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78 Peace Artists

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63 BCE-14 AD - Augustus Caesar - Founded the Roman Empire. Ruled 27 BCE-14 AD. Started Pax Romana of (c27 BC-c180 AD). Built Ara Pacis Augustae/Altar of Augustan Peace in 14 AD.

9-79 AD - Vespasian - Roman Emperor 69-79 AD. Built Templum Pacis/Temple of Peace in the Forum of Vespasian, Rome, in 75 AD.

c1290-1348 - Ambrogio Lorenzetti - Painter. His frescoes in Room of Peace (Sala della Pace), Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, are a masterwork of the early renaissance.

1397-1475 - Paolo Uccello - Painter & mathematician. Notable for his pioneering work on visual perspective. Painted "The Battle of San Romano" (1432).

1565-1621 - Hendrick de Keyser - Sculptor. Sculpted statue of Ersmus in Rotterdam (1622).

1577-1640 - Peter Paul Rubens - Flemish Baroque painter, classically educated humanist scholar, art collector & diplomat. See Classic Peace Art.

1606-1656 - Laurent de La Hyre - Painter. Painted "Peace & Justice Embracing" in 1654.

1617-1681 - Gerard Terborch - Painter. Painted "Peace of Westphalia" about 1648.


1746-1828 - Francisco Goya - Painter. Painted "The Disasters of War" after the1808 Dos de Mayo Uprising.

1755-1842 - Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun - Painter. Painted "Peace Bringing Back Abundance" in 1780.

1780-1849 - Edward Hicks - Quaker in Pennsylvania. Painted many versions of the "Peaceable Kingdom."

1799-1882 - François-Auguste Biard - Painter & abolitionist against Atlantic slave trade. Travelled around the world. 1840 painting "Slave Trade" at Underground RR Museum.


1833-1917 - Felix Stone Moscheles - Painter & peace activist. Named for Felix Mendelssohn. Painted Hodgson Pratt (qv). President of London Esperanto Club & Intl Arbitration & Peace Assn. Known as "The Grelix's," he & wife Grete were friends of Bertha von Suttner (qv). P Conf

1834-1896 - William Morris - Textile designer, artist & writer. Associated with Arts & Crafts Movement. Author of the utopian "News from Nowhere" (1890). P

1842-1904 - Vasily Vereshchagin - Painter of Russian battles. Painted "The Apotheosis of War" in 1871. P


1850-1929 - Jan ten Kate - Artist. "The Dutch Vereshchagin." Painted "Guerre a la Guerre / War on War" (showing Bertha von Suttner, Emile Zola , Leo Tolstoy & Henry Dunant) which hung in Jan Bloch's Museum of War and Peace in Luzern (Switzerland). Conf

1863-1927 - Shigetaka Shiga - Compared US & Japanese history & landscape, e.g. Alamo in Texas vs. Nagashinojou in Japan.

1866-1946 - Jules Guérin - Muralist. Did murals in Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC, & "In Memorium 1914-1918" in Liberty Memorial, Kansas City. Of Huguenot descent.

1867-1945 - Käthe Schmidt Kollwitz - Painter & sculptor of victims of poverty, hunger & war. Three museums in Germany. Son buried in Belgium.

1874-1947 - Nicholas Roerich - Artist, mystic, philosopher, scientist, writer, traveler & public figure. Created Banner of Peace. Museums in USA & Russia. 1935

1875-1955 - Carl Milles - Sculptor. Mentor of Marshall Fredericks (qv). His home Millesgården is a museum in Stockholm.

1878-1955 - Mateo Alonzo - Sculpted Cristo Redentor de los Andes / Christ of the Andes in 1904 (replica in Peace Palace, The Hague, 1913).

1881-1973 - Pablo Picasso - Artist. Painted "Guernica" in 1937. It's now in Spain with a copy at UN Headquarters.

1882-1940 - Eric Gill - Sculptor, typeface designer, stonecutter & printmaker. Associated with the Arts & Crafts Movement.

1883-1931 - Kahlil Gibran - Artist, poet & philospoher. Wrote The Prophet in 1923.

1885-1966 - Paul Manship - Sculptor. Made 1939 Armillary Sphere honoring Woodrow Wilson at Palais des Nations in Geneva & Philadelphia (USA). Also "Prometheus" at Rockefeller Center in NY City.

1886-1957 - Diego Rivera - Muralist. Mural at Rockefeller Center destroyed by John D. Rockefeller. Two murals in California. Many in Mexico.
1886-1982 - Karl Bickel - Artist. Postage stamp designer. Created Paxmal in Walenstadtberg (Switzerland).

1887-1985 - Marc Chagall - Stained glass peace windows in Jerusalem, France & New York City (United Nations).

1891-1939 - Mark Gurtler - Artist. Became consciencious objector & painted anti-war "Merry Go Round" in 1916. CO

1894-1978 - Norman Rockwell - Illustrator. Painted FDR's "Four Freedoms." "Golden Rule" mosaic at United Nations. Museum in Stockbridge, MA.

1895-1947 - Tan Ting-pho - Painter. His "Street of Chiayi" featured at 1926 Empire Art Expo in Japan. Devoted to education & creation. Murdered as a result of the 228 Incident.

1897-1981 - Edmond Romulus Amateis - Sculptor & educator. Made 148-foot "Great Frieze of War & Peace" in Kansas City & wall in Warm Springs, Georgia.

1899-1988 - Masahiko Katori - Bellmaker & potter. Named a Living National Treasure of Japan in 1977. Made peace bells for Hiroshima, San Diego, Vancouver, etc.


1901-1990 - Fritz Eichenberg - Illustrator. His work concerned religion, social justice & nonviolence.
1901-1995 - Iri Maruki - Made enormous paintings 1950-1982 of atomic bombing in Hiroshima with his wife Toshi Maruki (qv). Gallery in Saitama Prefecture (1967).

1903-2004 - Josefina de Vasconcellos - Sculptor of "Reconciliation" inBradford, Coventry, Ireland, Berlin & Hiroshima. Quaker mother & Brazilian father.

1904-1988 - Isamu Noguchi - Artist & landscape architect. Designed UNESCO garden in Paris & bridge in Hiroshima.

1905-1990 - George Nakashima - Master woodworker. Placed World Peace Tables on 4 continents. Japanese origin. Studio in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

1907-1957 - Frida Kahlo - Painter. Best known for portraits. Emblematic of national & indigenous traditions. Depicted the female experience & form. Lover of Diego Rivera (qv).

1908-1998 - Marshall Fredericks - Sculptor. Sculpted "Peace Arising from the Flames of War" in Cleveland in 1964. Museum of his works in Saginaw, Michigan.

1909-1970 - Marion Greenwood - Muralist in style of Diego Rivera. Painted in Mexico. Painted "The Singing Mural" at University of Tennessee in 1955.

1911-1987 - Nathan Rapoport - Sculptor. Major works in Warsaw Ghetto, at Yad Vashem, etc.

1912-2000 - Toshi Maruki - Made enormous paintings 1950-1982 of atomic bombing in Hiroshima with her husband Iri Maruki (qv). Gallery in Saitama Prefecture(1967).

1913-1973 - Yves de Coëtlogon - Sculptor. Sculpted "Allégorie de la Paix" in 1864.

1916-1980 - Masahisa Goi - Philosopher. Originator of the Peace Prayer & of multi-language peace poles.

c1920 -2004 - Sotetsu Iwasawa - Bell maker in Kyoto (Japan). Exported bells to Portland, Oregon, Gardena, California, & Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

1923-Alive - Carlos Paez Vilaró - Muralist. Painted 200-foot "Raíces de la Paz"/"Roots of Peace" at Org of American States in Washington, DC. World's widest mural?

1924-2010 - Paul Conrad - LA Times political cartoonist. Syndicated worldwide. See video. Designed "Chain Reaction" (anti-nuclear mushroom cloud).

1925-Alive - Ram Vanji Sutar - Famous sculptor. His bust of Mahatma Gandhi presented by Govt of India to France, Italy, Argentina, Barbados, Russia, England, Italy, Argentina, etc.

1928-1989 - Osamu Tezuka - Manga artist, animator, producer, activist & medical doctor. Japan's most famous cartoonist. Made murals at peace museum in Kyoto.
1928-Alive? - Farid Mattar - Artist. Founded Fundación Internacional Planeta Libre. "El Monumento de la Paz es un Templo de Entendimiento que simboliza la educación para la Libertad y la Paz."

1930-Alive - Dani Karavan - Created peace monuments in Nuremberg, Jerusalem & Negev Desert.
c1930-Alive - Tomijiro Yoshida - Businessman. Founded World Peace Bell Assn in 1982. Has placed 5 World Peace Bells in Japan & one in each of 15 other countries.

1931-2007 - Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose - Spiritual teacher, philosopher, poet, artist & athelete. Many monuments.

1933-Alive - Yoko Ono - Artist, musician, author & peace activist. Known for avant-garde art, marriage to John Lennon (qv) & several peace monuments. Year?

1934-Alive - Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd - Sculptor of "Non-Violence" (aka Knotted Gun) at UN Headquarts & many other places.
1934-Alive - Zurab Tsereteli - Sculptures at United Nations headquarters in NYC & for 9/11 in New Jersey.
1934-2015 - Margaret (Maggie) Glover - Artist & peace activist. "Quaker radical." PhD thesis in 2002 = "Images of peace in Britain fm late 19th century to 2nd World War." [Info fm Peter van den Dungen]

1938-Alive - Moshe Safdie - Architect of Holocaust Museum at Yad Vashem & US Institute of Peace (USIP) in Washington, DC.

1940-2015 - David Barr - Sculptor. Made "Sun Sweep" in 3 places on US/Canadian border & "Arctic Arc" on both sides of the Bering Strait.
c1940-Alive - Clara Halter - Artist. Designed peace monuments in Paris, St. Petersburg, Hiroshima & Jerusalem.

1942-2011 - Carolyna Marks - Artist, teacher & peace activist. Founded World Wall for Peace 1983 - walls in 6 states, Russia, Israel, Japan & S.Africa. See obit.

1946-Alive - Judy Baca - Muralist in California.

1947-Alive - Gunter Demnig - Artist. Laid about some 15,000 Stolpersteine/Stumbling Stones in over 345 towns 1997-2008 to honor individual Holocaust victims.
1947-Alive - Peter Wolf Toth - Woodcarver. "Whispering Giants." Indian statues in every US state & Canadian province.

1948-Alive - James R. Bowsher - Writer, archaeologist, collector & lecturer. Master of the Temple of Tolerance, Wapakoneta, Ohio.

1949-Alive - Katherine Josten - Founder/Director of Global Art Project for Peace (GAP). "My work would be considered 'new genre public art.'"


c1950-Alive - John MacLeod - Professor of Landscape Design, Université de Montréal. Designed several peace gardens in Québec.

1951-1998 - Marsha Gómez - Sculptor, potter & activist. Made "Madre del Mundo" in Texas & Nevada. Killed by her schizophrenic son.
1951-Alive - Gilbert Baker - Artist & civil rights activist. Designed the Rainbow Flag (often used as a symbol of gay pride in LGBT rights marches) in 1978.

c1952-Alive - David Fichter - Muralist in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Anti-nuclear "Three Minutes to Midnight" & AFSC peacemakers murals in Atlanta.

1953-Alive - Jane Golden - Art teacher & muralist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Peace Hands mural in 1998. See other bio.

1954-Alive - Lei Yixin - Artist. Sent to the countryside during Cultural Revolution. Sculpted statue of Martin Luther King, Jr.,in Tidal Basin, Washington, DC (2011).

1959-Alive - Maya Lin - Designer of many monuments. Parents from China in 1958. Only 23 when selected for Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

1974-Alive - Banksy - Graffiti artist, political activist, film director & painter. Known for satirical murals in slums, Palestine, etc. Click here for his website.

1985-Alive - Alexandra Nechita - Cubist painter & muralist. Child prodigy. Known as the "Petite Picasso." Monument in Singapore.
1985-Alive - Lauren Voiers - Artist in Cleveland, Ohio. Working on "Peace & Harmony" series, including 2010 John Lennon monument in Liverpool (England).


2004-Alive - Spencer Turner - Student artist at Fame Primary School in Newcastle. Won UK-wide competition to design monument for centennial of the Christmas Truce during WW-I.

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