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70 Notable Leaders of Museums for Peace

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1835-1919 - Andrew Carnegie - Peace philantrophist. Built Pan American Union, Washington, DC, 1910, & Peace Palace, The Hague, 1913.

1836-1902 - Jan Bloch - Banker. Wrote "La Guerre Future" in 1898. Opened world's first peace museum in Lucerne (Switzerland) in 1902.

1868-1944 - Paul Otlet - Author, entrepreneur, visionary, lawyer & peace activist. Called Father of information science. Created the Mundaneum in 1910.

1874-1947 - Nicholas Roerich - Artist, mystic, writer, traveler & public figure. Had museum in New York City. Promoted the Banner of Peace. 1935

1883-1959 - Henri van der Mandere - Dominated Dutch peace movement for 40 years. Organized "Peace & League of Nations Exhibition" in The Hague 1930 - & a permanent museum a few years later.

1894-1967 - Ernst Friedrich - Anarchist. Wrote "War Against War!" in 1924. Operated Anti-War Museum in Berlin 1925-1933. Reopened in 1982. P


1901-1995 - Iri Maruki - Made enormous paintings 1950-1982 of atomic bombing in Hiroshima with his wife Toshi Maruki (qv). Gallery in Saitama Prefecture (1967).


1910-2010 - Nobuo Nakano - Ophthalmologist. In Burma during WW-II. Gave $5 million to start Kyoto Museum for World Peace at Ritsumeikan Univ. in 1992.

1912-2000 - Toshi Maruki - Made enormous paintings 1950-1982 of atomic bombing in Hiroshima with her husband Iri Maruki (qv). Gallery in Saitama Prefecture(1967).

1914-2004 - Rainer Hildebrandt - Anti-communist resistance fighter. Founded Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie ("1st museum of intl nonviolent protest"). Wife=Alexandra Hildebrandt (qv).

1915-1990 - Barbara Leonard Reynolds - Founded WFC in Hiroshima & Peace Resource Center in Ohio (USA). Honored by Hiroshima monument in 2011.

1918-1994 - Oka Masaharu - Protestant minister. Helped Korean A-bomb victims. Opened Oka Masaharu Memorial Peace Museum in 1995.
1918-2003 - Robert Swann - Anti-nuclear communitarian. Created EF Schumacher Soc & Voluntown Peace Trust. See autobiography & wife Marjorie Swann Edwin.

1919-2001 - James W. Bristah - Founded Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center & Gallery (SIP), Detroit, Michigan (USA), in 1986.


1923-2011 - Hushang Ansary - Diplomat, businessman & philanthropist. Built Amsary Peace Dove (world's largest) on roof of US Institute of Peace in 2011.

1924-2014 - Irvin J. Borowsky - Publisher & philanthropist. Founded National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia in 2000.
1924-Alive - Jimmy Carter - 39th US President. Opened Carter Center in 1982 in Atlanta (USA) both as a museum & for philanthropy. 1987 1994 1999 2002

1926-Alive - Gerald Mader - Politician. Founded Austrian Study Center for Peace & Conflict Resolution (ÖSFK), European Peace University & European Peace Museum in Stadtschlaining.

1929-2009 - Franz Deutsch - Founded the First Austrian Peace Museum, Wolfsegg (Austria), in 1993.
1929-2012 - Thomas Wechs, Jr. - Founded Peace Museum-Lindau 1980, Peace History Museum-Bad Hindelang 1999 & on-line Friedenshistorisches Museum-Augsburg 2009.
1929-Alive - Ralph Dull - Co-founded Dayton International Peace Museum, Dayton, Ohio (USA), in 2005, with wife Christine Dull (qv).
1929-Alive - Hans Peter Kürten - Mayor of Remagen 1964-1994. Opened Friedensmuseum Brücke von Remagen/Bridge at Remagen Peace Museum on 7 March 1980.


1930-2000 - Klaus Rauterberg - Pastor of (Lutheran) Evangelical Church. Curator since 1981 of Antikriegshaus/Peace Museum Sievershausen between Hanover & Brunswick. Dutch wife Jacoba.

1931-Alive - Peng Qi'An - Victim of Cultural Revolution 1966-76. Founded Cultural Revolution Museum in Shantou in 2005.
1931-Alive - Martin Harwit - Astronomer. Headed National Air & Space Museum but forced to resign in 1995 over proposed display of Hiroshima bomber Enola Gay.
1931-Alive - Bishop Desmond Tutu - Anti-apartheid activist. 1st black archbishop. Tutu Peace Ctr & Museum planned since 2000. 1984 1986 1992 2009

1934-2002 - Yayori Matsui - Journalist & women's rights activist. Founded Women's Active Museum of War & Peace in Tokyo in 2005.
1934-Alive - Christine Dull - Co-founded Dayton International Peace Museum, Dayton, Ohio (USA), in 2005, with husband Ralph Dull (qv).

c1935-Alive - Gerard Cafesjian - Businessman & philanthropist. Gave $17.5 million for Armenian Genocide Museum of America in Washington, DC (USA).
1935-Alive - Don Tilley - Teacher. Pres of Nebraskans for Peace. Opened World Peace Center in Omaha in 1985. Operated Prairie Peace Park near Seward, Nebraska (USA), 1994-2005.

1937-Alive - Vittorio Pallotti - Has world's largest collection of peace posters. Co-founded Casa per la Pace / House of Peace "La Filanda" in Casalecchio di Reno (Italy)
1937-Alive - Karl-Eberhard Sperl - Protestant minister, Founded Friedensmuseum Meeder. Researched diaries of Anna B. Eckstein (qv).

1939-2004 - Shigeo Nishimori - Biology teacher. Financed & founded Grass Roots House Peace Museum, Kochi. SecGen of Jap Citizens' Network of Museums for Peace.
1939-Alive - Rabbi Marvin Hier - Filmmaker. Dean & founder of Simon Wiesenthal Center & its Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles (USA).
1939-Alive - Avner Shalev - Chairman of Yad Vashem Directorate since 1993. Quoted on Holocaust & Liberators Memorial in Columbus, Ohio (USA).


1940-Alive - Ikuro Anzai - Physicist. Professor of international affairs. Director of Kyoto Museum for World Peace. See bibliography.
1940-Alive - Oscar Arias - President of Costa Rica 2006-2010. Museo para la Paz y el Progreso Humano (Fundacion Arias) in San José since 2003. 1987 2001
1940-Alive - Tommy Spree - Nephew of Ernst Friedrich (qv). Reopened Anti-Kriegs/Anti-War Museum in Berlin in 1982. Click here for more information. P
c1940-Alive - Nicholas D. Snider - VP of United Parcel Service. Founded National Museum of Patriotism in Atlanta (USA) based on collection of sweetheart jewelry.

1942-Alive - Tadatoshi Akiba - Mayor of Hiroshima 1999-2011. President of Mayors for Peace.
1942-Alive - Muhammad Ali - Heavyweight boxer. Born Cassius Clay. UN Messenger of Peace. See museum in Louisville, Kentucky. CO

1943-Alive - Sultan Somjee - Ethnographer & novelist. Founded Community Peace Museums Foundation (CPMF) Asian African Heritage Trust. Now lives in Burnaby, BC.

1945-Alive - Ruth J. Abram - Writer & artist. Founded Lower East Side Tenement Museum in 1988 & Intl Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC) in 1999. See video.
1945-Alive - Michael Berenbaum - Scholar, professor, rabbi & film-maker. Holocaust specialist. Project Director of US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

1946-Alive - Libby Hostetler - Teacher. Education Professor at Bluffton University in Ohio (USA). Founded Lion & Lamb Peace Arts Center in 1986.

1948-Alive - Lewis M. Randa - Founded Life Experience School for disabled children in 1972 & Peace Abbey in 1988. Abbey collection moved to Univ of Mass Boston in 2012. P CO
1948-Alive - Peter van den Dungen - Born in Haarlem. Peace historian. Founded Intl Network of Museums for Peace (INMP) in 1992. See bibliography.


c1950-Alive - Mark Rogovin - Muralist. Son of social photographer Milton Rogovin (qv). Co-founded The Peace Museum, Chicago, Illinois (USA), in 1981. Click here.
c1950-Alive - Kee-Hang Lee & Song Chang-ju - Expatriates. Opened Yi Jun Peace Musuem in former Hotel De Jong, Wagenstraat 124A, The Hague, in August 1995.

1951-Alive - Kazuyo Yamane - PhD in peace studies from University of Bradford. Worked for Grass Roots House Peace Museum, then Kyoto Museum for World Peace. Editor of "Muse."

1954-Alive - Roger Mayou - Art historian. Was artistic advisor at UBS. Director of International Red Cross & Red Crescent Museum in Geneva since 1998.
1954-Alive - George C. Wolfe - Playwright & director. Recd Tonys in 1993 & 1996. Chief creative officer of Center for Civil & Human Rights in Atlanta.

c1955-Alive - Joyce Apsel - Master Teacher of Liberal Studies at NY University. Author of "Introducing Peace Museums" (2016). Co-edited an INMP book in 2012.
c1955-Alive - Clive Barrett - Anglican priest. Former chair of Anglican Pacifist Fellowship. Chair of Bradford Peace Museum. Co-edited an INMP book in 2012.
1955-Alive - Tom Flynn - Executive Director of Council for Secular Humanism. Editor of Free Inquiry magazine. Created Freethought Trail in Western NY State. See Paul Kurtz.
c1955-Alive - Anatoly Ionesov - Founder & director of Museum for Peace & Solidarity in Samarkand (since 1986). Staff speaks Esperanto. Collects "Autographs of the world."

1959-Alive - Alexandra Hildebrandt - Artist. Director of Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie ("1st museum of intl nonviolent protest"). Widow of Rainer Hildebrandt (qv).

Year?-Alive - Steve Fryburg - First director of Dayton Intl Peace Museum. Veterans for Peace. Missing Peace Art Space. Unitarian Fellowship for World Peace. INMP webmaster.
Year?-Alive - Balkhrishna Kurvey - History professor at Nagpur University (India). Founder-director of No More Hiroshima-No More Nagasaki Peace Museum in Nagpur.
Year?-Alive - Syed Sikander Mehdi - Professor at University of Karachi. Author of books on peace museums.
Year?-Alive - Toshifumi Murakami - Professor at Kyoto University of Education. Author of many articles on peace museums.
Year?-Alive - Carol Rank - Senior Lecturer in Peace & Conflict Studies at Coventry University. First manager of Bradford Peace Museum. Author about peace museums.


1960-Alive - Gail Asper - Secretary of CanWest Global Communications Corp, managing director The Asper Foundation & "main proponent" of Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
c1960-Alive - Steve Leeper - Chair of Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation (including Peace Memorial Museum). From Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

c1965-Alive - Iratxe Momoitio Astorkia - Director of Gernika Peace Museum in Spain.

1968-Alive - Jill Savitt - Human rights advocate. Advisor to US Holocaust Mem Museum in Washington, DC. HR Curator for Ctr for Civil & Human Rts in Atlanta.


1970-Alive - Shahriar Khateri - Survived Iraqi chemical attacks, then became doctor to help other survivors. Founded Tehran Peace Museum in 2007.

1976-Alive - Freddy Mutanguha - Survived Rwandan genocide in 1994. Director of Kigali Memorial Center (KMC). Featured at Center for Civil & Human Rights in Atlanta.

c1980-Alive - Michael Yves Gagné - Program Manager, Environmental Leadership Program. Exec Director of proposed Envision Peace Museum in Philadelphia (USA).

1988-Alive - Clemantine Wamariya - Survived Rwanda genocide in 1994. Yale student. Named to US Holocaust Memorial Museum board in 2011.

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