= Member of Peace & Justice Studies Association (PJSA) or other peace scholar.
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1862-1955 - Zonia Baber - Geographer, geologist & teacher. Mapped peace monuments. Wrote "Peace Symbols" for WILPF.

1886-1954 - Ellen Starr Brinton - Feminist & internationalist. First curator of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection (USA).

1888-1976 - Theodore Lentz - Wrote "Towards a Science of Peace" (1955) & "Towards A Technology of Peace" (1972).

1895-1967 - Gladdys Muir - Brethern. Founded world's first peace studies program at Manchester College, Indiana, leading to many others.

1902-1990 - Elizabeth Evans Baker - Subject of "Peace is Everybody's Business" by Marta Daniels (1999).

1904-1980 - Hans Morgenthau - Academic critic of US foreign policy. Wrote Politics Among Nations: Struggle for Power & Peace in 1948.

1906-1985 - Bert Röling - Jurist. Founder of Dutch polemology. On Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal 1946-1948. Helped found Intl Peace Research Assn in 1964.

1907-2007 - Ralph K.White Wrote "Fearful Warriors: A Psychological Profile of U.S.-Soviet Relations" in 1984.

1910-1993 - Kenneth E. Boulding - Educator, peace activist & cofounder of General Systems Theory. Husband of Elise M. Boulding.
1910-1998 - Earle Reynolds - Constructed the "Phoenix of Hiroshima." Husband of Barbard Leonard Reynolds.

1911-2007 - Anatol Rapoport - Mathematical psychologist. Contributed to general systems theory & social modeling.

1912-1992 - Karl Duetsch - Social & political scientist. Studied war & peace, nationalism, co-operation & communication.

1913-2010 - Theodore (Ted) Herman - Geography professor. Founded Peace & Conflict Studies Program (P-Con) at Colgate Univ.

1914-2010 - Irwin Abrams - Professor of History, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Academic expert on Nobel Peace Prize. Click here for article.

1915-Alive - John Burton - Helped found International Peace Research Association (PRIO) in 1964.

1916-2006 - Adam Curle - Peace activist. First professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford (England).

1919-Alive - Walter Isard - Principal founder of Regional Science & a main founder of Peace Science.

c1920-c1998 - Harold Josephson - Prof of History, Univ of North Carolina Charlotte. Published "Biographical dictionary of modern peace leaders" in 1985.
1920-2010 - Elise M. Boulding - Important scholar & activist in multiple fields. Wife of Kenneth Boulding (qv). Year?

1928-Alive - Gene Sharp - "The greatest theorist of nonviolence since Gandhi." Wrote "Waging Nonviolent Struggle" in 1973. 2008

1929-Alive - Betty A. Reardon - Founded Peace Education Center at Teachers College (Columbia Univ) & Intl Institute on Peace Education.

1930-Alive - Johan Galtung - Called "Father of Peace Studies." Helped found the Intl Peace Research Inst (PRIO) in 1959. Click here for 2012 report. 1986
c1930-Alive - Michael True. - Professor at Assumption College. President of International Peace Research Assn. Year? 2002

c1934-Alive - Mark Pilisuk - Academic. Expert on poverty. Co-edited 3-volume "Peace Movements Worldwide" with Michael Nagler (qv).

1935-2003 - Edward Said - Palestinian-American literary theorist & advocate for Palestinian rights. A founding figure in postcolonialism.
1935-2005 - Elmer Maas - Philosophy professor & anti-war activist. One of the Plowshares Eight in 1980.
1935-Alive - Rajmohan Gandhi - Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Wrote "Mohandas: A True Story of a Man, His People..."

c1936-Alive - Anthony Bing - Professor of English & peace studies. Expert in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

1937-Alive - Michael Nagler - Academic & peace activist. Founded Peace & Conflict Studies (PACS) program at UC Berkeley. Brother of Eric Nagler (qv).

1938-1998 - Paul Smoker - Scholar/activist. Analysed peace problems scientifically. Applied them in his own personal life & politics.
1938-Alive - Colman McCarthy - Journalist, teacher, lecturer, pacifist, anarchist & long-time peace activist. Directs Center for Teaching Peace in Washington, DC. P

1941-Alive - George Lakoff - Cognitive linguist. Famous for identifying underlying metaphors, e.g. argument is war; government is family.
1941-Alive - Lawrence S. Wittner - Peace historian, St Univ of New York Albany. Wrote "Peace Action," "Confronting the Bomb" & Memoirs.

1943-Alive - Paul Rogers - Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford (England).

1944-Alive - George Lakey - Professor of peace studies. Nonviolence organizer. Cofounded Movement for a New Society in 1971. Has Global Nonviolent Action Database.
1944-Alive - Howard Zehr - Codirects Ctr for Justice & Peacebuilding, Eastern Mennonite Univ, Harrisonburg, VA (USA). 2006

c1945-Alive - Tom Hastings - Director of peace & nonviolence, Portland State University.

c1947-Alive - David Cortright - Scholar & peace activist. Director of Policy Studies at the Kroc Inst for Intll Peace Studies at Univ of Notre Dame. Chair of Fourth Freedom Forum.

c1948-Alive - Nigel Young - Peace activist. Professor of peace studies. Editor of "Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace" (2010).
1948-Alive - Peter van den Dungen - Born in Haarlem. Peace historian. Founded Intl Network of Museums for Peace 1992. See bibliography.

c1950-Alive - Tom Juravich - Professor of Labor Studies at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Also a musician & labor movement activist.
c1950-Alive - Harry Targ - Director of peace studies program at Purdue University.

1953-Alive - Douglas P. Fry - Anthropologist. Leading authority on aggression, conflict & conflict resolution.

c1960-Alive - Wendy Chmielewski - Curator of Swarthmore College Peace Collection, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania (USA).

1966-Alive - Randall Amster - Attorney, activist & educator in peace, ecology, homelessness & anarchism. Prof of Peace Studies at Prescott College. Executive Director of PJSA.

c1980-Alive - Erica Chenoweth - Professor of government. Authority on terrorism & nonviolence. Wrote "Why Civil Resistance Works" & "Rethinking Violence."