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117 Peace Philanthropists
in birth order

Top row: Alfred Nobel, Andrew Carnegie, Cyrus Eaton, Young Seek Choue
Bottom row: Gwen Mellon & Larry Mellon, Mo Ibrahim, Cora Weiss, Bill Gates & Melinda Gates.

= Logo of the International Network of of Museums for Peace (INMP). The 23 philanthropists so marked below are featured in "Peace Philanthropy - Then and Now: In the Footsteps of Andrew Carnegie," a poster exhibition which INMP created for the 100th anniversary of the Peace Palace (a gift from Andrew Carnegie) in The Hague (Netherlands) in 2013. The exhibition can be seen by clicking here and can rented from the INMP secretariat or ordered as PDF for poster prints.

= Logo of Peace Partners International. The 14 philanthropists so marked below financed peace monuments & were featured in "A Century of Peace Monuments and Museums," a slide presentation by Edward W. Lollis in Academy Hall, Peace Palace, The Hague (Netherlands) on September 2, 2013: Charles Buxton, Andrew Carnegie, Jan Bloch, Sam Hill, Frank A. Miller, Karl Bickel, Ghanshyam Das Birla, Abraham Speigel, Alvin Weinberg, Marilyn & Eugene Glick, Joan Kroc, Aleksander Gudzowaty, and Richard Branson.

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1759-1833 - William Wilberforce - MP & philanthropist. Evangelical Christian. Campaigned 26 years against slave trade until passage of Slave Trade Act of 1807.

1770-1843 - William Allen - Scientist & philanthropist. Opposed slavery. Engaged in schemes of social & penal improvement. Founded London Peace Society.

1781-1869 - Rebecca Gratz - Educator & philanthropist. Established Female Association for the Relief of Women & Children in 1801.

1782-1839 - Jean-Jaques de Sellon - Wealthy philanthropist. Ended death penalty. Built Temple of Friendship & Peace in 1820. Founded Société de la Paix de Genève in 1830.

1793-1859 - Joseph Sturge - Abolitionist. Funded British & Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. Helped found Free Villages in Jamaica.

1795-1852 - Frances (Fanny) Wright - Freethinker & abolitionist. Founded interracial commune of Nashoba in Tennessee (USA) in 1825.

1823-1871 - Charles Buxton - MP. Built Buxton Memorial Fountain in London to commemorate end of slavery & abolitionists such as his father Sir Thomas Foxwell Buxton.
1824-1907 - Hodgson Pratt - Pacifist. Founded the International Arbitration & Peace Association in 1880. P
1828-1912 - Albert K. Smiley - Owned Mohonk Mountain House in Lake Mohonk, New York. Hosted Conf on Intl Arbitration in 1895 & Peace Conference in 1912.

1833-1896 - Alfred Nobel - Industrialist. Click here for monuments related to the Nobel Peace Prize.
1833-1906 - Élie Ducommun - First director of International Peace Bureau (IPB) in 1891. 1902 with Albert Gobat
1833-1931 - Priscilla Peckover - Peace campaigner. Founded & financed "Peace & Goodwill" in 1882 & edited it for 50 years.

1835-1919 - Andrew Carnegie - Peace philantrophist. Built Pan American Union, Washington, DC, 1910, & Peace Palace, The Hague, 1913.
1836-1902 - Jan Bloch - Banker. Wrote "La Guerre Future" in 1898. Opened world's first peace museum in Lucerne (Switzerland) in 1902.
1836-1926 - Joseph Rowntree - Chocolatier, businessman & philanthropist. Champion of social reform. Set up charitable trusts.
1838-1914 - Edwin Ginn - Rich textbook publisher. Peace philantrophist. Established World Peace Foundation in 1910. Rival of Andrew Carnegie.
1839-1937 - John D. Rockefeller, Snr. - Founded Standard Oil Company (1st great business trust) & Rockefeller Foundation (defining modern philanthropy).

1846-1936 - Charles C. Glover - Financier & philanthropist. Built house in Washington, DC, which became headquarters of American Peace Society 1911-1948.

1851-1929 - Theodore E. Burton - Congressman. Pres of American Peace Society. Hosted 13,000 at First World Conf on Intl Justice in Cleveland in 1928.
1853-1902 - Cecil John Rhodes - Businessman, mining magnate & politician. Set up the provisions of the Rhodes Scholarships which are funded by his estate.
1853-1929 - Frederick Taylor Gates - Baptist clergyman & educator. Principal business and philanthropic advisor to John D. Rockefeller, Snr., 1891-1923.
1857-1927 - Johan G. D. Wateler - Banker. Bequeathed his estate to found Wateler Peace Prize awarded by Dutch Carnegie Foundation & renamed Carnegie-Wateler Prize. Named by Gerard Lössbroek.
1857-1931 - Samuel Hill - Lawyer & railroad executive. Built International Peace Arch in 1921 & replica of Stonehenge as a memorial to those who died in World War I.
1857-1935 - Frank Augustus Miller - Founded Mission Inn in Riverside, CA, & Honored by peace tower. World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California.
1859-1926 - Georg Arnhold - Banker & pacifist. Owned one of Germany's leading private banks. Morally & financially supported the peace & Esperanto movements. P

1863-1930 - Edward W. Bok -Edited Ladies Home Journal. Pulitzer Prize. Created American Peace Award. Built Bok Tower w/peace symbols in Lake Wales, Florida.
1863-1947 - Henry Ford - Famous industrialist. Chartered "Peace Ship" (Dec. 1915-Jan. 1916) to end World War I.
1867-1922 - Henry Pomeroy Davison - Banker & philanthropist. League of Red Cross Societies created in 1919 under his leadership.

1870-1965 - Bernard Baruch - Financier, philanthropist & statesman. Adviser to US presidents Woodrow Wilson & Franklin D. Roosevelt.
1872-1949 - Oswald Garrison Villard - Journalist. Pacfist. Wealthy. A founder of the American Anti-Imperialist League. P
1874-1960 - John D. Rockefeller, Jr. - Industrialist. Gave $550m to Univ of Chicago, Spelman College, etc. Paid $8.5m for land on which UN Headquarters built in NY City.

1880-1973 - Jeannette Rankin - Pacifist. 1st woman in US Congress. Voted against US entry into World Wars I and II. Statues in MT & DC. P #14
1883-1979 - Cyrus S. Eaton. Investment banker. Founded the Pugwash Conferences which received Nobel Peace Prize in 1995. 1995
1884-1951 - Sir Charles Arthur Mander - Public servant, philanthropist & manufacturer. Honorary chief Blackfoot tribe in Montana (USA). Dedicated Waterton-Glacier Intl Peace Park in June 1932.
1886-1982 - Karl Bickel - Artist. Postage stamp designer. Created Paxmal in Walenstadtberg (Switzerland).

1892-1970 - Jacob Blaustein - Co-founded American Oil Company (AMOCO) - now BP. Founded Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Foundation. On US delegation to UN.
1894-1983 - Ghanshyam Das Birla - "Dean" of Indian industry. Built Birla Mandir/Birla Temple w/Gandhi in 1939 for all people including harijan/untouchables.
1897-1978 - John D. MacArthur - Businessman. Created John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for strengthening stability in Asia-Pacific region & other goals.
1898-2001 - Maxwell Cummings - Builder & philanthropist. His son Steven facilitated Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre in 2003 (first major Holocaust museum in Canada).
1899-1995 - Ryoichi Sasakawa - Businessman & kuromaku (power broker). Founded Nippon Foundation in 1962. Had wide-ranging philanthropic programs in Africa.

c1900-19?? - John Walter Clarke. - Philanthropist & trustee. With wife Maude donated Clarke Peace Memorial (Pro Patria et Pace) to University of Notre Dame in 1986.
1902-1988 - Edita Toll Morris - Peace activist. Wrote "The Flowers of Hiroshima" in 1959. Created Hiroshima Foundation
1903-1985 - Maude C. Clarke. - Nurse & philanthropist. With husband John donated Clarke Peace Memorial (Pro Patria et Pace) to University of Notre Dame in 1986.
1904–1984 - C. Maxwell Stanley - Engineer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, peace activist & world citizen. Funded Stanley Foundation, an intl relations think tank, in Muscatine, Iowa.
1906-2004 - Abraham Spiegel - Survived 4 concentration camps. Supported Tel Aviv Univ, Yad Vashem, Bar-Ilan Univ & Museum of Jewish Diaspora.
1907-1997 - Katherine (Kit) Tremaine - Author, philanthropist & anti-war activist. Creaed Sunflower Foundation. On Nixon's enemies list.
1908-1981 - Catherine T. MacArthur - Wife & business partner of John D. MacArthur (qv). Co-founder of John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.
1908-2000 - William Breman. Steel company owner. Endowed William Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.

1910-1989 - Larry Mellon - Philanthropist & physician. Son of financier William Larimer Mellon. Co-founded Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti in 1956.
1910-2010 - Nobuo Nakano - Ophthalmologist. In Burma during WW-II. Gave $5 million to start Kyoto Museum for World Peace at Ritsumeikan Univ. in 1992.
1911-2000 - Gwen Grant Mellon - Hospital administrator. With her second husband Larry Mellon (qv), founded Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti in 1956. 2000
1912-1993 - H. Charles Grawemeyer - Industrialist, entrepreneur, investor & philanthropist. Created Grawemeyer Awards at University of Louisville, Kentucky (USA).
1913-1999 - Georgia Lloyd Berndt - World Federalist & philanthropist. Exec Sec of Campaign for World Govt 1943-1990. Daughter of Lola Maverick Lloyd (qv).
1913-1999 - Catherine Schulze - Major financial supporter of Esperanto League of North America & Esperantic Studies Foundation.
1914-2004 - Rainer Hildebrandt - Anti-communist resistance fighter. Founded Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie("1st museum of intl nonviolent protest").
1915-2006 - Alvin Weinberg - Manhattan Project physicist. Proposed "Sanctification of Hiroshima" in 1985. Sold 4 gold medals to pay for Intl Friendship Bell.
1916-2006 - Anton Rupert - Afrikaner billionaire, entrepreneur, businessman & conservationist. Founded Peace Parks Foundation in 1997 to promote transfrontier parks.
1918-2002 - Charles H. Wright. Physician. Endowed Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, Michigan.

c.1920-2002 - Kenneth McCaleb - Flew B-17's over Germany. Did nuclear work in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Gave $150,000 in 1998 to establish "McCaleb Initiative for Peace."
1920-2010 - Richard N. Goldman - Environmentalist & philanthropist. Paid for Goldman Environmental Prize (the "Green Nobel") & "Peace Park" on Goldman Promenade in Jerusalem (Israel).
c1920-2002 - Kenneth McCaleb - Flew B-17's over Germany & did nuclear work in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Donated $150,000 in 1998 to establish the "McCaleb Initiative for Peace."
1921-2012 - Young Seek Choue - Founding chancellor of Kyung Hee University (1949). Founder of university's Graduate Institute of Peace Studies (1984).
1921-2013 - Gene Glick - Real estate "mogul." Built Glick Peace Walk w/wife Marilyn ("homage to peace in Indianapolis whose icon is Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument").
1923-2011 - Hushang Ansary - Diplomat, businessman & philanthropist. Built Amsary Peace Dove (world's largest) on roof of US Institute of Peace in 2011.
1924-2014 - Irvin J. Borowsky - Publisher & philanthropist. Polish origin. Founded National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia in 1995.
1926-Alive - Peter G. Peterson - Businessman, investment banker, fiscal conservative, author & politician. Founded Peter G. Peterson Foundation in 2008.
1928-2003 - Joan B. Kroc - Philanthropist. Third wife of McDonald's founder Ray Kroc. Endowed institutes for peace studies at Universities of Notre Dame & San Diego.
1929-Alive - Ralph Dull - Farmer. Co-founded Dayton Interntional Peace Museum, Dayton, Ohio (USA), in 2005, with wife Christine Dull (qv).

1930-Alive - Warren Buffett - Investor. World's richest person. Pledged 10 million Berkshire Hathaway Class B shares to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2006.
1930-Alive - George Soros - Native speaker of Esperanto. Billionaire investor & philanthropist. Created Open Society Institute in 1993.
c1930-Alive - Tomijiro Yoshida - Businessman. Founded World Peace Bell Association in 1982. Has placed 5 World Peace Bells in Japan & one in each of 15 other countries.
1933-Alive - Louis Appignani - Owned Barbizon Intl Modeling & Computer Education Inc. Funded Appignani Center for Bioethics & Appignani Humanist Legal Center.
1933-Alive - Dr. Ingrid Gräfin zu Solms-Wildenfels - Founded Ingrid zu Solms Foundation for the Promotion of Female Elites in Sciences & the Arts.
1934-Alive - Christine Dull - Co-founded Dayton Interntional Peace Museum, Dayton, Ohio (USA), in 2005, with husband Ralph Dull (qv).
1934-Alive - Cora Weiss - President of International Peace Bureau & Hague Appeal for Peace. Daughter & heir of philanthropist Samuel Rubin.
c1935-Alive - Gerard Cafesjian - Businessman & philanthropist. Gave $17.5 million for Armenian Genocide Museum of America in Washington, DC (USA).
1938-2013 - Aleksander Gudzowaty - Businessman. Gave $4 million for Tolerance Park & Monument on Haas Promenade, Jerusalem, to promote peace & tolerance.
1938-Alive - Ted Turner - Media mogul & philanthropist. Founded Cable News Network. Gave $1 billion to UN causes. Chairs UN Foundation. 1990
1939-Alive - Bernie Glassman - Zen Buddhist master (roshi). Co-founder of Zen Peacemakers (previously the Zen Peacemaker Order).
1939-2004 - Shigeo Nishimori - Biology teacher at Tosa Secondary School. Financed & founded Grass Roots House Peace Museum in Kochi. SecGen of Japanese Citizens' Network of Museums for Peace. Named by Peter van den Dungen.

c1940-Alive - Akio Komatsu - Industrialist. President of Komatsu Electric Industry. Founded Human Nature & Science Institute Foundation in 1994.
1940-Alive - Vijay Metha - Textile manufacturer. Founded Uniting for Peace w/Philip Noel-Baker. Promoted UN Millennium Development Goals. Wrote "Economics of Killing."
1940-Alive - Doan Phung - Born near Hanoi. Nuclear engineer. Philanthropist. Received 2nd International Friendship Bell award in 1999. Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA).
c1940-Alive - Nicholas D. Snider - VP of United Parcel Service. Founded National Museum of Patriotism in Atlanta, Georgia, based on collection of sweetheart jewelry.
1942-Alive - Larry Mizel - Homebuilder. Intl Chair of Simon Wiesenthal Ctr in LA, NYC & Jerusalem. Founded Counterterrorism Ed Learning Lab (CELL) in Denver.
c1942-Alive - Gillian Miller Sorensen - Asst UN SecGen for external relations. Senior Adviser to UN Foundation (Ted Turner). Husband of Ted Sorensen [1928-2010].
1944-Alive - Jakob von Uexkull - Activist & politician. Established Right Livelihood Award (aka "Alternative Nobel Prize") 1980 & World Future Council 2006.
1945-Alive - Azim Premji - Chair of software giant Wipro Ltd. Third wealthiest Indian. Donated $2 billion for education. Heads Axim Premji Foundation.
c1945-Alive - Harry E. Blythe III - Philanthropist. Donated statues of Ignacy Jan Paderewski to Univ of So California, Polish Embassy & Jagiellonion Univ in Krakow (Poland).
c1945-Alive - Kali P. Chaudhuri - Doctor. Owns hospitals & KPC Group of Companies. Donated Gandhi Statue in Riverside, California, in 2005.
1946-Alive - Bill Clinton - 42nd US President 1993-2001. Started William J. Clinton Foundation in 2001 & Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in 2005.
1946-Alive - Mo Ibrahim - Mobile communications entrepreneur & billionaire. Set up Mo Ibrahim Foundation in 2006 to encourage better governance in Africa.
1946-Alive - Steven Spielberg - Film director & producer. Used profit from Schindler's List to set up Shoah Foundation that filmed testimony of Holocaust survivors.
1949-Alive - Kathy Calvin - Journalist & PR professional. President & CEO of UN Foundation (Ted Turner).
1949-Alive - Steve Killelea - IT entrepreneur. Creative force behind Global Peace Index (GPI). Founder of Institute for Economics & Peace.

1950-Alive - Richard Branson - Controls Virgin Group of >400 companies. Sent "Reconciliation" by Josefina de Vasconcellos to Belfast, Berlin, Coventry & Hiroshima.
c1950-Alive - Dr. Kali P. Chaudhuri - Doctor. Owns hospitals & KPC Group of Companies. Donated Gandhi Statue in Riverside, California, in 2005.
c1950-Alive - Jennifer Simons - Professor, Simon Fraser Univ. Award-winning educator in peace, disarmament, international law & human security. President of Simons Foundation.
1955-Alive - Bill Gates - Invented Windows. Chairman of Microsoft Corporation. Husband of Melinda Gates (qv). Co-founded Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
1957-Alive - Chris Anderson - Born in Pakistan. Attended Woodstock School. Host of TED Conferences (owned by his Sapling Foundation).
1959-Alive - Alexandra Weissman Hildebrandt - Artist. Director of Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie. Widow of Rainer Hildebrandt [1914-2004].

1960-Alive - Gail Asper - Secretary of CanWest Global Communications Corp, managing director The Asper Foundation & "main proponent" of Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
1960-Alive - Bono - Singer & musician. Social activist. Called "the face of fusion philanthropy." 2004
c1960-Alive - Gwen Borowsky - Educator. Founded Liberty Education Ctr 1990. Now CEO of National Liberty Museum. Daughter of founder Irvin J. Borowsky (qv).
c1960-Alive - Jacqueline Novogratz - Founder & CEO of Acumen Fund which uses entrepreneurial approaches to solve global poverty. Wife of TED host Chris Anderson (qv).
1963-Alive - Julian Lennon - Musician. Son of John Lennon. Promotes co-existence thru White Feather Found & Whaledreamers Org. Unveiled Lennon monument in 2010.
1964-Alive - Melinda Gates - Wife of Bill Gates (qv). Co-founded Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 1994.
1965-Alive - Jeffrey Skoll - Engineer. First employee & also first president of internet auction firm eBay. Noted philanthropist. Founded Skoll Foundation in 1999.
1967-Alive - Pierre Omidyar - Iranian origin. Made billions by creating eBay in 1995. Founded Omidar Network & First Look Media.
1967-Alive - Pamela K. Omidyar - Co-founded Omidar Network with husband Pierre Omidyar (qv). Founded Humanity United. Suggested by Vijay Metha.

1970-Alive - Alison Lawton - Entrepreneur, social advocate & philanthropist. Produced documentary "Uganda Rising." Founded Mindset Social Innovation Foundation.
1970-Alive - Renu Mehta - Model & philanthropist. Daughter of Vijay Metha (qv). Founder of Fortune Forum charity which held summits in London in 2006, 2007 & 2008.

19??-Alive - Frederick K. Day - Co-founder of SRAM Corp. Founded World Bicycle Relief after the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.
19??-Alive - Chikara Funabashi - Founder & CEO of Willseed, which offers consulting & training to >350 major companies & 600 schools in Japan. Also Co-Chair of Beyond Tomorrow.
19??-Alive - Maria Alice Setubal - Inherited banking fortune. Founded Center for Studies & Research in Education, Culture & Community Action. Click here for her TED talk.
19??-Alive - Nat Sloane - Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, management consultant & social investor. Co-founded Impetus Trust.
19??-Alive - Wei Xue - General Manager of PRAP Consultants Ltd. Co. & Chair of Asian Women's Development Forum.

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