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20 Members of Women's International
League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF)

= Members of Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF)
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1950 = Median birth year + 50 years

1854-1929 - Aletta Jacobs - Organized Women's Peace Congress in 1915. Helped found Women's Intl. League for Peace & Freedom.

1859-1947 - Carrie Chapman Catt - Suffragist & peace activist. Founded League of Women Voters & International Alliance of Women.

1860-1935 - Jane Addams - Pioneer settlement worker. Founded Hull House & WILPF. 1931 with Nicholas Murray Butler

1862-1955 - Zonia Baber - Geographer, geologist & teacher. Mapped peace monuments. Wrote "Peace Symbols" for WILPF.

1867-1961 - Emily Greene Balch - Academic, writer & pacifist. P 1946 with John Raleigh Mott

1875-1944 - Lola Maverick Lloyd - Friend of Rosika Schwimmer (qv). Mother of Georgia Lloyd (qv).

1880-1973 - Jeannette Rankin - Pacifist. 1st woman in US Congress. Voted against US entry into World Wars I and II. Statues in MT & DC. P

1881-1928 - Crystal Eastman - Co-founded Women's Peace Party in 1915 & American Civil Liberties Union in 1920.

1886-1954 - Ellen Starr Brinton - Feminist & internationalist. First curator of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection (USA).

1899-1977 - Alice Franklin Bryant - Peace activist, world traveler, prolific writer & lecturer. Inturned in Phlipppines during WW-II.

1902-1986 - Alva Myrdal - Supported disarmament. Wife of Gunner Myrdal. 1982 with Alfonso Garcia Robles 1988 Posthumous

1905-1984 - Dorothy Hewitt Hutchinson - Wrote "A Call to Peace Now: A Message to the Society of Friends" in l943. Helped start Peace Now Movement same year.

1913-1999 - Georgia Lloyd Berndt - World Federalist. Daughter of Lola Maverick Lloyd (qv).
1913-2010 - Helga Herz - Peace activist. Fled Germany in 1933. Received German reparations in 2000. See Helga Herz Peace Archives at Wayne State Univ.

1919-Alive - Frances Crowe - Peace activist pacifist from the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

1920-2010 - Elise M. Boulding - Important scholar & activist in multiple fields. Wife of Kenneth Boulding (qv). Year?

1927-2006 - Coretta Scott King - Wife of Martin Luther King, Jr. 1991

1929-Alive - Krishna Ahooja-Patel - Gandhian. Worked for International Labor Organization 1962-1987. President of WILPF.

1956-Alive - Ellen Barfield - Peace activist. US Army 1977-81. Peace Farm. In Veterans for Peace, WILPF, WRL, SOAW & NCNR. Wife of Larry Egbert.

1959-Alive - Jeanmarie Simpson - Peace activist & actress. Wrote plays about Jeannette Rankin ("A Single Woman") & Mary Dyer (qv). Member of WILPF. P

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