riot 34 Detroit, Michigan, USA 1943 Jun 20-22 Blacks v. Whites Belle Isle Bridge (Douglas McArthur Bridge), Detroit
Suruc bombing 33 Sanliurfa Province, Turkey 2015 Jul 20 Islamic State?
"Costa Concordia" Sinking 33 Isola del Giglio, Italy 2012 Jan 13 Capt. Francesco Schettino ?
Virginia Tech Massacre 33 Blacksburg, Virginia, USA 2007 Apr 16 Seung-Hui Cho Hokie Stone Semicircle, Blacksburg, VA
Boko Haram attack 32+ Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria2015 Nov 17 Boko Haram
Koulfoua massacre >30 Koulfoua Island, Lake Chad, Chad2015 Dec 5 Boko Haram
Doctors Without Borders airstrike >30 Hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan 2015 Oct 3 US Air Force Bombed out hospital (unintentional monument)
Passover Massacre 30 Park Hotel, Netanya, Israel 2002 Mar 27 Hamas ?
Cave of the Patriarchs massacre 30 Hebron, Palestine (West Bank) 1994 Feb 25 Baruch Goldstein Goldstein's tomb (a Jewish extremist pilgrimage site)
Upper Big Branch Mine 29 Montcoal, West Virginia, USA 2010 Apr 5 Coal mine explosion Football team uniforms
      16-25 deaths
Bamako hotel attack 22 +3? Radisson Blu Hotel, Bamako, Mali2015 Nov 20 Al-Mourabitoun (&AQIM?) Radisson Blu Hotel (unintentional monument)
Moore Tornado 24 Moore, Oklahoma, USA 2013 May 20 Nature
Boko Haram attack 22 +1 Between Kano & Zaria, Nigeria2015 Nov 26 Boko Haram
Bardo National Museum attack 22 Tunis, Tunisia 2015 Mar 18 Terrorists Bardo National Museum (unintentional monument)
Beit Lid Massacre 22 HaSharon Junction, Israel 1995 Jan 22 Islamic Jihad Beit Lid Memorial, Sharon, Israel
McDonald's Rest. Massacre 22 San Ysidro, California, USA 1984 Jul 18 James Oliver Huberty Monument to Victims, San Diego, California, USA
Lake Huron Tunnel Disaster 22 Port Huron, Michigan, USA 1971 Dec 11 Methane gas explosion Miner Statue, Fort Gratiot County Park, MI, USA
"Bloody Monday" Riot 22 Louisville, Kentucky, USA 1855 Aug 6 Anti-Catholic Know Nothings St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church, Louisville, KY
Dalit Massacre 21 Bathani Tola, Bhojpur, Bihar, India 1996 Jul 11 Ranvir Sena landlord militia
Birmingham Pub Bombings 21 Birmingham, England 1974 Nov 21 IRA Memorial plaque to the 21 victims, St. Philip's Cathedral
Bombing of Khobar Towers 20 Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 1998 Jun 25 Hezbollah Al-Hejaz Headstones, Arlington National Cemetery, VA, USA
Pan Am flight 73 20 Karachi, Pakistan 1986 Sep 5 Abu Nidal Organization
Beer Hall Putsch 20 Bürgerbräukeller, Munich, Germ. 1923 Nov 8-9 Adolf Hitler et al Georg Elser plaque on GEMA building (site of the putsch)
Ludlow Massacre 20 Ludlow, Colorado, USA 1914 Apr 20 Colorado State Militia Ludlow Monument, Ludlow, CO
Bible Riots c.20 Philadelphia, PA, USA 1844 May-Jul Nativists St Augustine Catholic Church, Philadelphia
Conestoga Massacre 20 Lancaster County, PA, USA 1763 Dec 14/27 Paxton Boys (mob) "Indian Burial Ground" (no remains)
Yarnell Hill Forest Fire 19 Near Yarnell, Arizona, USA 2013 Jun 30 Forest Fire Prescott Fire Department, Prescott, Arizona
Soufrière Hills Volcano 19 Plymouth, Monserrat 1997 Jun 25 Nature Montserrat Volcano Observatory
Lattimer Massacre 19 Mine near Hazelton, PA, USA 1897 Sep 10 Luzerne County sheriff Small memorial on the site (1972)
Salem Witch Hangings 19 Massachusetts, USA 1692-1693 Public histeria Salem Witch Museum, Salem, MA
Megiddo Junction Bombing 17 Megiddo Junction, Israel 2002 Jun 5 Islamic Jihad Memorial near the site of the attack
Bombing of "USS Cole" 17 Aden, Yemen 2000 Oct 12 Sudan Government? Memorial, Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Munich Olympics Massacre17 Munich, Germany1972 Sep Black SeptemberTablet at Olympic Stadium, Munich
John Brown's Raid 17 Harper's Ferry, WV, USA 1859 Oct 16-9 John Brown John Brown's Fort, Harper's Ferry, WV
Holiday party shootings 14 +2 San Bernadino, CA, USA 2015 Dec 2 Syed Farook+Tashfeen MalikInland Regional Center (unintentional monument)
Crash of United Nations DC-6 16 Ndola, Zambia 1961 Sep 18 Congolese factions Dag Hammarskjöld Memorial
      11-15 deaths
Village attack 15 Village of Gogone, Diffa, Niger 2015 Nov 26 Boko Haram
Columbine HS Massacre 15 Littleton, Colorado, USA 1993 Apr 19 E.Harris+D.Klebold Columbine Memorial, Littleton, Colorado
École Polytechnique Massacre 15 Montréal, Québec, Canada 1989 Dec 6 Marc Lépine Place du 6-Décembre-1989
Karkur Junction Bombing 14 Karkur Junc., Wadi Ada, Israel 2002 Oct 21 al-Quds Brigades?
Eilabun Massacre 14 Eilabun, Israel 1948 Oct 30 Israel Defense Forces Documentary film "The Sons of Eilaboun"
Military bus attack 13 +2 Tunis, Tunisia 2015 Nov 24 Terrorists
US Consulate Attack 9/11 14 Benghazi, Libya 2012 Sep 11 Terrorists
University of Texas Shooting 14 UT, Austin, Texas, USA 1996 Aug 1 Charles Whitman Admin Building Tower (unintentional monument)
"Bloody Sunday" 14 Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK 1972 Jan 30 British Army Mural by Bogside Artists
Navy Yard Shooting 13 Washington, DC, USA 2013 Sep 16 Aaron Alexis
Fort Hood Shooting 13 Fort Hood, Texas, USA 2009 Nov 5 Major Nidal Malik HasanMemorial by Troy Kelley (donations being sought)
I-35W Bridge Collapse 13 St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 2007 Aug 1 Bridge failure Bridge Memorial Wall, St. Paul, MN
Pullman Strike 13 Pullman, Illinois, USA 1894 May 11 US Army Randolph/Pullman Museum/Gallery
Charlie Hebdo Shooting 12 Paris, France 2015 Jan 7 Muslim Terrorists "Je suis Charlie."
Aurora movie Shooting 12 Aurora, Colorado, USA 2012 July 20 James Holmes Century 16 Theater, Aurora, CO (unintentional)
Washington Race Riots 12 Washington, DC, USA 1968 Apr 4-8 Blacks after MLK's death Landmark for Peace, Indianapolis, Indiana
Deepwater Horizon 11 Gulf of Mexico, USA 2010 Apr 20 Company shortcuts Underwater wreak (unintentional monument)
London Bombings 11 Hyde & Regents Parks, London 1982 Jul 20 Provisional IRA Two memorials
      10 deaths
Umpqua ComCollege shooting 10 Roseburg, Oregon, USA 2015 Oct 1 Christopher Harper-Mercer
Grand Haven Seiche 10 Grand Haven, Michigan, USA 1929 Jul 4 Nature
Matewan Massacre 10 Matewan, West Virginia, USA 1920 May 19 Coal companies Matewan Historic District
      9 deaths
AME Church shooting 9 Charleston, South Carolina, USA 2015 June 17 Dylann Roof Confederate flag removal at SC State House
Waco Shootout 9 Twin Peaks Rest., Waco, TX, USA 2015 May 17 Motorcycle gangs Twin Peaks Restaurant (unintentional monument)
"Mavi Marmara" Attack 9 Mediterranean Sea near Gaza 2010 May 31 Israel "Mavi Marmara" in Turkey
Iranian Hostage Crisis 9 American Embassy Tehran, Iran 1979/11-1981/1 Students+Government Avenue of 444 Flags, Hermitage, Pensylvania, USA
      8 deaths
San Bruno Pipeline explosion 8 San Francisco, California USA 2010 Sep 9 Defective welds
Murder of 8 Nurses 8 Chicago, Illinois, USA 1966 Jul 14 Richard Speck Graves in Holy Cross Cemetery, Chicago, IL, USA
Rosewood Massacre 8 Rosewood, Florida, USA 1923 January Rioting Whites Ghost Town & Marker
Haymarket Massacre 7 plus Chicago, Illinois, USA 1886 May 4 Strikers & police Haymarket Martyrs Monument
Murders by Billy the Kid 8 Arizona, USA 1877-1881 Billy the Kid Gravestone, Fort Sumner, New Mexico, USA
      7 deaths
Isla Vista shootings 6 +1 Isla Vista, California, USA 2014 May 23 Elliot Rodger
Sihk Temple Shooting 6 +1 Oak Creek, Wisconsin, USA 2012 Aug 5 Michael Page
Space Shuttle Columbia 7 Over Texas, USA 2003 Feb 1 Loose insulation foam Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, USA
Space Shuttle Challenger 7 Cape Kennedy, Florida, USA 1986 Jan 28 Failure of O-ring Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, USA
Iranian Embassy siege 7 Princess Gate, London, England 1980 Apr-May Dem Rev Front for Lib of Arabistan Bombed out Iranian Embassy (unintentional monument)
Manson Murders 7 10050 Cielo Drive, CA, USA 1969 Jul-Aug Charles Manson Grave of Sharon Tate, Los Angeles, California, USA
Valentine Day massacre 7 Chicago, Illinois, USA 1929 Feb 14 Al Capone's gang Grave of Al Capone, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Hatfield-McCoy Feud 7 WestVa./Kentucky, USA 1878-1891 Both families Floodwall, Matewan, West Virginia, USA
Great Fire of London 6 plus London, England 1666 Sep 2-5 Tho. Farriner Bakery Monument by Christopher Wren
      6 deaths
Marine Corps shootings 6 Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA 2015 July 16 Muhammad Y. Abdulazeez
Gabrielle Giffords shooting 6 Tucson, Arizona, USA 2011 Jan 8 Jared Lee Loughner Safeway Supermarket, Casas Adobes, Arizona
Bat Mitzvah Massacre 6 Hadera, Israel 2002 Jan Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade?
World Trade Center bomb 6 New York City, New York, USA 1993 Feb 26 Al-Qaeda 9/11 Memorial & Museum, New York City, NY
Jack the Ripper 5 plus Whitechapel, London 1888 Late Unidentified Jack the Ripper Walking Tour, London
      5 deaths
Boston Marathon Bombs 5 Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2013 Apr 15 Tsarnaev Brothers Spontaneous memorial, Copley Square, Boston, MA
Killing of Osama bin Laden 5 Compound, Abbottabad, Pakistan 2011 May 2 US Navy Seals
Itamar Massacre 5 Itamar Settlement, West Bank 2011 Mar 11 Two Palestinians ?
Boston Massacre 5 Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1770 Mar 5 British troops Crispus Attucks Monument, Boston, MA
Battle of Ticonderoga 5 Fort Carillon, New York, USA 1759 Jul 26-7 British v. French Fort Ticonderoga, Ticonderoga, New York, USA
      4 deaths
Kent State massacre 4 Kent St Univ, Kent, Ohio, USA 1970 May 4 Ohio National Guard May 4 Memorial, Kent St Univ, Kent, Ohio, USA
Altamont Free Concert 4 Altamont Track, CA, USA 1969 Dec 6 Hells Angels et al ?
16th St Baptist Church bombing 4 Birmingham, Alabama, USA 1963 Sep 15 White supremacists "That Which Might Have Been," Phoenix, AZ
Murder of the Mirabal sisters 4 Dominican Republic 1960 Nov 25 Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina Mirabal home (now a museum), Salcedo, DR
July 20 Plot against Adolf Hitler 4 Rastenburg, Nazi Germany 1944 Jul 20 Claus von Stauffenberg Memorial to German Resistance, Bendlerblock, Berlin
      3 deaths
Planned Parenthood shootings 3 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 2015 Nov 27 Robert Lewis DearPlanned Parenthood Clinic (unintentional monument)
Lafayette theater shooting 2 +1 Lafayette, Louisiana, USA 2015 Jul 23 John Russell HouserGrand 16 Movie Theater (unintentional monument)
Sydney Hostage Crisis 3 Lindt Chocolate Cafe, Sydney 2014 Dec 15 Man Haron Monis Lindt Chocolate Cafe (unintentional monument)
Discothèque bombing 3 Berlin, Germany 1986 Apr 5 Libya Memorial plaque on La Belle discothèque
"Unabomber" Mail Bombs 3 Lincoln, Montana, USA 1978-1995 Ted Kaczynski "Pause," New York City, New York, USA
OPEC Siege 3 OPEC headqrts, Vienna, Austria 1975 Dec 21 Carlos the JackalOPEC headquarters (unintenional monument)
Pine Ridge Indian Res. Shootout 3 Pine Ridge IR, South Dakota, USA 1975 Jun 26 AIM v. FBI "The Leonard Peltier Story" (1992 documentary)
Civil Rights Murders 3 Near Philadelphia, MS, USA 1964 June 21-22 Klu Klux Klan Memorial at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church
Adolf Hitler & Eva Braun suicides 2 Führerbunker, Berlin, Germany 1945 Apr 30 Adolf Hitler & Eva BraunInformation board at Führerbunker site
Gunfight at OK Corral 3 Tombstone, Arizona, USA 1881 Oct 26 Earps vs. Clantons Boot Hill Cemetery, Tombstone, AZ
Crucifixion of Jesus+2 thieves 3 Golgotha, Jerusalem, Israel 33 Apr 3? Romans Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
      2 deaths
Shooting of Q.LeGrier+Bettie Jones 2 Chicago, Illinois, USA 2015 Dec 26 Chicago police
Shooting of Police Ofcrs 2 Brooklyn, NY City, NY, USA 2014 Dec 20 Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley
Unitarian Church shooting 2 TVUUC, Knoxville, TN, USA 2008 Jul 27 Jim David Adkisson McKendry Fellowship Hall, TVUUC, Knoxville, TN
Nicole Brown Simpson Murder 2 Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA 1994 Jun 12 O. J. Simpson Nicole's grave, Ascension Cemetery Lake Forest, CA
Wounded Knee Incident 2 Pine Ridge IR, South Dakota, USA 1973 2/27-5/8 AIM v. US Marshalls "Thurderheart" (1992 film)
Amelia Earhart's Disapearance 2 Pacific Ocean near Howland Island 1937 Jul 2 Unknown "Earhart Light" on Howland Island
      1 death
Shooting of Mario Woods 1 San Francisco, California, USA 2015 Dec 2 5 San Francisco policemen?
Shooting of Jamar ONeal Clark 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 2015 Nov 15 Police
"Suicide" of Sandra Bland 1 Waller County, Texas, USA 2015 July 13 State &/or county police
Death of Freddy Gray 1 Baltimore, Maryland, USA 2015 Apr 19 Baltimore Police
Shooting of Tamir Rice (age 12) 1 Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2014 Nov 22 Cleveland PoliceMemorial on picnic table, Cudell Recreation Center
Shooting of Laquan McDonald 1 Chicago, Illinois, USA 2014 Oct 20 Police Ofcr Jason VanDyke
Shooting of Michael Brown (age 18) 1 Ferguson, St.Louis Cty, MO 2014 Aug 9 Police Ofcr Darren Wilson
Choaking of Eric Garner 1 Staten Island, NY City, NY 2014 Jul 17 Police Ofcr Daniel Pantaleo
Shooting of Jordan Davis 1 Jacksonville, Florida, USA 2012 Nov 23 Michael Dunn"3-1/2 minutes, 10 bullets" (2015 documentary)
Shooting of Trayvon Martin 1 Sanford, Florida, USA 2012 Feb 26 George Zimmerman
Murder of Theo van Gogh 1 Amsterdam, Netherlands 2004 Nov 2 Mohammed Bouyeri
Murder of Yvonne Fletcher 1 St. James Square, London, Englad 1984 Apr 17 Libya Memorial in St. James Square
Capture of "USS Pueblo" 1 Tsushima Strait 1968 Jan 23 North Korea
Fire & sinking of "Normandie"1 New York Harbor, NY, USA 1942 Feb 9 Welding torch "La Paix" statue, Pinelawn Mem Park, Long Island, NY
      No death
Chibok schoolgirl kidnapping None Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria2014 Apr 14-5 Boko Haram Govt. Secondary School (unintentional monument)
Copiapó mining accident None Mina S.Jose, Copiapó, Chile 2010 Aug 5 ? Fénix 2 capsule & Camp Hope
Underwear Bomber None NW flt 253 (Amsterdam-Detroit) 2009 Dec 25 Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
Shoe Bomber None AA flight 63 (Paris-Miami/NYC) 2001 Dec 22 Richard Reid
"Exxon Valdez" Oil SpillNone Prince William Sound, AK, USA 1989 Mar 24 Improper navigationShiip renamed "Dong Fang Ocean"
Nuclear Accident None Three Mile Island, PA, USA 1979 Mar 28 Many entitiesRoadside Marker, Dauphin Cty, Pennsylvania, USA
Stonewall Riots None New York City, NY, USA 1969 Jun 28 Gays v NYC Police Stonewall Inn, New York City, New York
Santa Barbara oil spillNone Santa Barbara Channel, CA, USA 1969 Jan 28 BlowoutPlatforms A, B & C remain in the Santa Barbara Channel
"Bloody Sunday" None Selma, Alabama, USA 1965 Mar 7 Alabama State Police National Voting Rights Museum, Selma, AL, USA
Cuban Missile Crisis None Cuba & Straits of Florida 1962 Oct Soviet Union Museo de la Revolution, Havana
Japanese-American Internment None Western States, USA World War II US Government Japanese American Memorial, Washington, DC
Bridge Collapse None Tacoma Narrows, WA, USA 1940 Nov 7 Bad design Two replacement bridges
"Arabia" Sinking None Parkville, Missouri, USA 1856 Sep 5 Snag in Missouri River Arabia Museum, Kansas City, MO
Whisky Rebellion None West. Pennsylvania, USA 1791-1794 Federal Whisky Tax Bradford House, Washington, PA
Tet Offensive xxxx? Vietnam 1968 Jan 30 North Vietnam
Burning of the Reichstag ? Berlin, Germany 1933 Feb 27 ?
Highland Potato Famine No record Scotland, UK 1846-1856 Phytophthora infestans ?
Slavery in USA Unknown Southern States, USA Before 1865 Southern States National Slavery Museum, Washington, DC
American Indian Wars (in the West) ? West of Mississippi, USA 1811-1924 US Army
American Indian Wars (in the East) ? East of Mississippi, USA 1775-1842 US Army
Massacres of Jews Unknown Rhineland, Germany 1096 Crusaders ?

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