Peacemakers with Titles

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c484-425 BCE - Herodotus - First historian known to collect info systematically. Born in Halicarnassus, Caria (modern day Bodrum, Turkey). Has has been called the "Father of History."

c6 BCE-c35 AD - Jesus of Nazareth - The Christ. "Prince of Peace." Preached "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." P

316-397 AD - Martin of Tours - Renounced violence after serving in Romn army. Became Bishop of Tours (France). Called "Soldier of Peace" & patron saint of soldiers.

1098-1179 - Hildegard of Bingen - Composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, Benedictine abbess, visionary & polymath. "Sibyl of the Rhine" Wrote first surviving morality play.

1126-1198 - Averroes - Andalusian Muslim polymath. "Father of secularism." His school of philosophy is known as Averroism.

1181-1226 - Saint Francis of Assisi - Friar & preacher. Founded the Franciscan Order. Patron saint of animals.

1304-1374 - Petrarch - Scholar & lyrical poet. Ofen called "Father of Humanism." First to develop the concept of the "Dark Ages."

c1484-1566 - Bartolome de las Casas - Historian, social reformer & Dominican friar. First officially appointed "Protector of the Indians."

Late 15th or Early 16th Century - Dekanawidah - "The Great Peace Maker." Author of the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy that bound together five Indian Nations.

1466-1536 - Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam - Humanist, priest & theologian. "Inventor of peace." Wrote "Dulce Bellus Inexpertis" in 1517.

1584-1647 - Prince Frederick-Henry - Warrior, "Bringer of Peace" & founder of the Golden Age. Surrounded by peace symbols in paintings of Oranjezaal/Orange Hall, in The Hague.

1778-1841 - William Ladd - Early anti-war activist in Maine. Founded American Peace Society in 1828. Proposed Congress & Court of Nations in 1840. Called "Apostle of Peace." P

1809-1965 - Abraham Lincoln - 16th US president 1861-65. Led the USA through the Civil War. Preserved the Union while ending slavery. "The Great Emancipator."

1812-1888 - Henry Richard - Congregational minister & Welsh MP. Called "The Apostle of Peace." Advocated intl arbitration. Secretary of Peace Society 18481884. See Brandsma & Stead.

1820-1910 - Florence Nightengale - Nurse. Dubbed "The Lady with the Lamp" during Crimean War. Museum in London.

1822-1903 - Frederick Law Olmsted - Journalist & social critic. "Father of American landscape architecture." Exec Sec of US Sanitary Commission.

1826-1894 - John Bedford Leno - Chartist, radical, poet & printer. Leader of Reform League. Called "Burns of Labour" & "Poet of the Poor."

1839-1903 - Eugenio Maria de Hostos - Puerto Rican educator, philosopher, lawyer, sociologist & independence advocate. Known as "Citizen of the Americas."

1841-1907 - Edward VII - King of England. Called "Peacemaker" for fostering good relations w/France & other countries. Settled Argentina/Chile dispute in 1902.

1843-1914 - Baroness Bertha von Suttner - Radical pacifist. First female Nobel Peace Prize. Wrote "Lay Down Your Arms!" 1889. "Living symbol of the peace movement." P 1905

1849-1912 - William Thomas Stead - Journalist. Called "Apostle of Peace." Same peace monument in London (Victoria Embankment) & NY City (Central Park). See Brandsma & Richard.
1849-1923 - Rui Barbosa - Senator, Minister of Finance & diplomat. Earned the nickname "Eagle of The Hague" at the 2nd Hague Peace Conference in 1899. Conf

1854-1938 - Bolton Hall - Lawyer, author & activist. Worked on behalf of the poor. "Father of back to the land movement." Founded Free Acres in 1910.

1857-1903 - Frederick Holls - Diplomat. Convinced Pres McKinley to attend 1st Hague Peace Conf in 1899. "Father of the Permanent Court of Arbitration." Conf

1859-1940 - George Lansbury - Socialist politician. Called "Public Pacifist Number One." P

1865-1959 - Laurence Housman - "Grand Old Man of the pacifist movement." Opened Housmans Bookshop in 1945. P

1868-1947 - Anna B. Eckstein - Teacher. At peace conferences. Born & died in Germany. Called "Champion of World Peace" & "Co-Founder of the League of Nations." P Conf

1869-1948 - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi - "The Great Soul." Leader of Indian independence movement. Pioneer of satyagraha. P Posthumous

1871-1955 - Cordell Hull - Longest serving US Secretary of State. "Father of the United Nations." Birthplace, museum & state park in Byrdstown, TN. 1945

1881-1942 - Titus Brandsma - Catholic priest & philosophy professor. Called "Apostle of Peace." Vehemently opposed Nazi ideology. Killed at Dachau. See Richard & Stead.

1885-1985 - Nichidatsu Fujii - Founded the Nipponzan-Myohoji order of Buddhism. Called Guruji by Gandhi. Click here for Peace Pagodas.

1888-1979 - Jean Monnet - Political economist & diplomat. Never elected to public office. "Father of Europe."

1889-1982 - Philip Noel-Baker - Politician, diplomat & academic. Athlete. "Fighter for Peace." Renowned campaigner for disarmament. P 1959

1892-1982 - Madeleine Slade - Called Mirabehn by Gandhi. Daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir Edmond Slade. Spent much of her adult life in India as a devotee of Gandhi.
1898-1987 - Septima Poinsette Clark - Educator & activist. Ran literacy & citizenship workshops. Known as "Queen mother" or "Grandmother of the American Civil Rights Movement."

1904-1990 - B. F. Skinner - Behaviorist, author, inventor, social philosopher & poet. "Most influential psychologist of the 20th century." 1972

1905-1990 - Myles Horton - "Father of the Civil Rights Movement." Founded Highlander Research & Education Ctr in 1932 (now in New Market, TN). See Zilphia Horton.

1908-1981 - Mildred Lisette Norman - Pacifist, vegetarian & peace activist. As "Peace Pilgrim" walked 28 years for peace. P Posthumous

1913-2005 - Rosa Parks. "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement." Sparked bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. Museum. 1991 1996 Year?

1914-2009 - Norman Borlaug - Agronomist & humanitarian. Called "Father of the Green Revolution." Received Nobel Peace Prize. Video | Museum 1970 1977

1915-1990 - Norman Cousins - "Tireless advocate of liberal causes." Subject of 1st US monument in Hiroshima in 2003. 1990

1918-2006 - Joe Glazer - Folk musician who recorded more than 30 albums. Closely associated with labor unions & often referred to as "Labor's Troubadour."

1923-Alive - Robert Muller - "Philosopher of the UN." Founded UN University for Peace in 1980 in Costa Rica. Chick here for his personal website.

1924-1997 - Danilo Dolci - Sociologist, educator & poet. Opposed poverty & the Mafia. Promoted non-violence. Called "The Gandhi of Sicily."

1925-2012 - Paul Kurtz - Skeptic. "The father of secular humanism." Editor of Humanist Magazine. Founder of Council for Secular Humanism.

1927-1989 - Edward Abbey - Author. "Thoreau of the American West."
1927-Alive - Harry Belafonte - Singer, songwriter, actor & social activist. Dubbed the "King of Calypso" for popularizing the Caribbean musical style.

1928-Alive - Gene Sharp - "The greatest theorist of nonviolence since Gandhi." Wrote "Waging Nonviolent Struggle" in 1973. 2008
1928-Alive - Elie Wiesel - "Messenger to mankind." Professor & holocaust survivor. 1986 1995

1930-2008 - Odetta Holmes - Singer, actress, guitarist, songwriter & human rights activist. Often referred to as the "Voice of the Civil Rights Movement."
1930-Alive - Johan Galtung - Called "Father of Peace Studies." Helped found the Intl Peace Research Inst (PRIO) in 1959. Click here for 2012 report. 1986

1935-Alive - Janet Rae Johnson Mondlane - Wife of Eduardo Mondlane. Co-founder of FRELIMO "Godmother of the Mozambique Revolution"

1940-2011 - Burhanuddin Rabbani - Pres of Afghanistan 1992-1996. Assassinated at home by suicide bomber . Pres Hamid Karzai gave him title of "Martyr of Peace."
1940-Alive - Ina May Gaskin - "Mother of Authentic Midwifery." "The most famous midwife in the world." Wife of Stephen Gaskin (qv). 2011
1940-Alive - Muhammad Yunus - Banker & economist. Founder of Grameen Bank. "Banker to the Poor." Nobel Peace Prize. 2006

1944-Alive - Jakob von Uexkull - Lecturer, activist & politician. Established Right Livelihood Award (aka "Alternative Nobel Prize") 1980 & World Future Council 2006.

1949-2011 - Brian Haw - Peace campaigner & "Symbol of anti-war movement." Lived almost 10 years in peace camp in Parliament Square protesting UK & US foreign policy.

1960-Alive - Bono - Singer & musician. Social activist. Called the "Face of Fusion Philanthropy." 2004

1985-Alive - Alexandra Nechita - Cubist painter & muralist. Child prodigy. Known as the "Petite Picasso."