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"Peace Monuments Around the World" is the world's largest collection of peace monument information. We have identified about 4,000 peace monuments on all continents and in most nations of the world. We freely share our entire collection on this website -- and share 416 peace monuments in our book "Monumental Beauty" -- the cover of which is shown above (along with three books in which our chapters appear).

---> Go to Peace Monuments by Nation to access separate files for peace monuments in large nations collective files for large areas of relatively small countries (e.g. Africa). These files show WHERE peace monuemnts are around the world. Includes links to all geographic files, places with many peace monuments & museums for peace.

---> Go to Peace Monuments by Year to access separate files for recent years (1981-2017) & collective files for all earlier years. These files show WHEN peace monuments were dedicated throughout history. Includes links to all chronological files, oldest peace monuments, newest peace monument & peace history.

---> Go to Peace Monuments by Theme to access separate web pages for many different themes & subjects. These files show HOW peace monuments relate to each other internationally. For example, all peace bells are in one file, and all peace monuments related to reconciliation are in another. Includes peace themes, physical forms of peace monuments, museums for peace, peace organizations & human tragedies.

---> Go to Notable Peacemakers & Artists to access the names & biographies of many individual peacemakers & peace monument artists & to see how they are related by nationality & birth year. Includes peacemakers with many monuments, some peacemakers who worked together, artists with many monuments & selected artists, designers & benefactors.

Our collection includes most of the world's major peace monuments and many of its minor peace monuments. But we have have by no means found ALL peace monuments. So we rely on you, the visitors to this website, to submit information about any errors & omissions you find on these pages. Please go to our Contact page for our email & Facebook addresses (& even our telephone number).

August 9, 2005: Ted Lollis & Rev. R. Boyd Carter (Chapel on the Hill) leading Ceremony for 60th Anniversary of Non-Use of Nuclear Weapons, International Friendship Bell, A.K. Bissell Park, Oak Ridge, Tennessee (USA). Left photo shows senior Manhattan Project scientist Alvin Weinberg [1915-2006] et al. Shikego Uppuluri (seen behind the bell) plays the koto. Elise Campbell plays the flute. This date is the 60th anniversary of the Nagasaki bomb. /// Photos by Oakridger newspaper.

Fall 2005: Four-sided Peace Pole on driveway of a private home, George Williams Road, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA). This pole has "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in English, Espagnol / Spanish, Français / French & Tsalagi / Cherokee. The Cherokees were the indigenous peoples of this place. /// Photo by Ted Lollis. January 13, 2008: "Ted Lollis from Knoxville and the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church talks to everyone about the pictures on the wall right before we enter the main exhibit area [of the American Museum of Science & Energy (AMSE) in Oak Ridge, TN]." /// Photo by Footprints for Peace during visit to Knoxville of Mr. & Mrs. Steve Leeper, Hibakusha Takashi Teramoto & others from Hiroshima (Japan).

Peter van den Dungen (UK), Kazuyo Yamane (Japan) & Ted Lollis (USA). Left photo made October 9, 2008 at Kyoto University of Arts & Design in Kyoto (Japan).
Peter van den Dungen (UK), Kazuyo Yamane (Japan) & Ted Lollis (USA). Right photo made September 3013 at Ridderzaal / Salle des Comtes / Hall of Knights in The Hague (Netherlands).

January 29, 2017: Ted Lollis at "Tennessee Woman Suffrage Memorial," Market Square, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA). The three women are Elizabeth Avery Meriwether [1824-1916], Lizzie Crozier French [1851-1926] & Anne Dalles Dudly [1876-1955]. Sculpted by Alan LeQuire of Nashville, Tennessee.

"Peace Monuments Around the World" is the creation of Edward W. (Ted) Lollis. Here are his career highlights:

Career Highlights

Hometown, Irvington, Indianapollis, Indiana (photos scanned by Bill Gulde)
Summer cottage, Campbell Park, Pentwater, Michigan
Summer program, Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine
Four summers in Canada: IOC, QNS&L Railway, MIT summer camp & Nova Scotia Research Foundation
BA cum laude from Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut (Distinguished Military Graduate)
Graduate study at Princeton Univ., Univ. of Melbourne (Australia), Foreign Service Institute & Univ. of Wisconsin (Madison)
Fire Direction Officer (Assistant S-3), 8/4 Artillery, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas, including Berlin & Cuban Missile Crises
Foreign Service Officer-General, American Embassy, Kigali (Rwanda), including Tutsi guerrilla invasion
Intelligence Analyst for Southern Africa, US Department of State (INR), Washington, DC, including Portugese Colonial War
Trade & Agriculture Officer, US Mission to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD), Paris (France)
Chief of the Economic Section, American Embassy, Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
Energy Officer, American Embassy, Lagos (Nigeria), including Persian Gulf oil embargo
Country Officer for Nigeria, US Department of State, Washington, DC
Director, Office of Development Finance (ODF), US Department of State, including UN International Development Strategy
Assistant to Special Negotiator for North-South Relations, including North-Summit Summit in Cancun (Mexico)
Director of General Economic Policy, American Embassy, London (England), including UK miners' strike
American Consul General, American Consulate General, Bordeaux (France)
Celebration of Thomas Jefferson's visit to Southwestern France in 1787, Bordeaux (France), 1987
Ceremony for LaFayette's departure in 1777 & General Pershing's arrival in 1917, Pointe de Grave (France), 1987
Executive Director, American Committee on the French Revolution, Washington, DC
Owner, National Map Gallery & Travel Center, Union Station, Washington, DC

Webmaster, "Peace Monuments Around the World" (& Notable Peacemakers)"
Presentation, "Peace Monuments Around the World," INMP Conference, Kyoto (Japan), October 6, 2008
Chapter, "Oak Ridge Intl. Friendship Bell," in "The Atomic Bomb & American Society: New Perspectives," Univ. of Tennessee Press, 2009
Chapter, "Peace Monuments," in "The International Encyclopedia of Peace," Oxford University Press (OUP), 2010
Presentation, "Hiroshima - 65 Years of Remembering the Bomb." Tubingen (Germany), 2010
Presentation, "Palestine, Israel & Other Tragedies," to group from University of Tennessee, Knoxville (USA), 2012
Book, "Monumental Beauty: Peace Monuments & Museums Around the World," Peace Partners International, 2013
Presentation, "A Century of Peace Monuments & Museums," INMP Conference on Peace Philanthropy, The Hague (Netherlands), 2013
Chapter, "Peace as a Destination: Peace Tourism Around the World," in "Intl. Handbook on Tourism & Peace," UN World Tourism Org., 2014

Our Book & Our Three Book Chapters:

Book Cover Book Back Cover

Monumental Beauty: Peace Monuments & Museums Around the World"

By Edward W. Lollis, Peace Partners International, Knoxville, pp. 69.

Shows a selection of 416 peace monuments & museums from 70 countries & from all eras. Includes 12 chapter headings summarizing the history of peace. Launched at the Peace Palace in The Hague (Netherlands), September 2-3, 2013.

These pages are a feast for the eyes. Peruse them quickly or slowly. Either way, you will marvel at the beauty, the creative genius, and the legacies of peace which the constructors of peace monuments and museums have bestowed on us, their heirs. /// Peace monuments and museums celebrate the end of war and the expectation of peace and prosperity. They express peaceful human aspirations such as justice, tolerance, and reconciliation. /// They celebrate such achievements as the abolition of slavery, women's suffrage, defeat of tyrannical and murderous regimes, declaration of human rights, respect for conscientious objectors, end of apartheid, non-use of nuclear weapons, racial integration, recognition of international interdependence, reconciliation of divided nations, and struggle for gender equality. /// Unfortunately, peace monuments and museums are largely underappreciated because they are overwhelmed by the vastly superior number of war monuments and museums everywhere in the world. /// This is the first book to reveal the beauty, the variety, and the meanings of peace monuments and museums. Arranged chronologically, it shows a selection of 416 peace monuments and museums from 70 countries and from all eras as far back as the Greeks and Romans. /// Fortunately, more peace monuments and museums are being constructed today than ever before. This creates yet another reason to study the past -- so we can know better how to build our own peace monuments and museums. What peace achievements and events do we want to memorialize? What legacies of peace do we want to bestow on future generations?

This 75-page all-color book is NOW available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, Nook, Apple iBook, and PDF editions. Prices: Hardcover US$44.00. Paperback US$22.00. Kindle, Nook, iBook, Apple iBook, and PDF US$9.99.

Click here for book description, author bio, endorsements, and ordering information (direct links to Bookstand Publishing,, Barnes & Nobel, and other on-line sources worldwide).
Click here for a detailed outline of this book listing key peace events, representative peace monuments & museums for peace.
Click here for names of the book's 416 peace monuments & museums grouped geographically, by physical form, by peace symbol & by theme or subject.
Click here for Table of Contents & Chapter 9 (1995-1999: Bells and Reconciliation), with photos of 32 monuments & museums. (Download in PDF format.)
Click here for a calendar based on the 12 images featured in this book & a long list of peace holidays & anniversaries.

Encyclopedia Cover Nigel Youngs

"The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace"

Edited by Nigel J. Young (2010), Oxford University Press, Oxford & New York, 4 volumes.

This innovative, multivolume encyclopedia charts the interdisciplinary field of Peace Studies, offering a comprehensive survey of the full range of historical, political, theoretical & philosophical issues relating to peace & conflict. All major figures are covered, as well as major events, organizations, theories & much more. Each entry is signed by a leading scholar in the field, contains a bibliography for further reading & is cross-referenced with other useful points of interest within the encyclopedia. In addition to A-to-Z entries, the Encyclopedia also includes a peace chronology, key documents & appendices. /// Key subjects covered include: World leaders (Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Mead, Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Jr., Lucretia Mott); major events (Cuban Missile Crisis, Dayton Accords, Good Friday Agreement, Lebanon Hostage Crisis); organizations (Greenpeace, League of Nations, United Nations, Save the Children, International Committee of the Red Cross); theories (Civil Disobedience, Conscientious Objection, Feminism & Peace, Power & Nonviolence Theory, Eco-Pacifism, Gay Rights); and current events (Chemical and Biological Weapons, Human Rights, War Crimes, Terrorism).

Includes article on "Peace Monuments" by Edward W. Lollis, pp. 416-421 (volume 3). See on-line text.

Book Cover Book Back Cover
"International Handbook on Tourism and Peace"

Edited by Cordula Wohlmuther & Werner Wintersteiner (2014).
Published by Centre for Peace Research and Peace Education of the Alpen-Adria Klagenfurt Universitat/Austria
in cooperation with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
Distributed by Drava Verlag/Zalozba Drava GMBH, 9020 Klagenfurt/Celovec, Austria, price 28.80 Euros.
Launched in Vienna, Austria, 29 January 2014, & at United Nations Headquarters, New York City, 13 June 2014.

The Handbook offers a comprehensive collection of perspectives on tourism & peace from leading international specialists with topics ranging from sustainable development & conflict resolution to eco-tourism & heritage preservation & includes several case studies. On the occasion of the launch, UNWTO Secretary Taleb Rifai stated that “the fundamental experience of tourism – visiting a new place and meeting its people & culture - is a transformative aspect that defines tourism’s role as an agent of peace. In this age of travel, I trust that this Handbook will help enhance our understanding of the subject & open up further possibilities to foster tourism as a valuable instrument for peace.”

Includes "Peace as a Destination: Peace Tourism Around the World" by Edward W. Lollis, pp. 294-309. See on-line text.
& "Peace Tourism" by Peter van den Dungen, pp. 62-77. See on-line text.

Editor's synopsis (pp. 25-26): "Edward W. Lollis defines peace tourism and lists 86 different peace themes. He argues that the 10 countries most likely to benefit from peace tourism development (on a per capita basis) are Israel, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Norway, the USA, Canada and Belgium -- in that order. Furthermore, he provides a case study in the USA [and Canada], a 583 km highway between the Ohio and Detroit Rivers along which 100 peace monuments can be found. These monuments authentically represent 10 different peace stories and some 36 notable peace-makers. The author argues that peace tourism is not taking place because the public at large is unaware of the tourism value of peace places and that tourism planners have not yet considered this aspect accordingly. He assumes that, through the creation of this new tourism offer [sic], another diversification in the tourism sector could be achieved."

UT Book Cover Book Cover
"The Atomic Bomb and American Society: New Perspectives"

Edited by Rosemary B. Mariner & G. Kurt Piehler (2009).
University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, Tennessee, pp. 344-380.

Contains 18 papers from Conference on the Atomic Bomb & American Society,
Center for the Study of War and Society, University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, July 17, 2005.

Includes "The Oak Ridge International Friendship Bell," by Edward W. Lollis, pp. 344-380.
See on-line text. Click here for pictoral version of this paper. Click here for annotated list of persons related to the bell.

Editor's synopsis (p. xxv): Edward W. Lollis chronicles efforts of local citizens to construct a memorial bell in the city of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The long period of controversy surrounding these efforts ultimately led to a Seupreme Clourt ruling. Proponents of the bell claimed it represented peace and friendship; opponents described it as an affront to vetrerans and a refutation of Oak Ridge's many scientific achievements. Representing hundreds of peace and friendship monuments throughout the world, the Oak Ridge International Friendship Bell was permanently installed in 1996 and allowed to ring without restriction in 2001."

Some of Our Lesser Writings:

2009-2010 Winter - "Peace Monuments Assist Peace Education," "The Peace Chronicle," Peace & Justice Studies Association (PJSA)

2010 Spring-Summer - "Peace Monuments Confront Militarism," "The Peace Chronicle," Peace & Justice Studies Association (PJSA)

2011 Winter - "Artists, Peacemakers, Intl. Conferences, Tragedies & Museums for Peace," "The Peace Chronicle," Peace & Justice Studies Association (PJSA)

2012 Winter - "Peace Monuments at Universities & Colleges," "The Peace Chronicle," Peace & Justice Studies Association (PJSA)

September 2009 - "Trip to India in December 2006-January 2007" by Edward W. Lollis. A blog-like description of a tour led by Arun Gandhi & arranged by Global Exchange. Includes some days in Germany before the tour & some days in northern India after the tour.

2010 Fall - Click here for "The Sanctification of Hiroshima," submitted for publication in Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice, special issue on "Memorializing Space," University of San Francisco (Fall 2010). About the tradition of the non-use of nuclear weapons, Alvin Weinberg [1915-2006], the Peace Bell in Hiroshima (Japan), and the International Friendship Bell in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (USA).

2013 November - "Peace Monuments on Book & Magazine Covers" (November 2013)

"Museums for Peace," Peace Monuments are physical and permanent. Museums for Peace are monuments and living institutions. /// Click here to see 235 Museums for Peace listed in the order of their creation (from 1902 to the present) -- each with with an interactive on-line video. /// Click here to see 500 Museums for Peace listed in 33 categories (A-bomb, civil rights, environment, genocide, Holocaust, Nobel Prize, pacifism, peacemakers, racism, reconciliation, resistance, slavery, etc.).

2014? - "Peace Monuments for Baroness Bertha von Suttner." Bertha Felicitas Sophie Freifrau von Suttner (Baroness Bertha von Suttner) [1843-1914] was an Austrian novelist, radical (organizational) pacifist & the first woman to be a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

2014? - "Life & Monuments of Hamilton Holt [1872-1951]." Hamilton Holt was an American educator, editor, author, politician, president of Rollins College & tireless worker for world peace.

2015? - "Monuments (& Events) Related to the 'Four Freedoms'" of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt [1882-1945]. (Click here for all monuments related to FDR & Anna Eleanor Roosevelt [1884-1962].)

November 2017 - "Making Sense of 75 'Peace Memorials.'" It has not yet been determined (1) if the English phrase as used in Japan is a translation from Japanese and only coincidentally related to the previous use in Commonwealth nations or (2) if leaders in Hiroshima were aware that the phrase had been used in the Commonsealrh and adopted it for some of the plans, memorials, parks & museums they created after World War II.

Some Trips to See Peace Monuments:

2003 December 13-15 - - Trip to Washington, DC, & Chantilly, Virginia (USA) for first day of public display of Enola Gay (B-29 which dropped A-bomb on Hiroshima) at Air & Space Museum Annex, Smithsonian Institution.

2004 December 13-15 -January 2005 - Trip to Mexico. Independent travel. Visited Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Taxco, Puebla & Cholula. Click here for an illustrated essay about selected peace monuments in Mexico.

2005 December-Janaury 2006 - Trip to Mexico. Independent travel. Visited Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Topic, Mazatlan, Culiacan, Los Mochis, EL Fuerte, Copper Canyon, del Oso & Chihuahua. Click here for an illustrated essay about selected peace monuments in Mexico.

2006 December-January 2007 - Trip to India (via Germany). Click here for a blog-like description of our trip ("Trip to India in December 2006-January 2007," by Edward W. Lollis, Septemeber 2009") which was led by Arun Gandhi & arranged by Global Exchange.

2008 October - Click here for an illustrated essay about selected peace monuments in Japan. Independent travel before & after 6th conference of International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP).

2009 September - Click here for an illustrated essay about 28 peace monuments in Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas, USA (notes from a trip in September 2009).

2010 June - Trip to Philadelphia, PA, primarily to attend 2-day planning meeting for Envision Peace Museum.

2010 August - Trip to Germany & neighboring countries. Make PowerPoint presentation about Hiroshima in Tubingen (GermanY) on Hiroshima Day. Click here for an illustrated essay about 82 selected peace monuments in Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France & Luxembourg), 33 of which we visited personally.

2010-2011 New Year's - Road trip to Florida via Georgia. Visit Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg & campus of Rollins College in Winter Park.

2011 June 13-28 - Visit to Palestine & Israel. Tour led by Prof. Tony Bing (Earlham College retired). For a record of places visited, see Part I (West Bank) & Part II (Israel). Also see updated web pages for Palestine before 1949 | Palestine after 1948 | Israel after 1948 | Israel (Arab monuments only) | Jerusalem (West & East) | Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial | Village of Deir Yassin | Olive Trees & Branches | Peace Poles | Rachel Corrie [1979-2003] | vocabulary of the Israel/Palistinian conflict | "My trip to Palestine & Israel" by Sam Neff | "Missing a Chance for Peace" by Tony Bing | "The Palestinian Plight" by Jim Matlack | "Two Weeks in the West Bank" about Will Boland.

2011 August & September - Click here for an illustrated essay about six peace monuments in Ohio & Michigan (USA).

2011 October 29-November 2 - Click here for a photo gallery of peace monuments seen during a visit to Washington, DC (USA).

2012 August 6-24 - Click here for a report on a 19-day Trip to Ontario & Quebec (Canada) via adjacent states (USA). Includes seven photo galleries of peace monuments & other sights in Indiana, Windsor & Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal & Quebec City, North Shore of the St. Lawrence River, Gaspe Peninsula, & Upstate New York.

2013 September 2-7 - Trip to Netherlands, Poland & Germany. Make PowerPoint presentation ("A Century of Peace Monuments & Museums") (qv) at Peace Palace, The Hague (Netherlands) during "Celebrating Peace Philanthropy & Furthering Peace Education - in the Footsteps of Andrew Carnegie" conference of the International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP). Visit Amsterdam (Netherlands), Lubeck (Germany), Slubice (Poland) & Berlin (Germany). Meet Christian Bartolf & Tommy Spree. See "55 Peace Monuments in 6 Days.

2015 September 9-October 2 - Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Sao Jose do Rio Preto & Iquazu Falls. Click here for the 1st of a 2-part illustrated essay about the trip, including selected peace monuments in Brazil & Argentina. Led by Friendship Force Los Angeles. Home stays in Salvador & Sao Jose do Rio Preto. Tourist visits to Rio de Janeiro & Iguazu Falls (including Argentine side).

Most Recent Addition to This Website (click here):

Free Acres
Berkeley Hts, NJ

Bell, FDR Hse
Hyde Park, NY

Freedom Court
Hyde Park, NY

Peace Park
Kingston, NY

Mohonk Mtn Hse
New Paltz, NY

World Peace Sanc
Wassaic, NY

Peace Pole
Newburgh, NY

US Military Academy
West Point, NY

2017 April 17-24 - Trip to Lower Hudson River Valley, New York (USA). From Tennessee via Virginia, Maryand, New Jersey & Pennsylvania
to & from New York state. Including visits to Free Acres (intentional community founded in 1910) in Berkeley Heights, NJ, Roosevelt Estate (FDR birthplace) in Hyde Park, NY, Peace Park in Kingston, NY, Mohonk Mountain House (site of 1895-1916 peace conferences) near New Paltz, NY, World Wide Peace Bell Foundation in Hopewell Junction, NY, World Peace Prayer Society Headquarters in Wassaic, NY, US Military Academy in West Point, NY, & MORE. Click here.

22 Talks About Peace Monuments
(Including Ceremonies at Peace Monuments):

1987 - 200th Anniversary of Thomas Jefferson's Visit to Southwestern France in 1787. Ceremonies in Bordeaux (France) including: Commemorative talks at Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux (visited by Jefferson) - left image. Tasting of Virginia & California wines at American Consulate General. Film of reenacted visit to Bordeaux by American Express. NBC Television broadcast from boat on Canal du Midi (as used by Jefferson). Gala dinner at Château Haut-Brion (visited by Jefferson) - right image.

1987 - Simultaneous 210th Anniversary of LaFayette's Departure to USA in 1777 & 70th Anniversary of American Expeditionary Force's Arrival in France in 1917. Military ceremony at Point-de-Grave (mouth of Gironde River) in Le Verdon (France) honoring French & US veterans of American Revolution, World War I, World War II, Korea & Vietnam. With participation of French troops, US Navy guided missile cruiser & flight of US Air Force A-10 Warthogs. /// 75-meter memorial lighthouse "À la gloire des Américains" (left image) was constructed at Point-de-Grave in 1919-1938 & destroyed by German army in 1942. Smaller stele was constructed in 1947.

1987 July 4 - "Pictorial History of the USA in Southwestern France," Independence Day poster display at residence of American Consul General, Cauderan, Bordeaux (France). Image shows first US consulate on quai des Charterons, Bordeaux (also first in world?).

2005 - "Peace Monuments Around the World," talk at Dayton International Peace Museum (only peace museum in North America), Dayton, Ohio (USA). Meet museum founders Ralph & Christine Dull, Nobel Peace Prize scholar Irwin Abrams, author J. Fred Arment, etc.

2005 July 17 - "Oak Ridge International Friendship Bell", PowerPoint presentation by Edward W. (Ted) Lollis at Conference on the Atomic Bomb & American Society, Double Tree Hotel, Oak Ridge, Tennessee (USA). Conference led by Prof. G. Kurt Piehler, director of Center for the Study of War & Society, University of Tennessee. This date is 60th anniversary of the first atomic explosion at Alamagordo, New Mexico (USA). /// Pesentation published in 2009 by UT Press (with most images omitted) in "The Atomic Bomb & American Society: New Perspectives."

2005 August 9 - Ted Lollis & Rev. R. Boyd Carter (Chapel on the Hill) lead Ceremony for 60th Anniversary of Non-Use of Nuclear Weapons at International Friendship Bell, A.K. Bissell Park, Oak Ridge, Tennessee (USA). Left photo shows senior Manhattan Project scientist Alvin Weinberg [1915-2006], Mrs. Doan Phung & others. Shikego Uppuluri (seen behind the bell) plays the koto. Elise Campbell plays the flute. Photos by Oakridger newspaper.

2005 November 8 - "Peace Monuments Around the World," talk to the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology in Fayetteville, Arkansas (USA). Prof. James Richard (Dick) Bennett invited me to talk to OMNI, and a UA student newspaper journalist (Cole Brokenfield, now Deputy Director for Policy at the Project on Middle East Democracy in Washington, DC) very accurately reported my remarks.

2006 November 21 - PowerPoint presentation about the International Friendship Bell by Edward W. (Ted) Lollis at the Oak Ridge Institute for Continued Learning (ORICL) at Roane State Community College (Oak Ridge Campus), Oak Ridge, Tennesee (USA). After a minute of silence for Dr. Alvin Weinberg (who died October 18)). This is part of a 5-session ORICL course on all monuments in Oak Ridge taught by Ted Lollis & Bill Wilcox. Wilcox lectured on the Secret City Commemorative Walk. Lollis taught two sessions on all other Oak Ridge monuments. And the last session was a guided bus tour of monuments inside Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). /// See "Newcomer to the area conducts monumental study of Oak Ridge" by Frank Munger in the Knoxville News Sentinel, October 10, 2006.

2007 July 15 - "The Life & Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi." Power Point presentation at TVUUC, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA). Presentaion based on trip to India Dec. 2006-Jan. 2007. Attended by president of Hindu Community Center of Knoxville.

2007 September 19 - "My Favorite Monuments in Oak Ridge [Tennessee]." Power Point presentation to the Oak Ridge Breakfast Rotary Club, Oak Ridge, Tennessee (USA). Also presented to Greenfield Retirement Community (Jan. 10, 2008). /// Image shows the Secret City Commemorative Walk (conceived by Bill Wilcox & constructed by Oak Ridge Rotary Club).

2008 January 10 - "My Favorite Monuments in Oak Ridge [Tennessee]." Power Point presentation to Greenfield Retirement Community, Oak Ridge, Tennessee (USA). Also presented to the Oak Ridge Breakfast Rotary Club (Sep. 19, 2007). /// Image shows the Secret City Commemorative Walk (conceived by Bill Wilcox & constructed by Oak Ridge Rotary Club).

2008 February 10 - "What TVA Won't Tell You About Green Power Switch." Power Point presentaiton at TVUUC, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA). "Is it possible that GPS really does nothing for the environment? Is the environmentally minded public being manipulated? Are GPS participants being naive & gullible? Ted met September 19 with two GPS managers from TVA's Marketing Department in Nashville. He will present his case against TVA & GPS at today's forum."

2008 October 6 - Click here for an Overview of Peace Monuments. This is the text of a PowerPoint presentation entitled "Peace Monuments Around the World" delivered to the 6th International Conference of the International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP) at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto (Japan).

2008 November 9 - "Japan Today." Power Point presentation at TVUUC, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA). "Ted Lollis & Schera Chadwick spent most of October in Japan, primarily in order to attend the 6th International Conference of Museums for Peace in Kyoto & Hiroshima. At this forum, Ted will share his impressions of modern Japan, describe how peace museums work to counter the culture of war in Japan & Europe & speculate why there are very few such museums in North America." /// Image is statue (among many others) in esplanade of Tokyo city hall.

2009 December 6 - "Peace Monuments Around the World." Power Point presentation at TVUUC, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA).

2010 March 27 - "Monuments: A Permanent way to Express Friendship." Power Point presentation at regional conference of Friendship Force, Big Canoe, Georgia (USA).

2010 August 6 - "Hiroshima - 65 Years of Remembering the Bomb." Power Point presentation in Tübingen (Germany). This date is "Hiroshima Day" -- 65th anniverary of the Hiroshima bomb. "The City of Hiroshima constructed Peace Memorial Park out of the rubble of the first atomic bomb, and a second American will be memorialized there later this year. In Oak Ridge (USA), the secret city which made the bomb during World War II, a Japanese bell 'sanctifies' Hiroshima & helps perpetuate the 65 year taboo against the use of nuclear weapons." /// Photo (made Oct. 8, 2008, through plate glass window in Peace Memorial Park) shows Peter van den Dungen, Schera Chadwick, Shigeko Uppuluri & others behind "Reconciliation" by Josefina de Vasconcellos.)
2010 August 29 - "Hiroshima - 65 Years of Remembering the Bomb." Power Point presentation at TVUUC, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA). A repeat of the presentation made in Tübingen (Germany).

2011 May 15 - "Ted Lollis' Personal Atlas of the United States of America." Power Point presentation at TVUUC, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA). I've always found published atlases to be unimaginative, whereas a lot of interesting maps can be found on-line. This slide show captures a lot of US maps from the Internet, e.g. demographics, eating habits, physical infrastructure & politics. Some are beautiful. Some defy interpretation until the legend is superimposed. FYI, this is the last "Forum" which the committee I charied provided every Sunday for four years.

2012 January 3 - "Palestine, Israel & Other Tragedies," Knoxville, Tennessee (USA). Presentation to group from University of Tennessee of 127 slides based on visit to Palestine & Israel, June 13-28, 2011. "What this talk is about: (A) Share what I saw in June 2011. (B) Recall history of 1945, 1948 & 1967. (C) Show Israeli wall & settlements. (D) Show how Palestinians resist. (E) Point out monuments & symbols." /// The talk concentrates on these nine places: (1) Yad Vashem (Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem), (2) Deir Yassin (Arab village depopulated in 1948), (3) Al-ghabisiyya (Arab village destroyed in 1948), (4) Bethlehem & Refugee Camps, (5) Jenin & The Freedom Theatre (whose Jewish director was recently assassinated), (6) At-Tuwani (poor Arab village trying to coexist with an Israeli settlement), (7) Tent of Nations (Arab farm threatened by negiboring Israeli settlement), (8) Bil'in (Arab town split by Israeli security wall) & (9) Ma'ale Adumim (modern Israeli settlement imposed on Arab part of East Jerusalem).

2013 September 2 - "A Century of Peace Monuments & Museums," at Peace Palace, The Hague (Netherlands). PowerPoint presentation at "Celebrating Peace Philanthropy and Furthering Peace Education - in the Footsteps of Andrew Carnegie," a conference of the International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP). This is part of the Peace Palace's centennial celebration. Presentation featured 14 peacemakers whose particular philanthropy was the construction of peace monuments -- Charles Buxton, Andrew Carnegie, Jan Bloch, Sam Hill, Frank A. Miller, Karl Bickel, Ghanshyam Das Birla, Abraham Speigel, Alvin Weinberg, Marilyn & Eugene Glick, Joan Kroc, Aleksander Gudzowaty & Richard Branson.

2015 June 7 - "Story of New Harmony [Indiana] & the 'Boatload of Knowledge.'" PowerPoint presentation to the Rationalists of East Tennessee (RET) on campus of Pellissippi State Community College, Knoxville, Tennessee. "My talk was initially inspired by Donald E. Pitzer's on-line papers about the 1826 Boatload of Knowledge. I added the Robert Owen, William Maclure, Frances Wright & General LaFayette stories. I was duly impressed with the influence of the Harmonists (both on New Harmony's architecture & on Fanny Wright's planning for Nashoba, Tennessee). So I added an introductory section about George Rapp et al. As for Jane Blaffer Owen [1915-2010], her influence is undeniable. So my talk concluded with her & her three daughters... In the end, I tried to do from a distance what no entity does in New Harmony itself -- tell the whole story as continuous history." /// Synopsis: "In the winter of 1825-1826, scientist William Maclure & reformer Robert Owen led a boatload of scientists & artists down the Ohio River to colonize New Harmony, Indiana. Another Scot, Frances Wright, flirted with America's super hero, the Marquis de Lafayette, repeatedly traveled to New Harmony & founded Nashoba, a colony for freed slaves near Memphis, Tennessee. Neither colony survived, but Maclure's scientists & five of Owen's adult children remained in New Harmony, and one of them joined Wright during a meteoric career in New York City. Collectively, they helped bring about vast improvements in education, in labor, in race relations & in the role which rationalism & science have come to play in our modern society, including the foundations of the US Geological Survey & the Smithsonian Institution."

Special Websites & Web Pages:

2008 May - "The International Friendship Bell, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: An Interactive & Pictorial Chronology. "The bell...will survive long after all the participants in the Manhattan Project & the objectors to ‘apologizing’ to Japan have been forgotten. What will remain is this symbol. I hope it will become a shrine for the many visitors who, by their pilgrimage to the Friendship Bell, will be participating in The Sanctification of Hiroshima & the permanence of the tradition of nonuse [of nuclear weapons]."-- Dr. Alvin M. Weinberg [1915-2006]

"Monuments Around the World Related to the Atomic Bomb & to Atomic Power." This database currently contains information on more than 50 monuments around the world related to the atomic bomb & to atomic power -- excluding (with one exception) visitors centers at nuclear power plants. Here they are, rank ordered by date of dedication.

"Vocabulary of the Israel/Palestine Conflict." This web page attempts to define & cross reference a number of terms necessary for a basic understanding of the confact between Israel & Palestine (& of their peace monuments). The "vocabulary" supports other web pages about peace monuments in Israel & Palestine.

"Deir Yassin, West Jerusalem (Israel)." The results of the 1948 massacre by Irgun & allied Stern Gang soldiers of more than 200 residents of Deir Yassin, a tiny Arab village near Jerusalem.

2012 January - "Foreign Service of the USA." This website was named "SITE OF THE MONTH" by the Foreign Service Journal. Click here for notice in Foreign Service Journal, vol. 89, no. 1, January 2012, page 10 (published by American Foreign Service Association, Washington, DC, USA).

"North America: 70 Selected Peace Monuments." One monument in each of the 50 States, 10 Provinces & 9 Territories of the USA, Canada & Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon (which is part of France -- the 3rd nationality in North America). Illustrates the variety & wide geographic distribution of peace monuments, even in areas of very small population. /// The 70 states, provinces and territories are shown by descending population, thus in the approximate order that they are likely to contain peace monuments. The most populous state (California) has 6,300 times more people than the smallest territory (Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon). In fact, California has at least 80 peace monuments, whereas Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon and some of the other very small areas shown below have only the one peace monument shown (so far as I know).

Selected Peace Stories & Peace Monuments in Brazil. Also see 72 Peace Monuments in Brazil / 72 Monumentos de Paz no Brasil).

39 Peace Monuments Books:

This is how our book & 3 book chapters fit into a series on books on peace monuments & peacemakers.
For detailed information, see our Peace Monuments Bibliography.


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Peace Monuments
on Book Covers

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